HUAWEI and high-quality wearable electronics have long become synonymous. At each price category, the brand offers models that meet the requirements of specific users. Here comes WATCH Ultimate – a flagship device that uses only the best materials and modern technologies.

Memorable design

The watch we reviewed was black, but there is also a very interesting blue version. I would immediately like to note the impressive size of the gadget (48.5 x 48.5 x 13.0 mm) – it is suitable for a large hand. Otherwise, this is a chic smartwatch with a round display and three function buttons, one of which is rotary. The bezel is slightly raised above the dial and is equipped with notches that turn it into an azimuth compass.


The manufacturer claims that the watch case is made of metal based on zirconium alloy, which is highly durable and resistant to wear and corrosion. This is the hardest light alloy available today, does not deform from high temperatures and retains its luster for a long time. The back panel is made of ceramic, and the screen is covered with artificial sapphire glass. The included black strap is made of pleasant-to-touch and durable rubber.


HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate looks impressive. The design is not too flashy, everything is neat and appropriate. With this smart watch you can equally work in the office and engage in tourism or sports.

Flagship functionality

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is equipped with the latest technology – they not only count steps and measure blood pressure, but are also capable, for example, of performing an ECG analysis, checking arterial stiffness, monitoring blood oxygen levels around the clock, assessing stress levels, body temperature and much more. The watch has a new heart rate sensor, HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0+, which will not miss a single heartbeat, and TruSleep 3.0 technology will provide greater accuracy when tracking sleep.


The 1.5-inch AMOLED color screen with a resolution of 466×466 pixels and a density of 311 PPI instantly responds to touches, quickly and smoothly switches windows and lists, and is bright enough on a sunny day. The watch runs HarmonyOS 3 paired with the HUAWEI Health application – the OS is perfectly optimized and designed. WATCH Ultimate has a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS and NFC.


Smartwatches are capable of receiving incoming calls and making calls directly from the contacts menu, but this function only works with the participation of a smartphone. Connection for wireless headphones is also provided. Notifications from any source come instantly. You can’t reply to messages using the keyboard, but there is a list of quick replies that you can edit. HUAWEI Health allows you to change built-in watch faces, and, if desired, download new ones from a large library, configure functions and notifications, add contacts and bank cards to your watch.


Portable trainer with a focus on diving

The watch supports operation at temperatures from -20 to +45 degrees Celsius and meets the water resistance level of 10 ATM according to ISO 22810:2010, EN13319. Like other devices in this category, the gadget is capable of recognizing a huge number of workouts, but also uses a built-in compass, and a barometer measures atmospheric pressure and altitude. On the street, the watch quickly communicates with satellites and plots a jogging route, recording all data in HUAWEI Health.


Pressing the left button on the case activates the new “Expedition” mode – WATCH Ultimate begins to save energy and displays only the most important information: charge level, date, duration of “Expedition” operation, heart rate and distance traveled. In addition, when the sun sets, the watch will automatically switch to night mode and change the screen color to orange to display information more clearly.

Separately, I would like to note the wide range of settings for monitoring activity during diving. HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate supports 4 modes: recreational diving, freediving, technical diving and measurement diving. The watch allows you to configure parameters such as breathing mixture, water type, gradient factor value and maximum partial pressure limit. And in addition, they support apnea training mode, monitoring heart rate and blood oxygen levels in real time.


What about autonomy?

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate has a 530 mAh battery. The manufacturer promises 14 days with normal use and 8 days with intensive use. The truth, as usual, is in the middle: with periodic calls and round-the-clock monitoring of basic parameters such as pressure and saturation, the battery loses approximately 10-12 percent per day. Considering the number of functions, this is quite a good result. It’s nice that the watch supports fast wireless charging and replenishes energy from 0 to 100% in about an hour.


48.5 x 48.5 x 13.0 mm, 76 grams
1,5”, AMOLED, 466х466, 311 ppi
530 mAh
HarmonyOS 3.0
accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, optical heart rate monitor, barometer, depth and temperature sensors
fast charging, NFC, GPS, 10 ATM water resistance according to ISO 22810: 2010 standard, heart rate and blood oxygen measurement, sleep monitoring, built-in speaker and microphone, diving support, premium body material


HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate left a very pleasant impression. This is a well-thought-out and reliable gadget with a chic and at the same time neat design. A strong alloy case, water protection and a decent set of features make the smart watch universal. They look equally appropriate on the hand of a diver, a businessman and a traveler. The only thing you can complain about is the size, but you have to pay for serious functionality.