The HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner smartwatch is one of the interesting new products of the outgoing year. The gadget is aimed at lovers of running and sports in general. We have already shared our first impressions of the device, and now it’s time for a longer acquaintance.

Practical appearance

Just by the design of the new product, it is easy to understand that the gadget was created for athletes and lovers of a healthy lifestyle. Here, unlike the WATCH GT 3, there is a bezel above the glass. It doesn’t look particularly elegant, but some extra protection would be nice. The main part of the body is made of gray matte plastic. The watch has a discreet and functional appearance, as befits a sports device. The dimensions of the accessory are 46.4 x 46.4 x 11 mm.

There are two buttons on the side. The rotating wheel is responsible for menu navigation and has tactile vibration feedback. The second button, labeled SPORT-LAP, is designed to open the training menu by default. Its functions are not limited to this: for example, during classes you can cut circles.

The silicone strap is made of high-quality material and provides a wide range of adjustments along its entire length. The wrist under it does not sweat even during intense workouts, not to mention walking in a warm winter jacket. I was pleased that the set included a second strap. If desired, the accessory can be easily replaced. As befits a fitness version, WATCH GT Runner is protected according to the IP68 standard. Water and dust are not a problem for the watch – you can swim in the pool.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner review

Bright and clear screen

The display of the new product is made using AMOLED technology and has a diagonal of 1.43 inches. The screen brightness is high: outdoors you can easily read notifications from social networks and interact with the watch interface. The resolution also does not disappoint – 466×466 pixels provide good detail. There is an oleophobic coating, so fingerprints on the touch screen are barely noticeable and can be easily removed.

There are enough dials in the settings, the gadget is easy to customize to your taste. In the WATCH 3 Pro review, we noted that sports skins do not really suit the model with a classic design. Here the situation is reversed: the futuristic dials fit perfectly into the look of the GT Runner. Additionally, new themes can be downloaded through the Health app, where both paid and free options are available in abundance.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner review

Run, run after the sun

Joggers will definitely like the watch. The workout menu offers different types of runs, and you can now set your own intervals and rest periods. There is also an extremely useful auto-pause during stops. Another interesting feature is the creation of a virtual opponent, which you can set the pace of movement. This is convenient: you look at the display and immediately understand whether you are behind the desired rhythm or ahead. With advanced sensors, HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner analyzes your running performance and displays an appropriate activity index to help you track your training progress. The gadget also now supports external sensors such as chest heart rate monitors. We didn’t have a chance to test the feature, but athletes are sure to love it.

It is also worth noting the antenna design. It was not placed inside the device body, but placed on the “ears” to eliminate signal distortion due to metal parts. This made it possible to measure the location as accurately as possible, relying simultaneously on GPS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS and GLONASS. We checked – the tracking is really accurate, the watch connects to satellites almost instantly. However, the standard implementation of maps is modest: the route is displayed in the form of lines on the watch face, there is no detailed map.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner review

Monitoring your health has become easier

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner was equipped with the HarmonyOS operating system. Management is traditionally carried out through the “Health” application, which also monitors the main indicators of the body’s condition. Not only training information is loaded into the utility, but also sleep, heart rate and stress level.

Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) can be assessed at any time; The test is quick and requires correct fixation of the accessory on the wrist. Stress monitoring is always available, not just during physical activity. There is also a useful breathing exercise mode where you set the pace and duration of the session yourself. Sleep statistics are detailed: the watch measures the phases of deep and REM sleep, and also records the moments of awakening. The gadget also detects signs of arrhythmia. Finally, the WATCH GT Runner can detect lactate threshold, which emphasizes the sporty character of the model.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner review

Autonomy credit

HUAWEI smartwatches have always had good battery life. WATCH GT Runner is no exception. In intensive use mode (sleep and heart rate tracking, active notifications, morning workouts three times a week), the gadget works smoothly for 9 days in a row without the need to recharge. This is a very decent result for a device with such advanced hardware and a bright screen. According to the manufacturer, if you use the sports functions and health tracking moderately, you will have to think about an outlet once every two weeks.

The accessory is charged using a small magnetic pad that comes with the kit. No more carefully aligning pins on two devices. There’s also a wireless option – just place the WATCH GT Runner on a smartphone that supports reverse charging.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner review

Nuances that are important to consider

When installing the Health service, you should immediately use the utility from the AppGallery store. It receives updates and new options faster, so you always have the latest software at your fingertips. When we first got acquainted with GT Runner, we installed the program from the Play Market. The app was clearly in need of an update and was causing connection issues. The software may have received a recent update at the time of publication of the review, but we immediately replaced it with the version from AppGallery.

When we tested the new product, only support for the HUAWEI Pay payment system was announced. You will have to forget about the possibility of spending hours paying at the checkout. Full integration with Visa and MasterCard will likely be added over time.

Music is always near

What would sports be like without your favorite music? HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner is not only capable of switching tracks running on the phone, but also comes with 4GB of internal memory. Part of the storage is taken up by the needs of the system, but it is easy to load the necessary tracks onto the accessory. It’s convenient: you don’t have to take your smartphone for a run. The watch can be connected to Bluetooth headphones, allowing you to achieve complete autonomy during long walks or vigorous workouts in the gym.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner review


46.4 x 46.4 x 11 mm
38.5 g (without bracelet)
AMOLED, 1.43 inches, touch, 466×466
accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, geomagnetic sensor, atmospheric pressure sensor
451 mAh
external GPS antenna, wireless charging, NFC with limited support for payment systems, lactate threshold determination, support for external sports sensors


HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner is the sportiest model in the brand’s new line. The watch has a practical case, a high-quality screen and supports a large number of workouts for every taste. The vendor has upgraded its launch capabilities, installed high-precision sensors and ensured decent autonomy. The only thing missing is full NFC support for payments, and the Health application requires improvement for the current generation of gadgets. Overall, the WATCH GT Runner makes a good impression. This is a truly convenient accessory for lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

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