The Achilles heel of many smartwatches is low battery life. As if it’s not enough that you have to charge your smartphone every day, you also have to carry your watch to the outlet! However, the new Huawei Watch GT promises to be long-lived thanks to its AMOLED screen, capacious battery and OS Lite operating system. Let’s check it out in action to see what this gadget is really capable of.

Appearance: strict but modern

The appearance of the Huawei Watch GT is classic at first glance – a traditional watch with a round screen and separate controls on the body. There are just two “winding heads” here. The high quality of materials is noticeable not only in appearance, but also to the touch: the case is made of stainless steel, and the strap is silicone and tactilely pleasant. The bezel around the dial is made of ceramic. There is also a version of the Huawei Watch GT with a leather strap; it looks even more solid, but is no longer suitable for fitness or swimming.

Huawei Watch GT

The user can choose several options for displaying the dial, from classic to modern “techno”. There are unusual options in the form of circles or a scale with indications of not only time, but also pulse. Customizing the look of a watch to suit your own taste is not difficult.

Good display

The watch is equipped with a round touch screen made using AMOLED technology. Its diameter is 1.39 inches and its resolution is 454×454 pixels. 326 ppi is a decent indicator for a smartwatch, because even with careful study of the display, individual pixels are indistinguishable. The screen is perfectly readable outdoors in daylight. You can change the brightness yourself, or you can trust the automatic setting, which never failed during our testing – the readings on the display were always clearly visible.

Huawei Watch GT

You can activate your smart watch by simply raising your wrist—no need to press the buttons every time. In addition, the Huawei Watch GT display is highly responsive, which adds convenience when interacting with menus and settings. It is pleasant to use a model with such a screen in any conditions and in any lighting.

Many modes and possibilities

The watch is compatible with smartphones running iOS and Android. To pair, you will need the proprietary Huawei Health application. You can download it from the Apple Store and Google Play.

Huawei Watch GT

Sleep monitoring TruSleep 2.0 can recognize sleep phases and make recommendations for improving it. So, if a cat interferes with sleep at night or the deep sleep phase is too short, this will not go unnoticed.

The watch can not only count the number of steps, but also warn the owner about a lack of activity, for example, after just an hour of sitting in a chair in front of the TV. Call notifications arrive instantly, and short messages from social networks and SMS are convenient to read directly on the smartwatch screen. In addition to a regular alarm clock, there is also an intelligent alarm clock, when the gadget independently selects the optimal moment to wake up within a specified time range.

Huawei Watch GT

Huawei Watch GT can also determine the user’s location thanks to three navigation systems at once: GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. In addition, the watch has a built-in compass. The set of functions is useful, say, for athletes: precise determination of the location and route taken will perfectly complement detailed training data.

Good for fitness

The Huawei Watch GT case is protected from moisture – it is declared waterproof when immersed to a depth of 50 meters. During a week of use, the gadget did not get to such a depth, but I “bathed” in the shower regularly, and nothing got wet. In addition, swimmers will benefit from the watch’s ability to measure the number of arm swings over a period of time – the so-called “SWOLF indicator”.

Huawei Watch GT

During intense workouts, an optical sensor for reading your heart rate will also come in handy. Huawei’s TruSeen technology enables more accurate heart rate monitoring. There is a self-learning algorithm for measurements. You can measure your pulse at any time you want, or activate the function of constantly reading it. If the pulse is too fast, the watch will send an alarm notification – convenient for monitoring your well-being.

Huawei Watch GT

One of the features of the model is an advanced training system. You can choose from a variety of modes, from simple walking to cross-country running or cycling. Huawei Watch GT will record your heart rate, distance traveled and other parameters. The watch will then report the achieved effect of the workout, and a record of this will be saved in its memory, which will be useful for comparing results and assessing progress.

Charging without recharging

The Huawei Watch GT has a 420 mAh battery and a new version of the OS Lite operating system, which boasts optimized power consumption. It is worth adding to this an economical display and a dark design theme, they also have a beneficial effect on battery consumption.

Huawei Watch GT

In notification mode with automatic brightness activated and heart rate monitoring disabled, Huawei Watch GT can work for a very long time. So no more than 5-7% of the charge was consumed per day. If you turn on the heart rate monitor and wake up the watch by wrist movement, and also set the brightness to a value close to the maximum, the battery will be consumed faster. With this usage scenario, the need for charging will arise within a few days, but the figure is still decent.

Huawei Watch GT

The traditional objection of opponents of smart watches is “They need to be charged every evening!” – doesn’t work here. The autonomy of Huawei Watch GT was excellent. You can play sports with them for a long time without thinking about the outlet.


The Huawei Watch GT clearly demonstrates that you don’t have to choose between advanced capabilities and autonomy. There are many modes for sports, water resistance, nice body materials and a good quality screen. At the same time, the operating time of the device will pleasantly surprise even skeptics. This model is perfect not only for athletes, but also for ordinary lovers of an active lifestyle.

Huawei Watch GT