HUAWEI has established itself as an excellent manufacturer of wearable electronics – the fitness bracelets and smart watches released by the company are distinguished by their build quality, functionality and attractive design. All these principles are embodied in the WATCH GT Cyber ​​model – let’s check its capabilities in practice.

Appearance and replaceable housing

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​is its interchangeable body. The watch itself is a self-contained round module with one button combined with a rotating wheel. The kit also includes one case with a strap – we got a representative of the Sport series in gray. They are made of durable matte composite, and the strap is made of soft and pleasant to the touch rubber.

The clock module is easily installed into the case with a characteristic click and just as easily removed from there. The solution is interesting – it allows you to quickly change the appearance of the device by simply changing the strap along with the case and bezel. You just need to purchase additional enclosures to suit your taste.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​review

By the way, the Sport series also comes with a black case (Midnight Black). And for beauty lovers, there is also an Urban version with a black and gold 316L stainless steel case and a nanocrystalline ceramic bezel. HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​looks impressive – the dimensions of the watch are 47.4 x 44.4 x 10.2 mm.

Dials for every taste

By default, HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​comes preloaded with more than ten watch faces, of which we would like to mention two. The fact is that the customization possibilities do not end with a replaceable case, and for those who have little choice in Huawei Health, the developers have added two built-in dials – “Style” and “Kaleidoscope”.

The first allows you to load any photo from the gallery to automatically create several options based on its palette. “Kaleidoscope” also uses any loaded image – it creates a bizarre fractal picture, which, in addition, also changes if you turn the wheel. All this looks outlandish, but it obviously won’t be superfluous – there will certainly be connoisseurs of such a solution.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​review

Excellent screen and functional filling

The 1.32-inch diagonal AMOLED color screen with a resolution of 466×466 pixels and a density of 352 PPI does not raise any complaints. In everyday work it performs well – the brightness reserve is sufficient, automatic brightness adjustment works as expected, the colors are reliable and pleasant, the clarity of the picture does not allow you to see individual pixels. Even the smallest font is perfectly readable. There’s also Always On Display, and each watch face has its own style.

The smartwatch runs HarmonyOS 3 – the OS is fresh, but at the same time perfectly optimized and designed. The interface does not slow down, all pages and applications launch instantly. When you press the button, a menu opens – its appearance can be changed in the settings: make a cloud of buttons, like in the Apple Watch, or a standard list for scrolling using the screen or wheel, as well as a pleasant vibration feedback. accompanies navigation through the menu. When you swipe down, the top curtain opens, from where you can quickly launch a flashlight, find your phone, lock the screen, set an alarm, or, for example, activate night mode.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​review

HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​has a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC. If necessary, you can talk via smartwatch, but this function only works with the participation of a smartphone. You can also connect wireless headphones to the watch. 2 GB of internal memory allows you to download your own playlist to the gadget and enjoy music without using a smartphone. Notifications from any source arrive without delay and are displayed correctly. It is impossible to reply to messages in the full sense of the word, but there is a list of quick replies that you can edit, or select any emoticon to respond to, which, in principle, is also convenient.

When you turn on HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​for the first time, you will be prompted to select a language and install Huawei Health on your phone to sync. The watch connects quickly and easily, and the application, in addition to detailed device settings, allows you to install additional software from AppGallery.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​review

Sports and Health Assistant

HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​operates in temperatures from -20 to +45 degrees Celsius and is rated at 5 ATM water resistance. According to the manufacturer, they are capable of functioning at a depth of 50 meters for up to 10 minutes.

The range of sensors and health tracking systems is more than sufficient. The watch can measure pulse and blood oxygen levels, analyze pulse wave and arrhythmia, track sleep and stress levels 24 hours a day. There is also a built-in compass and barometer that measures atmospheric pressure and altitude. HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​supports more than 100 types of workouts – from regular running and walking to cycling, pool and pond swimming, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.

Built-in GPS allows you to record your trajectory while running – satellites in open areas will connect almost instantly and maintain a stable connection. All health monitoring data and training records are synchronized with the Huawei Health application – there you can see the most detailed information, as well as receive useful recommendations, for example, on normalizing sleep and reducing stress levels.

HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​review


According to the manufacturer, the gadget can last up to 7 days with moderate use and up to 4 with intensive use. In real-world tests, they performed well: with always-on heart rate monitoring, sleep quality measurements, and always-on notifications for incoming calls and messages, the watch consumed 15 to 20 percent of its charge per day. And the GPS spent about 3% of the charge during a 15-minute walk.


47.4 x 44.4 x 10.2 mm, 58 grams
1.32 inches, AMOLED, 466×466, 352 PPI
292 mAh
barometer, ambient light sensor, optical heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor
quick and easy case change, NFC, GPS, 5 ATM water resistance according to ISO 22810:2010 standard, heart rate and blood oxygen measurement, sleep monitoring, built-in speaker and microphone
HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​review


HUAWEI WATCH GT Cyber ​​turned out to be a very balanced and practical device. High-quality materials, the ability to change the case, smooth and fast operation of the system, good equipment and good battery life – all this makes the model an excellent choice for those who value not only functionality in a smartwatch, but also appearance.