HUAWEI is constantly developing its smartwatches, improving not only their design, but also their health tracking technology. We tell you what the new WATCH GT 4 can attract and who will benefit from it.

Design inspired by classics

HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 is a new model of flagship smartwatch running HarmonyOS 4.0. Here again there is a conditional division into “male” and “female” versions. The first is more strict – it has an octagonal case and a diameter of 46 mm. The second has an elegant design, reduced dimensions and a body in the shape of a perfect circle – this is exactly the modification we got. The entire line is inspired by classic expensive watches in a metal case.

The display is covered by flat glass, which is framed by small frames in the color of the body. The oleophobic coating is of high quality – fingerprints are not very noticeable and can be easily removed from the surface. Like the previous generation, there are two functional buttons on the right side – the bottom one is responsible for calling up the training menu, and the top one is made in the form of a rotating wheel with vibration feedback.


The bottom key can be reassigned to launch any convenient action – you can open the timer or alarm clock menu, start a stopwatch or player. There are many available functions, so customizing quick access options is not difficult. The top wheel has an interesting feature: double-clicking it shows recently viewed programs that the user has interacted with. It resembles the option for quick access and switching between running applications, which is familiar to us from smartphones.

The metal strap is thin and has a magnetic clasp – it is very comfortable and fits any wrist thickness. However, for swimming enthusiasts this is not the most reliable option. Of course, the strap is replaceable, and its fastening has been successfully updated: to replace the accessory, you just need to move the latch on the inside – and the strap can be easily removed from the grooves.


Time-tested classic

HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 is 1 mm narrower than the previous model, but the screen characteristics remain the same. The smart watch is equipped with a 1.32-inch AMOLED screen with a pixel density of 352 ppi and a resolution of 466×466. The display is pleasant to use, which is not surprising – the brand’s latest smartwatches have a very good quality matrix. There are no issues with the viewing angles, the brightness margin is excellent, the colors are rich, and the clarity and legibility of the fonts do not force your eyes even with a quick glance.

Watch GT 4 features new watch faces with unique designs. They also support the Always-On-Display function – for this, the manufacturer has added more displayed elements and customization options. Some watch faces can be configured to display statistics for various health indicators, such as skin temperature, number of steps taken, and calories burned.


The main menu elements remain the same, so the control logic is well known to owners of previous WATCH GTs. But they tried to simplify the interaction with applications and functions: service widgets appeared in WATCH GT 4. If you scroll through the watch face, groups of widgets become available, which are called control cards here. For example, the default health score card includes breathing and body temperature, health clover, stress, sleep, and blood oxygen levels. The user can select up to seven widgets supporting 140 different functions. Or make a card for sleep statistics, running index and music control.

24/7 care

Although smartwatches cannot replace professional medical equipment, the number of functions in HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 is impressive. Detailed transcripts can be viewed in the HUAWEI Health application, which is necessary to pair the watch with the phone.

The watch can be used to continuously measure stress and blood oxygen levels, heart rate and skin temperature. They allow you to monitor the quality of sleep and breathing at night, and there is also PPG support for arrhythmia analysis. On the home screen, you can prioritize “activity rings” or change them to a “health clover” that reminds you to follow healthy habits. “Activity Rings” have been updated: the design has changed, and medals have been added for motivation.


The new Get Fit app helps you control your calories. You can set a goal – maintain weight, gain or lose weight. The program will calculate your calorie surplus based on your request, give training advice, and also allow you to keep a food diary. This will help you create an individual plan for different rates of weight loss, but it is worth remembering that rapid weight loss is harmful to the body, and the first kilograms that go away are liquid.

There are many exercise options built into the watch – not only runners, but also fans of water sports will find a suitable workout. And after classes, you can see a detailed report in the application – starting from the training time, heart rate, and ending with the route built using GPS.


Autonomy for marathon runners

The HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 smartwatch supports wireless and reverse charging. The younger version, according to the company, is capable of working from two to seven days, depending on the use case. The older model should have better autonomy – according to the company, this modification can last up to 2 weeks without recharging.

Our results did not differ too much from those stated. But it’s worth considering that the more health tracking and monitoring services running in the background, the faster your battery drains. The discharge rate is significantly affected by options such as heart rate monitoring and oxygen tracking, enabled GPS, sleep monitoring and Always-On-Display.


The device will last a week only with a minimum set of active functions. In everyday mode with frequent notifications, high screen brightness and constant monitoring of key health indicators, the watch can last four days without recharging. More often than not, we got exactly this result. Energy is replenished quickly – it takes about an hour to reach 100%.


1,32”, AMOLED, 352 ppi, 466×466
41.3 x 41.3 x 9.8 mm
37 g (without strap)
323 mAh
accelerometer, gyroscope, optical heart rate sensor, skin temperature sensor, barometer, ambient light sensor, compass, pulse oximeter (SpO2)
more than 100 training modes, real-time heart rate measurement using TruSeen 5.5+ technology, sleep monitoring, skin temperature detection, waterproof case, speaker and microphone, NFC, wireless charging


Smart watches leave a good impression. Nice design, a large number of functions, fast and smooth operation of the system – all this makes HUAWEI WATCH GT 4 an excellent choice for those who care about their health and want to use a beautiful accessory, and not just a plastic toy on their wrist. For some, the gadget will seem large – even the younger model cannot be called miniature. But given the good functionality, this is forgivable.