You won’t surprise anyone anymore with smart watches that can analyze heart rate, sleep phases or stress levels. But HUAWEI went further, equipping the WATCH D with a built-in tonometer and ECG module. How do these truly exclusive functions work and what other capabilities does the gadget have? We’ll find out in the review.

Massive but functional

The size of the HUAWEI WATCH D will take some getting used to. The thickness of the device is 14 millimeters and the weight is 41 grams. The gadget looks appropriate on a man’s hand, but looks bulky on a woman’s wrist. The watch strap is also unusually wide – 30 mm with standard fastenings and a convenient clip clasp. By the way, the set includes two of them (sizes M and L), as well as cuffs for measuring pressure. It is important to choose the right one, since the accuracy of the tonometer depends on it. To correctly determine the wrist circumference, the box with the accessory contains a special paper gauge.


The cuff is attached to the back of the bracelet, and the air is pumped using a mini-pump, the nozzle of which is located on the back of the WATCH D. The pump is capable of creating a pressure of up to 40 kPa and does this almost silently. If there is no need to measure pressure, the cuff can be removed and the pipe can be closed with the supplied plug. Despite the declared moisture protection of the aluminum case according to the IP68 standard, the instructions contain a note that the accessory is not intended for immersion in water and is not recommended for use in a shower or sauna.


Just a good screen

HUAWEI WATCH D was equipped with a 1.64-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 280×456 and a pixel density of 326 ppi. This is not the first time the company has used such a solution: a similar matrix is ​​installed, for example, in the HUAWEI Watch Fit. The screen is covered with 2.5D glass with a high-quality oleophobic layer. The only downside to the front of the watch is the large bezels around the display, which give the impression of a budget model. Among the advantages, we note excellent viewing angles, high maximum brightness and pleasant color rendition. The Always On Display function and auto-brightness sensor are present and work quickly and correctly.


HarmonyOS in action

The device runs the proprietary operating system HarmonyOS version 2. The system is playful, with smooth animation and a responsive interface. A swipe on the left opens a weather forecast and music player widget, on the right – application cards, the order of which can be adjusted. At the top there is a curtain with quick settings for four parameters (they cannot be changed). The notification center is activated with a gesture from below. It stores the last ten messages without the possibility of a reply. There are two buttons on the device body. The top key calls up a list of all programs or returns to the main screen, the bottom key launches any utility that the user has previously defined in the watch settings.


Synchronization of WATCH D with a smartphone occurs in the HUAWEI Health utility. All health indicators and data on sports activities flow into it; information is displayed in the form of beautiful graphs and charts. A variety of watch faces are available for download in the program, but many of them are paid. The app also downloads software updates and configures notification sources. There are no problems with receiving messages on the watch – everything selected arrives correctly. The gadget notifies you about new events using a regular vibration motor. By connecting the accessory to your HUAWEI phone, you can remotely control the camera of your mobile device. But there is no contactless payment, despite the presence of a built-in NFC module.

Feeling in control

As soon as you put HUAWEI WATCH D on your wrist, you will immediately learn a lot about your health. The watch can track your heartbeat around the clock, determine skin temperature, stress level, blood oxygen saturation, assess sleep quality by phase (deep, light, fast) and even take an ECG using a touch sensor in one of the buttons. The Healthy Living option helps you track your daily tasks, including the amount of water you drink, your breathing rate, and how much you sleep. If the goal was not realized, the AI ​​will remind you of this.

Let’s talk about the most interesting function – blood pressure measurement. Before starting the function, the watch offers you to familiarize yourself with animated instructions that are important to follow. WATCH D strongly recommends resting for 5 minutes before taking measurements. Next, you need to put your hand with the accessory on the heart line and sit down without moving or talking. Only in this case will it be possible to obtain the most accurate measurements. In practice, the device’s readings regarding pulse and lower pressure are almost identical to full-fledged tonometers, but the upper pressure differs by plus or minus ten units.


The number of sports modes in HUAWEI WATCH D is less than usual for wearable devices from the manufacturer – there are about 70 of them. All activities related to water sports are not available for the above reasons. The device can automatically detect six types of workouts: walking, indoor and outdoor running, elliptical trainer, rowing machine. Thanks to the built-in GPS, the system accurately determines the location and displays a detailed map of the route traveled in the utility. By the way, you cannot run the tonometer during training.


Impeccable autonomy

By watch standards, the HUAWEI WATCH D has an impressive 451 mAh battery. The manufacturer claims up to 7 days of battery life, but real results were even better. If you measure your heart rate around the clock and use synchronization with your smartphone to receive notifications, the accessory will discharge an average of 10% per day. And in a couple of hours of running training with activated GPS – by 15%. The device is powered by the included wireless charging pad. I had to use my own 15 W power supply. The battery charges to 50% in one hour and fifteen minutes, to 100% in three hours.



51 x 38 x 13.6 mm
41 g (without strap)
body – aluminum
strap – fluoroelastomer
1.64 inches, AMOLED, 280×456, 326 pixels per inch
451 mAh
Bluetooth 5.1, GPS, NFC
heart rate monitor, pulse oximeter, gyroscope, accelerometer, thermometer, tonometer, geomagnetic sensor
more than 70 sports modes, IP68, measurement of stress level, blood oxygen, body temperature and blood pressure, ECG function, sleep phase analysis


HUAWEI WATCH D is a unique device with exclusive features. In terms of functionality, the accessory is closer to advanced fitness bracelets than to smart watches. Considering the stated price, the device does not have contactless payment, the ability to install third-party applications, or respond to notifications and calls. On the other hand, HUAWEI WATCH D offers excellent battery life, a wide range of sports modes and health tracking capabilities. If you need to always have a blood pressure monitor on hand, this model is worth a closer look.