A couple of years ago we tested HUAWEI WATCH 3 PRO. What has changed in two years with the release of the new generation accessory? Is the smartwatch market stagnating? What about the innovations that bloggers are raving about? Let’s try to understand the flagship review.


Many devices on the smartwatch market are initially focused on sports functions, and in the PRO line, HUAWEI engineers focused on appearance. It turned out great. Elements of traditional wristwatches are successfully combined with premium materials. It features a titanium case, spherical sapphire crystal, titanium strap and an incredibly bright and colorful LPTO display. Taken together, we have a massive (47.6 x 47.6 x 12.9 mm) classic watch that looks good on a man’s wrist. They are unlikely to be suitable for girls, but for them there are more compact models in the brand’s family.

Control occurs using a sensor and two buttons. The spinning wheel is used to open the application menu and navigate the system. An additional button includes quick access to calls, workout mode, and health features.


The strap deserves special attention. It, unlike the regular version, is titanium and smoothly continues the watch case. The length of the standard strap can be changed without additional tools – definitely thanks for that.

One-touch health check

The best HUAWEI watches are equipped with the most advanced monitoring technologies. The flagship records human health indicators with one touch in 60 seconds. The smartwatch is equipped with an ECG function, an 8-channel optical heart rate monitor and an arrhythmia analysis option.

Due to the lack of medical education, we can only share the results of the general health of the review author. It is carried out according to 7 indicators: pulse, amount of oxygen in the blood, stress level, skin temperature, ECG, arterial stiffness and assessment of the state of the respiratory system. Users can then share the finished report or even print it. In addition, the watch detects falls from a height and is able to call a pre-specified emergency contact.

Display and dials

LPTO (which stands for Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) panels are the flagship solution. Such screens allow you to flexibly change the refresh rate of the matrix. In our case, from 1 to 60 Hz. Thanks to this, the wrist accessory offers a smooth interface and demonstrates high energy efficiency when using the screensaver.

The display diagonal is 1.5 inches, and the usable screen area is 71.72%. During testing, we noted the competent operation of auto-image adjustment and high peak brightness, thanks to which information is clearly visible even on a sunny day.


HUAWEI WATCH 4 PRO comes with 10 pre-installed watch faces, varying in design and display of information. By default, the watch face with the image of planet Earth is active. As you rotate the wheel, you can see how the illumination changes depending on the time of day. The option is useless, but the first few days will amuse the owner. In our opinion, the most suitable dial style for the PRO version is classic white, which turns black in Always On mode. The app store offers more than 20,000 watch faces (according to the manufacturer). Among them there will surely be one that best suits your taste.

operating system

The gadget received a pre-installed Harmony OS operating system. The adaptive interface is combined with the overall smoothness of the system. The software store is growing every year; contains many programs: utilities for training from third-party developers, translators, notes and a navigator. The watch has the Wallet application, which allows you to link European bank cards to the device and pay for purchases. This is a serious advantage for our market. Unfortunately, only 3 domestic banks are connected to the HUAWEI Pay service, so the choice is still limited. Installation instructions are easy to find on the Internet.

During testing, we checked how the model interacts with iOS and Android. Even on an Apple device, everything works successfully: notifications arrive correctly, the ability to make calls through the watch is active, watch faces load without problems. The HUAWEI Health application is installed on all gadgets and then synchronized with the native system utilities. Two years ago, listening to music required an additional download of the HUAWEI Music app. But at that time the software was not available for download; the manufacturer promised to solve the problem in the next updates. This option now works correctly with Android smartphones, but is not available on iOS.


Fitness functions

It is advisable to consider WATCH 4 PRO as an accessory for athletes only with an additional strap. The basic strap does not fit very tightly to the hand during training, so the heart rate measurement data during physical activity is written with deviations. HUAWEI has leather and silicone straps that are more suitable for active use scenarios.

Although titanium is considered one of the lightest and most durable materials, the device weighs 69 grams, so it is not particularly convenient to engage in active sports. The watch itself has many preset workout modes: running, cycling, swimming, and so on. And the “Health” application allows you to create an individual lesson plan. It is also convenient to view detailed training details there. The only thing that is frustrating is that at the moment the voice assistant (aka personal trainer) does not support the European language. Artificial intelligence in perfect English gives recommendations on heart rate level, distance traveled and encourages you during your workout.

What about autonomy?

The PRO version has a 430 mAh battery, which provides 3 days of battery life with maximum use of the device. This includes GPS-intensive, heart rate and oxygen monitoring during sports, sleep monitoring, Always On mode, active eSim module and listening to music via Bluetooth headphones. Let’s clarify right away: everything largely depends on the actual operating scenario and even the selected dial.


The manufacturer distinguishes 3 levels of energy efficiency of pre-installed dials. With moderate use, the gadget will work up to 5 days without recharging. If you need better battery life, the Ultra preset will help. With it, the smartwatch will last up to 21 days, according to the manufacturer. At the same time, the screen remains in color and notifications arrive.

The flagship discharges slowly, but charges quickly – it supports HUAWEI SuperCharge technology. The battery charges from 0 to 100% in 90 minutes. And 15 minutes in the outlet is enough for the device to work for a full day.


47.6 x 47.6 x 12.9 mm
69 grams
1.5 inches, LPTO, 466×466, 310 ppi
430 mAh
Harmony OS
barometer, ambient light sensor, 8-channel optical heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, NFC
LPTO display, eSIM, Bluetooth 5.2, TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring, ECG measurement, HUAWEI TruSleep sleep monitoring, titanium case, sapphire crystal


The wearable accessories market is saturated with offerings, but quality men’s watches with classic designs and advanced health features are few and far between. WATCH 4 PRO is one of these models. Design, unique health analysis functions and materials are the main trump cards of the HUAWEI flagship. This is a rare case of a successful symbiosis of a traditional look and top filling.