Huawei is one of the world market leaders in the wearables segment. In China, it leads in this direction, in the world it successfully competes with Apple, Xiaomi and Samsung.

bracelet Huawei Band 6 in the box

Huawei bracelets are advanced medical sensors, extensive functionality for sports activities, and user-friendly software. The Band 6 model claims leadership in its niche.

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Specifications Huawei Band 6

Dimensions, mm

Weight, g eighteen
Screen 1.5”
watch case black or gold
Strap Black, orange or pink
Control With button and touch screen
Charger Magnetic thimble
Moisture protection 5 atm

Compared to the previous generation of Huawei fitness trackers, the manufacturer has increased the screen size by 1.5 times. The Huawei Band 6 looks like a smart watch, this bracelet is fundamentally different from its predecessor – Band 4. This did not make the new format bulky and uncomfortable during sleep, but using the screen became more comfortable, especially for people who cannot boast of 100 percent vision.

Huawei Band 6: smartwatch review

Also, Huawei abandoned the idea of ​​​​a touch button, returning to a conventional mechanical one. It seems that the company recognized the control of the previous model as a failure. There is logic in this, since the sensor can be accidentally touched, for example, by touching the sleeve of a shirt, but this will not happen with a mechanical button.

The fitness tracker has impressive moisture resistance. In the technical documentation, the manufacturer indicates that with a bracelet you can dive to a depth of 50 m, but there is also a ban on scuba diving. In practice, it is quite possible to swim with a tracker in a freshwater pool or river. However, it is better not to acquaint him with sea water.

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Design and equipment of Band 6 watch

In a compact box, along with a fitness tracker, you will find a charging cable with a magnetic connector and documentation. The design is almost identical to the sixth tracker of the Honor brand. Differences: Huawei does not have a brand name on the side of the module, there is no notch on the power button. The design of the bracelet is elegant and concise, compatible with any clothing. The flat screen has rounded corners. The tight fit of the sensors to the hand ensures the accuracy of their readings.

  accuracy of Huawei Band 6 sensors

Bracelets are supplied to the Ukrainian market in three colors:

  • black module plus the same strap;
  • case – pink gold, strap – orange or pink.

In principle, if desired, you can combine colored straps with a black module. The basic model with a pink strap is considered a purely feminine option, all other combinations are unisex. The fasteners that provide the connection between the fixing part and the body are designed with enviable care. To replace the strap with an accessory of a different color, you will have to sweat. But the risk of the tracker falling off while jogging, swimming or other exercises is reduced. Numerous holes on the strap allow you to fix the bracelet on a female or male hand without any problems. The manufacturer used hypoallergenic, pleasant to the touch and practical materials.

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Huawei Band 6 screen

The time has come to review the beauty and pride of the bracelet – an AMOLED display with a rather strong resolution of 198×368 pixels. It is interesting that the competitor of the hero of the review – Mi Band 6 – has a larger screen diagonal, but the display is very elongated, so the tracker from Xiaomi is noticeably inferior to the Huawei tracker in terms of screen area. Accordingly, it is more convenient to read notifications on the display of the latter.

The screen has 5 levels of brightness, there is no auto-adjustment, you have to change the display settings manually. The maximum brightness mode is suitable for a sunny day, the minimum level is for total darkness. If you leave the tracker at night to monitor the quality of sleep, it’s better to set the Do Not Disturb mode. So you protect yourself from accidentally turning on the screen, which can wake you up with its glow. The set alarm will ring anyway.

In addition to manually adjusting the brightness, Huawei Band 6 differs from the older Watch Fit model in the absence of a always-on display mode. As a replacement, the manufacturer suggests using the Active Screen function. After activating it, the display will not go out for 5-20 minutes. The exact time depends on the user’s choice. The screen is turned on with a gesture or a button, it will not work to revive it with a tap.

Band 6 has interactive watch faces: touching the icons opens apps. There are a dozen watch faces on board, and other free or paid options can be downloaded from the Internet. The range is in the hundreds. You can display your photo on the screen.

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Band 6 software

After turning on the device for the first time, you need to select the interface language. Then the fitness bracelet will prompt you to scan the QR code with your smartphone. The gadget is friendly with both Android phones and iPhones. However, Apple smartphones do not support music and camera shutter controls. The best option is integration with a Huawei or Honor mobile phone.

By QR code, you need to download to your Huawei Health smartphone. After that, we go into the program and add a new device to it – our bracelet. Pair devices via bluetooth. In the final stage, we check the boxes: auto-download updates for Wi-Fi and auto-updates. What can the main Huawei program for Band 6 and other Huawei and Honor devices do? The functionality is the following:

  1. Keeping a training diary.
  2. Monitoring morning awakening and sleep quality.
  3. Distance control.
  4. Processing data on the work of the heart during training.
  5. Calculation of calories burned during physical activity.
  6. Implemented work with motivation. You can add goals and track their progress.
  7. Cardio workouts and more.

Huawei Band 6 software

The smartphone in conjunction with the bracelet acts as a recipient, processor and custodian of the user’s health data. The large screen allows you to view information in a convenient way. The tracker takes measurements using sensors and transmits them to the phone. You can’t put programs on the bracelet at your own discretion, it has a closed software system.

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Functions and features of the Band 6 fitness tracker

  1. Weather. The bracelet shows what will be outside the window in the next 6 hours and 6 days.
  2. Breathing exercises. The choice of the duration of classes and the rhythm of breathing.
  3. Music. The fitness bracelet starts, pauses music on the smartphone. You can skip tracks.
  4. A timer with a maximum range of 24 hours. Stopwatch with the ability to time intervals.
  5. Smartphone camera control.
  6. A flashlight in terms of power, of course, is inferior to a telephone one, but its presence can still be listed as an asset.
  7. Sleep analysis. If you do not remove the tracker at night, it will track the time of falling asleep, waking up, and the quality of breathing. The device gives recommendations on how to sleep better, based on research by scientists.
  8. Oxygen monitoring. After the start of the pandemic, many people became interested in how much oxygen they had in their blood. Gadget manufacturers went to meet them. Huawei Band 6 will sound the alarm if the SpO2 falls below 90%.
  9. Measurement of heart rate at rest and during sports loads. The bracelet will warn of large deviations from the norm, the threshold values ​​can be adjusted.
  10. Measuring the level of stress. Perhaps, when determining this indicator, the bracelet is guided by the number of heart beats per minute.
  11. Tracking physical activity. If you sit in an office chair for more than an hour, the tracker will offer you a little warm-up. Also, the fitness bracelet monitors the number of steps and the time spent on sports exercises.
  12. Support for about 100 types of workouts. Calculation of rest time between them.
  13. Manage phone calls and SMS.
  14. Finding a smartphone lost in the clutter at home.

  features of the fitness bracelet Huawei Band 6

When analyzing the readings taken, it is important to understand that the bracelet is not a medical device. However, the level of errors is low, it corresponds to the cost of the tracker. For the same money, there are gadgets from other manufacturers that cannot even measure the pulse normally.

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The autonomy of the gadget for training

Huawei, along with the screen size, did not forget to increase the battery capacity. Now it is 180 mAh. The manufacturer claims that autonomy in a typical usage scenario is 14 days, with heavy load – 10. The battery loses its charge evenly: a drop from 100% to 50% takes about the same time as from half a charge to shutdown.

The battery charges quickly from a laptop or any low power adapter. Gains 50% in 15 minutes. Full charge time is about 1 hour.

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Pros and cons of Huawei Band 6

The advantages of the bracelet are much more than the disadvantages:

  1. Due to the large display, the tracker can be mistaken for a smart watch.
  2. About 100 types of workouts. Good detail. For example, the device counts not only the number of rope jumps performed, but also how many times a person has lost his way. There is also interesting software for running and other training.
  3. Autonomy. Works for a long time without recharging, charges quickly.
  4. Waterproof. You can not be afraid of water drops during hygiene procedures, suitable for swimming in the pool.
  5. Nice design, easy control.
  6. Automatic SpO2 measurement.
  7. Competitive price.

To complete the review of Huawei Band 6, here are a couple of cons:

  1. There is no auto brightness control.
  2. No NFC.

The manufacturer jumped from the 4th to the 6th model in the line of bracelets for a reason. Huawei is clearly not limited to cosmetic improvements. In fact, the company got a device of a new level, with which it is difficult to compete with other gadgets in this price category. It cannot be said that the fitness bracelet is perfect, but in general the concept looks nice, there is no desire to look for flaws.

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