On the left is the popular Mi Band 4 bracelet, on the right is the no less popular Apple Watch, and in the middle is a new product from the Chinese brand Huami. The same one that produces smart gadgets for Xiaomi and at the same time produces some interesting things under its own brand. We tested the Amazfit GTS watch for two weeks and found out what it can do and how long it lasts without recharging.

Amazfit GTS is a smartwatch with a closed operating system. You cannot install additional applications on them – only those functions that are included in the gadget by the manufacturer are available. However, these possibilities are sufficient in the vast majority of situations. A significant bonus of closed systems is the long battery life of such devices.

How do they look and feel on the hand?

Amazfit GTS dimensions are 43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm. It would seem almost a centimeter thick! But due to the black color and design tricks, the watch looks thin. They do not look bulky even on a graceful female wrist. This is not some simple pedometer that also shows the time, but an accessory that complements the image. The model can be combined with sportswear, casual wear, and a business suit. To replace the colorful training interface with a strict classic dial, three taps are enough.

In total, there are more than 70 home screen design options. Most are in a bright Asian style, but there are also subdued themes. The developers regularly add new skins. For example, several funny New Year’s watch faces have recently appeared – check them out on our Instagram. In addition, a companion app on your smartphone allows you to create your own designs.

It is preferable to choose a design with a black background. After all, the watch has a gorgeous AMOLED screen – with dark themes, the frames around the display are not visible, and the battery is consumed more slowly.

The Amazfit GTS fits perfectly on the hand. They don’t interfere, they don’t try to unfasten. At first, of course, you feel them, especially if you haven’t worn a watch or bracelet for a long time. But it took less than a full day to get used to the new sensation. The watch is light, about 25 grams, but not at the expense of reliability. Their body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, and the screen is covered with tempered Gorilla Glass 3. The strap is removable and has a standard width of 20 mm. That is, the complete silicone bracelet can be easily replaced with another one – leather, metal or silicone of a different style.

What can the Amazfit GTS smartwatch do?

First of all, they show useful information. And a lot: time, steps taken, heart rate, notifications about calls and messages from a smartphone, weather information, the name of the track playing on the mobile phone. There are also playback control buttons, a timer, a stopwatch… However, more affordable smart bracelets can do all this, for example, Mi Band 4.

Huami Amazfit GTS

Only the Amazfit GTS is capable of more. Thanks to the GPS/GLONASS module, pressure sensor and magnetic sensor, they show cardinal directions, altitude and atmospheric pressure. During a bike ride or walk, the watch independently tracks and remembers the route – the smartphone’s charge is not spent on power-hungry satellite positioning. Add a light sensor: in winter it is not so needed, but in summer you do not need to manually raise the display brightness in the morning and reduce it in the evening. The gadget adjusts to ambient lighting automatically.

The screen size sets the Amazfit GTS apart from any bracelet. On the 1.65-inch display, you don’t need to aim to hit small interface elements with your finger. Reading notifications is also convenient – you only have to take out your smartphone to respond to a message. Yes, and other data is easy to read, but what exactly is output and in what order – this can be customized if desired.

Huami Amazfit GTS
You can edit each element on the watch faces – select the type of data that will be displayed in this part of the display

A little about sports functions: the watch can track 12 types of workouts, including swimming. According to the manufacturer, Amazfit GTS can withstand pressure up to 5 atmospheres, which corresponds to a dive of 50 meters. We did not test this model at maximum depth, but it withstood a forty-minute swim in the pool with repeated immersion of 3 meters without any problems.

During training, the gadget monitors the distance traveled, speed and heart rate, and calculates calories burned. And it also motivates you to be more active: it awards points and gives out awards for sporting achievements, and offers to share your successes with friends on social networks.

Huami Amazfit GTS
An optical heart rate monitor measures your heart rate. Based on this, the watch evaluates sleep quality, training mode, displays a personal activity index and sets new sports goals for the owner.

How to control the gadget?

There is a single button on the Amazfit GTS body. It turns the screen on/off and returns the watch to watch face mode. For a long press, you can assign an action of your choice: show notifications or the weather, a timer, or anything else you use regularly. The rest of the controls are tied to swipes and taps on the screen. By the way, it has an oleophobic coating, so it is reluctant to collect fingerprints.

Horizontal swipes switch between screens with basic information: watch face, steps taken during the day, heart rate readings. Gestures from above and below open menus with functions and capabilities, and returning to a higher level is achieved by swiping from left to right.

Some settings can only be configured through the Amazfit app on your smartphone. For example, specify applications whose notifications will be displayed on the watch, select a different watch face, or outline goals for sports activities. Statistics for previous days are also collected here: steps, heart rate, sleep quality, workouts.

The Amazfit app provides settings that are not available in the watch interface. Here you can create your own dial designs and read background information
The application also saves your training history with detailed statistics and achievements you have earned.

How long does the watch last on battery?

Checking autonomy is the simplest test. Carry your gadget and check the charge level once a day. But such a test takes time. Because Amazfit GTS lasts a long time without recharging.

For basic testing on the watch, settings and functions that the author uses daily were used:

  • notifications about calls, SMS, messages in instant messengers;
  • turning on the display when you raise your hand;
  • Automatic display shutdown after 5 seconds;
  • automatic brightness level;
  • measure your pulse once a minute;
  • sleep analysis.

With this mode of operation and wearing it around the clock, the watch was discharged from 100 to 45 percent in 5 days. That is, 11% of the charge was consumed per day, and with regular measurement of heart rate, the battery lasts for 8-9 days of operation.

Huami Amazfit GTS

But as soon as the pulse measurement interval was increased from 1 minute to 5, autonomy increased sharply. Other settings remained unchanged, but the watch began to consume 7% of the charge per day. In other words, in low-power mode, the Amazfit GTS will last on battery power for more than two weeks.

But satellite positioning wastes energy mercilessly: an hour-long bike ride costs 8% of the charge, a second walk for 1 hour and 10 minutes – already at 9. For outdoor training, when GPS/GLONASS turns on automatically, the autonomy of the gadget is about 12 hours. In principle, it should be enough for even the most stubborn zosters.

The full charge time from an 18 W charger was 2 hours 10 minutes. This is only ten minutes longer than stated by the manufacturer.

Huami Amazfit GTS

We simply didn’t have enough time for the longest test—testing autonomy with a minimum number of functions enabled. The 4PDA forum came to the rescue. Here is the data published by a user with the nickname zepellin: “For fun, I turned off the screen with a wave (of my hand) and the heart rate monitor. I use notifications and switch music”. In this mode, after 17 days the watch had 51% charge left (confirming screenshot). This translates into a solid month of work without recharging. A very good result.


43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm / approx. 24.8 g (without strap)
Housing material
aviation aluminum alloy, polymer material
Strap material
Band length/width
120 mm (long), 87 mm (short) / 20 mm
Waterproof rating
5 atmospheres
1.65″ AMOLED, resolution 348×442, 341 ppi, 100% NTSC
Touch screen
Corning Gorilla 3, oleophobic coating
optical heart rate monitor, 6-axis accelerometer, 3-axis magnetic sensor, air pressure sensor, light sensor
lithium polymer, 220 mAh


Due to the closed operating system, the Amazfit GTS, like smart bracelets, cannot install additional applications. But in terms of the number of sensors, capabilities and especially design, the Amazfit GTS is definitely a smartwatch. The gadget displays a lot of useful information, minimizing the need to take your smartphone out of your pocket. It also tracks training loads, monitors daily activity and physical condition, and motivates you to move more. It performs all functions with exceptional clarity, and lasts for several weeks without recharging. The thin case, classic design, interchangeable dials of different styles allow you to adapt this model to any image and outfit, from sportswear to a formal business suit.