A small life hack and a fea­ture that I still did not know about. You need to look into the watch set­tings appli­ca­tion more often.

For many years, Apple Watch has been able to pro­nounce the time — through a request to Siri, or in a watch face with heroes Dis­ney (with cor­re­spond­ing votes). Thanks to the read­er @vovkaprigarinwho recent­ly sug­gest­ed that a sim­i­lar func­tion can be enable for absolute­ly any watch face.

For this:

one. Open­ing the appli­ca­tion watch on the iPhone.

2. Go to the menu Watch

3. Turn on the set­ting time out loud.

4. Put two fin­gers on the Apple Watch screen for one sec­ond.

Siri will announce the cur­rent time aloud, such as “twelve fif­teen min­utes eight sec­onds.” You can now answer peo­ple who ask what time it is.

In the same menu, speech is also enabled for silent mode. By default, Siri will not say any­thing in it.

But that’s not all. You can also enable tac­tile trans­mis­sion of the cur­rent time — it will work in silent mode when you put two fin­gers on the dial:

▪ open watch on iPhone
▪ go to the menu Watch

▪ go to the sec­tion Time is tac­tile

▪ turn on option of the same name

In sec­tion Time is tac­tile You can set how exact­ly the watch will vibrate when the func­tion is acti­vat­ed. By default and with cus­tomiza­tion “Num­bers” the sequence of vibra­tions is as fol­lows: first there are long vibra­tions for every ten hours and short vibra­tions for every next hour, and then long vibra­tions for every 10 min­utes and short vibra­tions for every minute.

For exam­ple, 12:15:08 hours will be trans­mit­ted like this: long vibra­tion, two short vibra­tions, long vibra­tion, five short vibra­tions.

with cus­tomiza­tion “Brief” long vibra­tions will go every 5 hours, short vibra­tions every hour, and min­utes will be trans­mit­ted in an abbre­vi­at­ed for­mat, a long vibra­tion every full 15 min­utes.

Final­ly, one can choose “Morse code”. Every­thing should be clear here, the main thing is to know the alpha­bet itself.

Set­ting Time is tac­tile objec­tive­ly it will be even more use­ful than pro­nun­ci­a­tion. With it, you can qui­et­ly read the cur­rent time with­out lift­ing the clock and acti­vat­ing its back­light. For exam­ple, when you are sit­ting in the cin­e­ma or the the­ater, or at nego­ti­a­tions, where for some rea­son it is incon­ve­nient to look at the clock. Almost like telepa­thy turns out, a good fea­ture.