Smart­watch can be paired with Blue­tooth head­phones or a head­set. This is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to lis­ten to music or receive calls direct­ly from the smart watch: it will come in handy if you need to, for exam­ple, leave your smart­phone and go for a run. How to con­nect smart watch to blue­tooth head­phones or head­set? The action will not take much time if you read the detailed instruc­tions below.

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  How to connect smart watch to headphones, headset

How to connect Bluetooth headphones

For starters, it’s worth not­ing that Wear OS watch phones only com­mu­ni­cate with oth­er acces­sories via Blue­tooth. They do not sup­port devices with ANT+ wire­less tech­nol­o­gy.

It is also worth con­sid­er­ing that the pro­ce­dure for con­nect­ing smart watch­es (like R500 Gold or oth­ers) and head­phones may dif­fer depend­ing on the ver­sion of the oper­at­ing sys­tem installed in the watch phone. It’s bet­ter to install “fresh” OS updates any­way, so that there are no dif­fi­cul­ties when syn­chro­niz­ing 2 devices.

And the last point: it is worth clar­i­fy­ing which ver­sion of Blue­tooth the head­phones / head­set can work with. Let’s say the EO-MG900 device is paired with all gad­gets with Blue­tooth ver­sion 3.0 and high­er.

With the rec­om­men­da­tions fin­ished, it’s time to learn how to con­nect blue­tooth head­phones to a smart watch.

Preparing the headphones

What should be done:

  1. Recharg­ing — insert one end of the USB cable into the cor­re­spond­ing con­nec­tor of the acces­so­ry, the oth­er end into the USB port of a PC or pow­er bank. We wait until the charge lev­el reach­es at least 40% so that the device does not turn off dur­ing pair­ing.
  2. Inclu­sion — hold down the pow­er key on the head­phone / head­set case, or a sep­a­rate Blue­tooth pair­ing key (depend­ing on the mod­el). The fact that the device is ready for use will be noti­fied by a sound or light sig­nal.

  Bluetooth headphones and headset

The prepa­ra­tion of blue­tooth acces­sories is over, let’s move on to the clock phone.

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Connect watch

Mini prepa­ra­tion: touch the watch phone screen to “wake up” the device, then swipe down on the dis­play.

Basic steps on how to con­nect head­phones or a head­set to a smart watch like R500 Black:

  • go to the set­tings of the clock phone;
  • click on “Con­nec­tion” → Blue­tooth;
  • select “Avail­able Devices”.

  Bluetooth connection to smart watch

It remains to wait a cou­ple of sec­onds until the smart watch detects the blue­tooth acces­so­ry. The name of the head­phones / head­set will appear in the list on the smart watch screen — you need to click on it and then a con­nec­tion will be estab­lished between 2 devices. Some­times you need to addi­tion­al­ly enter a pass­word or PIN code on the watch phone.

Nuance: many blue­tooth acces­sories remem­ber the device with which they were paired and, when turned on again, estab­lish a con­nec­tion with it (if the user does not “untie” the gad­gets from each oth­er).

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How to connect a Bluetooth device that has an app

You need to do the fol­low­ing:

  • touch the smart watch screen to turn it on;
  • open the Blue­tooth device appli­ca­tion on the watch phone;
  • then you need to fol­low the sim­ple instruc­tions on the screen.

The pro­ce­dure depends on the Blue­tooth acces­so­ry and smart watch you are using.

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How to download and listen to music from a smart watch without a smartphone

What the user needs:

  • a watch phone with a built-in speak­er or a smart watch con­nect­ed to head­phones;
  • con­nect­ing a wrist device to Wi-Fi;
  • hav­ing a Google account.

Then every­thing is sim­ple:

Music on smart watch

A lit­tle advice: to store your music col­lec­tion, you will need space on the smart watch, so you need to clar­i­fy the num­ber of gigs of inter­nal mem­o­ry in the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the watch phone. In SM-R800NZSASEK, for exam­ple, 4 GB.

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That’s all. Now you can safe­ly move on to syn­chro­niz­ing your smart watch and Blue­tooth devices. One has only to remem­ber that the range of a Blue­tooth con­nec­tion is not unlim­it­ed. For exam­ple, there should be no more than 10 meters between the Nokia head­set and the con­nect­ed device. In addi­tion, the con­nec­tion can be neg­a­tive­ly affect­ed by oth­er elec­tron­ic gad­gets, walls. And, of course, do not for­get about installing “fresh” updates: OS and appli­ca­tions on the watch phone. If you fol­low all the rules, the con­nec­tion and fur­ther pair­ing of devices will take place “with­out a hitch.”