selection of children's smart watches

Children’s smart watches make it possible to be in touch with the child, even if he does not have a mobile phone. What is the difference between children’s smart watches and adults – we are studying the parameters that will allow parents to “always be there.”

What can be useful for children’s smart watches

Such a gadget replaces a mobile phone. You can call and read notifications on it. The parent will be able to get in touch with the child at any time – after all, the watch is constantly on the wrist, it is difficult to accidentally forget or lose it.

Total control is exercised with the help of four chips.

1. The exact geolocation is determined
In devices with GPS or a SIM card, the parent can see where the child is. If the baby went out of the “permitted zone”, dad and mom will instantly receive a notification.
2. You can turn on the microphone without the knowledge of the child
If the child does not pick up the phone for a suspiciously long time, the parent can “turn on wiretapping” on the smart watch.
3. It is possible to call and write to your daughter or son
During such hours, you can put a SIM card that will receive calls and notifications from 5-7 contacts. The child will be able to record voice messages in response.
4. In case of danger, an emergency call button is provided
In case of force majeure, the baby just needs to press the button and the device will start dialing the allowed numbers. Some smartwatches will immediately turn on “wiretapping” and rapid geolocation updates. GOGPS ME K50 (K50TR) has such functions.

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What characteristics to look for when choosing a children’s smart watch

The selection of smart accessories for a child is different from the option for parents. When choosing an adult smart watch, they look at a set of top features like NFC (to pay for purchases with a watch) or oxygen measurements. In children’s models, more often they pay attention to autonomy, moisture protection and the ability to communicate even without a phone.


This figure depends on battery size, screen type (OLED consumes less TFT) and features. Typically, children’s smart watches are equipped with a 500-700 mAh battery, which is enough for 3-5 days of operation from a single charge.

  characteristics of children's smart watches

The degree of dust and moisture protection is determined by a certain classification:

  • IP45 – withstands accidental ingress of dust and moisture, but no more.
  • IP65 – not afraid of dust and rain.
  • IP67 – not afraid of staying in the sand and prolonged contact with water.
  • IP68 – withstands “dust storms” and immersion in water up to 2-3 meters.

SIM card support

Most children’s smart watches combine the functions of a fitness tracker, beacon and phone. For the correct operation of these functions, the device must support work with a SIM card.

  talking on kids smart watch

Then he gets four benefits.
1. Two way calls
A child and 5-10 relatives can call each other.
2. Receiving and sending voice messages
You can leave each other voice messengers at any time.
3. SOS button
In an emergency, a short press on the SOS button is enough, and the watch will start calling selected numbers (up to 3-5 people) until they get through to one of them.
4. Connect to messengers (not in all children’s smart watches)
The kid will be able to see messages coming to the messenger (in some models, he can even answer with a voice message).

Wireless communications

In terms of the number of interfaces, children’s models practically do not differ from adult smartwatches like the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

wireless communications of children's smart watches

Watches for kids can boast of such chips:

The most popular way to track geolocation. Its error in the city is from 3 to 50 meters. In open areas it can sin up to 400-500 meters. GPS is present in GOGPS ME K20 (K20GD).

This scanner works great in the city and indoors. The child does not need to connect directly to the networks. The main thing for the device is to “hook” on the router “with a password” – then it will transmit the necessary location data.

Determines the location through mobile towers. The more towers in the area, the more accurate the location. Such a feature is present in Elari KidPhone Blue with an LBS tracker and a color display (Our website-1BL).

Allows you to connect to other smart technology and manage some of its indicators: switch songs on your phone, make the sound quieter or louder.

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Health indicator

Like any smart watch, most children’s models support the main indicator functions:

Shows the number of steps taken per day;

  • Travel speed calculation

By measuring the distance traveled and correlating it with the time (during which the child walked a certain number of steps), he will calculate the speed of movement;

  • calorie counting

Indicate the approximate number of calories that the child lost per day;

  • Pulse indicators

Shows how fast the heart beats. Too high indicators of the “heart rate monitor” (above 120 beats per minute) will make it clear to the baby that he needs to rest for a few minutes before the usual indicators are restored.

The most pumped models are equipped with a tonometer with a heart rate monitor. But children usually do not need such functions, so they are extremely rare in a children’s device.


While adult smart watches can be of any shape, children’s watches are usually square or with an oblong rectangular screen. An example of such devices is the GOGPS ME K13 (K13BL) and GOGPS ME K50 white (K50WH) watches. Round models are rare and look “adult” modestly, like GOGPS ME K19 (K19BL).

  kids smart watch display

In addition, watch displays are also divided by the type of screen itself.

Displays are divided by screen type.

1. E-paper
A special type of monochrome screen that saves device battery.
LED screen, as in mobile phones. It does not need “backlighting”, since most of the time they are in “standby mode” with the screen off. An example of such a display for GOGPS ME K10 is black (K10BK).
3. TFT (LCD)
The LCD screen requires a constant backlight, which is why blacks are not as saturated. TFT on GOGPS ME K11 is pink (K11PK).

The resolution in most models does not differ from the “adult” models – all the same spread from 200 to 500 pixels wide.

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The first thing you should pay attention to is the size of the strap. It should border the wrist moderately tight so that it does not fall off and does not squeeze the hand. When trying on, you need to shake your hand – so you can make sure that the strap does not fly off.

Second, a good strap should be adjustable. Since children grow quickly, you need to have a “margin” of a few centimeters.

  kids smart watch design

As for color solutions, there are different options:

When choosing children’s smart watches, you should pay attention to the support of a SIM card (to call the child at any time), the duration of work and dust and moisture protection. The watch itself should fit snugly against the hand, but not squeeze it – otherwise, over time, the child’s hand will start to hurt. The remaining parameters depend only on the taste and requests of the parents and their blood.

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