Most city dwellers expe­ri­ence sleep prob­lems to one degree or anoth­er. Some find it dif­fi­cult to rest at night, oth­ers sleep less than they should, and oth­ers do not ful­ly recov­er by morn­ing. Sam­sung smart­watch­es help solve these prob­lems.

Advanced hardware, precise sensors

Com­put­ing in the Galaxy Watch6 is pow­ered by the Exynos W930 chip, which is 18% faster than the proces­sor in the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion mod­el. As befits an advanced smart­watch, there are many sen­sors installed here to mon­i­tor the exter­nal envi­ron­ment and mon­i­tor the owner’s well-being. There are tem­per­a­ture, heart rate and light sen­sors, a com­pass, an accelerom­e­ter, a barom­e­ter, a gyro­scope and a uni­ver­sal 3‑in‑1 bioac­tive sen­sor. There is also a built-in micro­phone. As a result, the device not only tracks your work­outs, but also ana­lyzes your sleep qual­i­ty.

The watch eval­u­ates the lev­el of oxy­gen sat­u­ra­tion in the blood dur­ing the night’s rest. SpO2 is cal­cu­lat­ed auto­mat­i­cal­ly. This func­tion is not designed to inde­pen­dent­ly iden­ti­fy dis­eases, but gives an idea of ​​​​the user’s well-being dur­ing sleep.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Anoth­er con­ve­nient option is record­ing snor­ing. You can acti­vate it your­self in the set­tings. While you sleep, the watch will mon­i­tor extra­ne­ous sounds, and if snor­ing is detect­ed, it will record it. Although it is not a dan­ger­ous con­di­tion and more of a symp­tom of abnor­mal breath­ing, snor­ing may indi­cate prob­lems with well-being due to lack of oxy­gen dur­ing sleep. If the watch often records it, this is a rea­son to con­sult a doc­tor.

Convenient widget and special watch face

Galaxy Watch6 runs WearOS 4 with OneUI 5 shell. It’s not just a respon­sive and intu­itive inter­face. The shell has func­tions that make it easy to mon­i­tor your night’s rest. For exam­ple, a spe­cial Sleep Coach­ing watch face. It is visu­al and even fun­ny — an ani­mal whose sleep type match­es yours is dis­played on the screen. To do this, the watch mon­i­tors your sleep qual­i­ty through­out the week, col­lect­ing sta­tis­tics and assess­ing how you rest. There could be a pen­guin or a shark on the screen — the com­par­i­son is, of course, approx­i­mate, but it makes every­day mon­i­tor­ing more inter­est­ing. The dis­play also dis­plays your rest data for the past night in the form of charts and per­son­al­ized tips for improv­ing your sleep qual­i­ty.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

If you don’t want to turn the main watch face into a per­son­al vaca­tion sched­ule, there’s noth­ing stop­ping you from track­ing it using the wid­get. It is called by swip­ing on the watch screen or scrolling the touch bezel. Here you can find the total sleep time and its assess­ment, and after tap­ping on the card, you can find out about its phas­es and sta­bil­i­ty, and also get acquaint­ed with the skin tem­per­a­ture dur­ing rest.

Visual Samsung Health app

All data obtained dur­ing sleep will be avail­able in a report that can be found in the Sam­sung Health appli­ca­tion. It col­lects rest sta­tis­tics over many years, so it can be used to con­ve­nient­ly mon­i­tor health indi­ca­tors over a long peri­od of time. When using the Galaxy Watch6, the data is syn­chro­nized with the appli­ca­tion auto­mat­i­cal­ly — you just need to go into the pro­gram to view the final report.

A sleep time­line is avail­able in the app. It allows you to track the amount of time the user spends on rest. You can also view sta­tis­tics for the week or set a sleep norm to bet­ter con­trol your sleep sched­ule.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Detailed sta­tis­tics are also uploaded to Sam­sung Health — the user’s skin tem­per­a­ture dur­ing rest, snor­ing, and blood oxy­gen sat­u­ra­tion lev­el. There is also a dia­gram with phas­es: you can find out what the dura­tion of fast and deep sleep is, how they alter­nat­ed, and whether there were any awak­en­ings at night.

All fac­tors influ­enc­ing sleep are added up to a sin­gle scale. If it is blue, the result is sat­is­fac­to­ry, but if it is red, it is not. The pro­gram will give you points and advise you to pay atten­tion to spe­cif­ic fea­tures that inter­fere with a com­fort­able night’s rest. Over­all sleep qual­i­ty is assessed by a num­ber of fac­tors. For exam­ple, by the dura­tion and num­ber of rest phas­es. The phys­i­cal recov­ery score is based on the time spent in the deep phase, and the wake­ful­ness score reflects how many times your rest was inter­rupt­ed dur­ing the night.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6

Sam­sung Galaxy Watch6 is a great com­pan­ion for those who want to get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed and not grog­gy the next morn­ing. These watch­es won’t improve your sleep on their own, but they will give you detailed advice and help you iden­ti­fy prob­lems like snor­ing or not get­ting enough rest. Advanced sen­sors will ensure high-qual­i­ty mon­i­tor­ing of key indi­ca­tors, and the pro­pri­etary Health appli­ca­tion will delight you with detailed and visu­al sta­tis­tics that are con­ve­nient to ana­lyze.