Comparison of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5

Xiao­mi and Hon­or are pop­u­lar due to rich func­tion­al­i­ty at a bud­get price tag. While fans of brands are argu­ing for the title of the main sports track­er, the edi­tors of the blog ana­lyze in detail the char­ac­ter­is­tics of each of them.

Package contents: a miracle out of the box

  Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 bundles

Com­pare the deliv­ery set of smart bracelets. For both devices, it is typ­i­cal for mid­dle-class mod­els:

  • the track­er itself;
  • charg­ing to it;
  • doc­u­men­ta­tion set.

There are no addi­tion­al items (spare straps or stor­age cas­es) in the kits. To cus­tomize (cus­tomize) the device, you will have to buy acces­sories sep­a­rate­ly.

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Design: glossy and chic on the wrist

  design and appearance of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5

Appear­ance, con­sid­er, com­mod­i­ty. Because, as you know, they meet by clothes. The design fea­tures of sports bracelets do not give much room for imag­i­na­tion, but man­u­fac­tur­ers man­age to cus­tomize their mod­els.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Thanks to the oval cap­sule, this watch will appear more ele­gant. For those who pre­fer busi­ness style — just right. The col­or scheme is restrained and ver­sa­tile. Xiao­mi only has black, white, red and blue mod­els. The edges of the strap are fas­tened with a clip, which even a child can han­dle.

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Honor Band 5

  appearance Honor Band 5

The devices are dis­tin­guished by a non-stan­dard col­or scheme of the strap. Hon­or has black, blue and red mod­els. They are suit­able for adults and chil­dren. Thanks to the many holes on the strap, they can be worn even on a thin wrist.

On the back side of the ring, com­press­ing the edge of the strap, there is a “clove” that sinks into the holes on the strap. There­fore, the bracelet does not fid­get on the arm even dur­ing exhaust­ing work­outs.

In this com­par­i­son, Hon­or watch­es win. Yes, it takes more time to put them on, but they sit on the wrist like a glove. And this is what is val­ued in a fit­ness track­er. You can cus­tomize the design for your­self with the help of third-par­ty acces­sories. As Oza­ki O!coat did with the Apple Watch: these straps make their wear­er stand out from the crowd.

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: Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 displays

Com­pare device dis­plays. It is with their help that users check the time, mon­i­tor the pulse, calo­ries burned, etc. We fig­ure out whose screens are bet­ter.

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Xiaomi tracker

The size and res­o­lu­tion are aver­age for 2019–2020 smart­watch­es. AMOLED dis­play of 0.95 inch­es and a res­o­lu­tion of 240x120px. The screen itself is cov­ered with oleo­pho­bic 2.5D glass. But for reli­a­bil­i­ty, it is bet­ter to install anoth­er pro­tec­tive glass.

Swipe up and down scrolls through the menu. Thus, the cur­rent sta­tus is deter­mined: high, aver­age or min­i­mal phys­i­cal activ­i­ty, pulse, train­ing modes, weath­er. You can set up addi­tion­al func­tions such as alarm clock, timer, bright­ness con­trol, etc. Side swipes launch music con­trols and Ali­Pay.

  Xiaomi Mi Band 4 watch faces

The smart bracelet dis­plays noti­fi­ca­tions from most apps, but no emo­ji. Instead of them, squares flaunt.

You can cus­tomize your “desk­top” with one of 50+ design­er watch faces from the Mi Fit app.

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Honor smart bracelet

The Band 5 track­er has a 0.95-inch AMOLED mon­i­tor with a res­o­lu­tion of 240x120 px. It does not have enough stars from the sky, but for a device of this size, such para­me­ters are more than enough.

The bright­ness needs to be adjust­ed by your­self. When leav­ing a dark room in a bright area, you will have to spend a few sec­onds adjust­ing the dis­play. But at the same time, you can reduce the bright­ness at night by set­ting the timer from 9 pm to 7 am.

The mon­i­tor’s col­or depth and bright­ness are so elab­o­rat­ed that it will be easy to con­trol even under spot­lights.

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The dis­play turns on in 2 ways.

  • By press­ing the cir­cle below the dis­play.
  • By turn­ing the brush to the face (this fea­ture is pre-acti­vat­ed in the set­tings).

The image on the screen is dis­played for 5–10 sec­onds: this dura­tion of work will help pro­long the oper­a­tion of the device. You can also enable one-time acti­va­tion of the dis­play for 5 min­utes. Then he will again enter the “sleep” and will turn on only on request.

For more cus­tomiza­tion, you can down­load the design­er watch face from the Huawei Health app.

Both devices have a touch screen with medi­um sen­si­tiv­i­ty, which will help to avoid acci­den­tal clicks. In this com­par­i­son, the Mi Band 4 wins by a nar­row mar­gin. Its main func­tions are avail­able by swipe (with­out dig­ging into the menu). The user can read noti­fi­ca­tions with­out touch­ing the phone.

Fitness functions: run, forest, run

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 fitness features

It is clear that the key rea­son for buy­ing fit­ness bracelets is to track health indi­ca­tors. Which one is bet­ter for the intend­ed pur­pose? Let’s fig­ure out who mea­sures oxy­gen in the blood and accu­rate­ly deter­mines the phas­es of sleep.

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Like most track­ers, the Mi Band 4 tracks your heart rate, steps, and sleep pat­terns. How­ev­er, the Xiao­mi brand appre­ci­ates the device more for its “smart alarm clock” that will wake the user up in the most favor­able phase. MiFit does not have this fea­ture, but it can be enabled through the Mi Band Smart Alarm app.

Man sits deep and super­fi­cial sleep. And if you wake him up dur­ing the first phase, he goes through the whole day “bro­ken” and tired. Even if rest­ed 8 hours in a row. Wak­ing up in the sec­ond phase, a per­son will be full of ener­gy, even if he slept only 4–5 hours.

Smart alarm clock works as fol­lows.

  1. The user sets the wake up time. For exam­ple, it will be 7 am.
  2. He goes to bed with a bracelet on his wrist.
  3. The track­er “sees” that at 6:45 a.m. the user will still be in a super­fi­cial sleep phase, but at 7:00 a.m. he will already be in a deep one.
  4. The bracelet “makes a deci­sion” about wak­ing up at 6:45.

And even though the own­er of the gad­get sleeps 15 min­utes less, he will be much more cheer­ful than if he woke up at the appoint­ed hour.

Also, the track­er has as many as 10 exer­cise modes: from run­ning on the street to swim­ming in the pool. This will help to more accu­rate­ly cal­cu­late the required load and ana­lyze phys­i­cal activ­i­ty.

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Honor Band 5 fitness features

Like Xiao­mi, Hon­or bracelets mea­sure heart rate through opti­cal sen­sors. A small area of ​​the hand is illu­mi­nat­ed by LEDs: then the ultra-sen­si­tive scan­ner deter­mines the pulse based on math­e­mat­i­cal cal­cu­la­tions.

The fifth gen­er­a­tion bracelet has a non-stan­dard heart rate sen­sor: it will not glow so as not to inter­fere with the user. Dur­ing train­ing, the LED back­light is used, and in nor­mal mode, the sen­sor is illu­mi­nat­ed by IR rays. This fea­ture elim­i­nates the pos­si­bil­i­ty of “light pol­lu­tion” in the dark and sig­nif­i­cant­ly saves the charge lev­el.

With con­stant wear, the device will report the num­ber of steps, calo­ries burned and train­ing mileage. Con­tin­u­ous heart rate mon­i­tor­ing is enabled sep­a­rate­ly, but you can only see the results in the Huawei Health app.

The devel­op­ers have pro­vid­ed sev­er­al options for sports — from walk­ing and exer­cise bikes to swim­ming and row­ing. In dif­fer­ent modes, the track­er will sug­gest dif­fer­ent tar­gets, work/rest cycles, etc. For exam­ple, in the “bicy­cle” mode, it will enable GPS track­ing on the phone and will dis­play the trip path and speed of move­ment.

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Band 5 also mea­sures the lev­el of oxy­gen in the blood. He will track changes in the human res­pi­ra­to­ry sys­tem, inform­ing him of pos­si­ble prob­lems. A sharp decrease in oxy­gen lev­els is one of the symp­toms of this dis­ease.

Impor­tant: the bracelet will only show approx­i­mate data, so it can­not be used for med­ical pur­pos­es. To accu­rate­ly mea­sure the lev­el of oxy­gen in the blood, you need to use a pro­fes­sion­al oxime­ter.

The TrueSleep func­tion will allow you to track basic infor­ma­tion about sleep: its dura­tion, phas­es, etc. The sys­tem will ana­lyze the results obtained and offer indi­vid­ual advice on set­ting up a sleep mode. “Smart Alarm” will allow you to be alert even if you have to trav­el between dif­fer­ent time zones.

When buy­ing a fit­ness bracelet, you should remem­ber that hun­dreds of para­me­ters affect the mea­sure­ment accu­ra­cy: from the user’s weight to dis­eases and even skin col­or! There­fore, such gad­gets are suit­able for those for which the min­i­mum errors of 2–5% will not play a spe­cial role.

In the fit­ness per­for­mance com­par­i­son, Hon­or wins. They are equal­ly cop­ing with Xiao­mi with sleep, but at the same time, Huawei’s “daugh­ter” still mea­sures oxy­gen in the blood.

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Battery: powerful machine

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5 batteries

Inno­va­tion is good. But each new chip “eats” the bat­tery. Below you can find out how long fit­ness bracelets last in dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions, and whether it makes sense to over­pay for a bat­tery.


The bracelet boasts a 135 mAh bat­tery, which is 20–30% more than most devices in its price cat­e­go­ry. How­ev­er, giv­en the num­ber of con­nect­ed func­tions, the oper­at­ing time remains approx­i­mate­ly on par with com­peti­tors. On aver­age, it can hold a charge from 5–6 days to a month. Such a run is due to con­stant lis­ten­ing to music, heart rate mon­i­tor­ing and syn­chro­niza­tion with Android and iOS smart­phones. They run the bat­tery.

If you use Mi Band 4 as a watch, includ­ing fit­ness func­tions only dur­ing train­ing, it will last for 3–4 weeks.

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Unlike the Mi Band, there is no need to detach the strap while charg­ing. This is much more con­ve­nient and will pre­vent acci­den­tal loss of the strap. The bracelet itself con­nects to the dock­ing sta­tion, which con­nects to the net­work via USB.

The bat­tery capac­i­ty is mod­est: only 100 mAh. But it lasts for the same time as Xiao­mi. The auton­o­my of the device depends entire­ly on the loads: from 4–5 days to 2–3 weeks. If he con­stant­ly mon­i­tors his heart rate and oxy­gen lev­els, the bat­tery will drain quick­ly. If you use it as a clock, and turn on the mon­i­tor­ing of para­me­ters only dur­ing train­ing, it can work up to 15–20 days.

And although the Mi Band has a slight­ly larg­er bat­tery, dur­ing oper­a­tion this dif­fer­ence is almost imper­cep­ti­ble. When cal­cu­lat­ing bat­tery life, you need to take into account the num­ber of enabled func­tions, as well as how often Blue­tooth is turned on and basic menu set­tings. Chang­ing the inter­face prac­ti­cal­ly does not affect the per­for­mance of the device. All the same, he is almost always with the screen off.

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Other benefits: listen to music and order sushi

advantages of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5

Not just a sport! Mod­ern bracelets have become seri­ous com­peti­tors to smart watch­es. They also know how to con­trol music, track the cur­rent loca­tion and even read SMS.

Mi Band 4

chips Xiaomi Mi Band 4

It works in con­junc­tion with the Mi Fit appli­ca­tion, which is syn­chro­nized with the mobile phone. Mi Fit dis­plays infor­ma­tion about calls and noti­fi­ca­tions from social net­works and instant mes­sen­gers.

Alas, there is no GPS track­er here: but at the same time, the bracelet con­nects to the phone. “Bea­con” will show the dis­tance trav­eled and help you find your loca­tion.

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Music lovers will love this watch. They work with all music appli­ca­tions. Tracks from Apple Music and from the basic ver­sion of YouTube show equal­ly well. In addi­tion, they will help you find your lost smart­phone.

To acti­vate the search, you need:

  1. go to the menu;
  2. click “Find mobile”.

Your phone will beep so you can find it.

The secret of this inter­est­ing mode is very sim­ple. The bracelet con­nects to the phone via Blue­tooth, send­ing a noti­fi­ca­tion to the MiFIt appli­ca­tion. It turns on the sig­nal on the phone.

Band 5

Honor Band 5 chips

Huawei does not have a GPS track­er. But it con­nects to the mobile and col­lects sta­tis­tics on the dis­tance trav­eled. Also, with the help of a bea­con, you can observe the move­ment of a per­son. True, it must be borne in mind that in order to dis­play move­ment in real-time, the watch must be syn­chro­nized with a smart­phone that is near­by.

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In Band 5, you can set an alarm via your phone or on the bracelet itself. It will wake up with vibra­tions from the back of the Hon­or watch.

Music lovers will not like this device. It can only lis­ten to audio through the Music app on your phone. Per­haps future updates will fix this short­com­ing.

The win­ner of this bat­tle is Mi Band 4. It will help you find your phone in any envi­ron­ment and can con­nect to any music appli­ca­tion.

Comparison of characteristics: which is better

Comparison of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5

In the pre­vi­ous sec­tions, the key para­me­ters of track­ers from Xiao­mi and Hon­or were ana­lyzed. A visu­al overview-com­par­i­son was brought togeth­er in one table.

Price: it’s all about money

Price comparison Xiaomi mi Band 4 and Honor Band 5

Both devices are of the mid­dle price cat­e­go­ry — their cost is in the range of $30–40. It also hap­pened that at sales went under the ham­mer for $20–25. In online stores, Mi Band 4 can be bought for 999 UAH, and Hon­or Band 5 for 899 UAH.

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A dif­fer­ence of 100 hryv­nia is not a rea­son to refuse a pur­chase. Espe­cial­ly applies to fans of the “ecosys­tem” of Xiao­mi: the track­er will def­i­nite­ly appeal to those who love this com­pa­ny. To make a choice — hon­or band 5 or xiao­mi mi band 4, you should under­stand the pos­si­ble expec­ta­tions to fig­ure out which device sat­is­fies them bet­ter.