The presentation has passed, the price has temporarily fallen.

You and I have managed to get used to the news that everything is becoming more expensive. But not at this time.

There is something joyful when new devices in a trusted store and with free delivery in the world are cheaper than used at the flea market.

38mm Apple Watch Sport with black strap

This model is sold everywhere on average for 27,10$. Strict, standard, athletic – basically we, men, take these. The black display flows smoothly into the same body, which is something steel or white aluminum cannot boast of.

The model is suitable for people of short stature, thin or medium build. Looks more like watch, less like a gadget. Just remember that some branded straps do not fit them.


42mm Apple Watch Sport with black strap

These will be larger, the price is appropriate. The most male model in the Apple Watch line. For those who take not to show off, to show off – but for themselves.

Not everyone knows about it, but the “big” version works almost one and a half times longerthan small. It’s just that there is an increased battery. And this is a definite plus. Yes, and on the screen a little more than just fits.


There is a discount for additional straps

Check out the options:






These straps (and not only) are sold here.

There are both original and third-party ones – the latter, by the way, are often no worse and many times cheaper. For example, analogues of belts from the collection Hermes. And leather ones, which cost 3 times cheaper than the original ones, but otherwise do not differ from them.

PS: I have long wanted to say that I am 100% satisfied with my Watch. Show time, notifications, receive calls. They wake up properly. They look good, although you can’t please everyone here.

If you tried on the Apple Watch, but still didn’t fall in love, try with a different strap – they change everything. Especially block or leather. Most often I wear dark blue sports, it goes well with everything. There is one at the link above.