The idea of ​​a smart companion watch for a smartphone is not new, and at one time this was actively promoted by the “covered with a copper basin” Sony Ericsson, but right now it has caused a stir. Perhaps one of the reasons is the interest in the topic of Apple, but most likely it’s just time for this kind of devices. After all, there are other interested among the titans of the industry. For example, Google and Samsung.

By the way, now the Internet giant is more associated with the Google Glass project, but, judging by the Financial Times, the company is no less interested in watches or a wearable computer in this form factor. It is worth noting that Google glasses are the brainchild of the X Lab, while the Android team is working on the “smart watch”, as reported by an anonymous source.

The Google Smart Watch is based on the Android OS, which is natural, given the fact of who is working on the project. Also, this device will be able to interact with Android-smartphones. There is no other information about the Google Watch yet. The date of their announcement is also unknown.

As for Samsung, the Korean company is developing its own watch separately from Google, and unlike the latter, which does not comment on rumors, the Koreans have officially confirmed such a project, although they did not disclose details.

For those who have found themselves on the sidelines of the information wave of recent months, let us recall a little about the project Apple iWatchto which the company pays a lot of attention. So, there are rumors that hundreds of employees are working on it, designing a device with a number of interesting features that are already legendary. One of them is curved glass, although Corning (the creator of Gorilla Glass) is confident that commercial products based on such materials are still at least three years away. In addition, biosensors are mentioned, iOS as a platform and a very capacious battery, which is the main headache for Apple. [Financial Times]