For several days in a row, Roma Yuryev walks in “smart watches” Moto 360 and cannot get enough of them. Owners Pebble in the face of me and Arthur, they look at it condescendingly: such cool gadgets always bring joy and surprise in the first days, and then they gather dust in the corner and are sold to the first person who wants it. Matter of time.

So, Roma, like hundreds of thousands of other owners of smart watches running Android, can get an unexpected bonus: the opportunity sync notifications with iOS. The only question is when this will happen.

Jeff Cheng, OS Manager Android Weardesigned for smartwatches, does not rule out that support for other platforms besides Android is quite possible in the future, and Google is interested in implementing it.

We always want as many users as possible to evaluate our products. On the issue of expanding the potential audience that is able to use devices with Android Wear – we are very interested in making this a reality.

I don’t think Jeff means Windows phone. Think for yourself, to whom did he surrender to Google at all? 🙂 The employee, however, hastily corrected himself, saying that before the implementation and presentation of something specific, many technical issues would have to be resolved.

It’s not always up to us, you know? There are technical limitations and APIs, so we’re still hard at work trying to get something done. We would really like to see Android Wear available to as many people as possible, but I’ll just say this: it’s not 100% under our control.

To date Moto 360 are considered the most beautiful smartwatches actually sold. Live they really look interesting. But an experienced iOS user is unlikely to be satisfied with the lag and unresponsive interface, sometimes functions that do not work properly, and many other Android ills that the system cannot get rid of for eight years in a row. While there is no Apple Watch on the market, playing smartwatches on Wear is more or less interesting, but if nothing changes by January, the platform simply will not have a chance to succeed among iPhone and iPad owners. The clock is ticking, Google. [coa]