The release of the Apple Watch marked the gradual transformation of the Cupertino giant from a pure technology company to a manufacturer of fashion accessories. And with the release of the gold Edition model, the company also set its sights on the luxury market, challenging the traditional leaders of the segment from Switzerland – and has every chance of success in this struggle.

But if you compare Apple’s offer with Swiss competitors – even the banal Rolex – it becomes obvious that there is a gaping gap in the line of gold watches presented on March 24. All Edition models come with PTFE or leather straps, but for some reason the company does not release watches with solid gold bangle, although among lovers of gold jewelry, such models would certainly be in demand.


Many analysts drew attention to this oddity – so, even before the presentation of Spring Forward John Gruber predicted that Apple would show such a bracelet as “one more thing”, but in the end the company limited itself to gold clasps for leather bracelets.

However, some time ago, evidence once again appeared that Apple’s management was no more stupid than analysts, and also thought about producing an all-gold bracelet. And he did not just think, but brought these plans to life, creating trial copies of watches with gold bracelets, which were entrusted to wear to especially deserved stars.

karllagerfeldcustom watch

For the first time, a gold bracelet lit up on the hand of a famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, who also attended the very first public appearance of the Apple Watch during Paris Fashion Week. And a couple of days later, a similar watch was seen on the arm beyonce after which it became clear that this bracelet is not a single exclusive, but really an Apple development, which after some time may well go on sale.

beyonce watch

The construction of the gold bracelet appears to be identical to the existing steel Link Bracelets – and just like its steel counterpart, it is sure to become the most expensive of the collection. Considering that even a small clasp in the Modern Buckle raises the cost of a watch from $10,000 to $17,000, a solid gold bracelet will cost not less than 250$. Perhaps it was the high price that made Apple postpone the release of this model to the market – but after the resounding success of the Edition in China, the company decided to reconsider its plans and give potential customers one more reason to think about buying an Apple Watch. [macrumors]