Heart rate control is the key to successful training.


Did you know that?

With an average life expectancy of 70 years, the heart muscle contracts over 2,600 million times, passing 155 million liters of blood through it. If you belong to the category of people who are fond of sports, you simply have to know more about your heart, and a sports watch from the company can provide maximum of such useful information right during training. Miothe undisputed leader in the field of cardio training support.


Knowing your heart rate is not a panacea. It’s just an efficient way to train with maximum impact and minimum load on the most important muscle in the human body (More information in the material “Why you need a heart rate monitor in sports”).

Ready to dive into the world of cardio? Welcome to the world of Mio sports watches and bracelets: Mio Alpha 2, Mio Velo, Mio Fuse and Mio Link.

What kind and for whom?

1. Mio Alpha 2

main purpose sports watch Mio Alpha 2 – statistical control of training. If you’re looking for some interaction during long runs or tough barbell presses, Mio Alpha 2 is there for you.

Throughout your workout, the watch will monitor your heart rate and heart rate, warning you of possible overloads with the help of a corresponding indicator.


Mio Alpha 2 features. The main advantages of the Mio Alpha 2 sports watch include:

  • long battery life (up to 3 months with a daily hourly workout);
  • independent operation from a smartphone;
  • the presence of a proprietary mobile application with comprehensive statistics, as well as compatibility with more than 15 third-party programs;
  • practical screen with backlight;
  • automatic synchronization.

Who will fit. This product should not be confused with an activity tracker or a fitness bracelet: the watch cannot count steps taken or calories burned. Their main task is to control the work of the heart of their owner, and the level of sports fanaticism does not matter: Mio Alpha 2 will adapt both to the gym regular and to the user who prefers gentle and measured workouts.

In short, Mio Alpha 2 is a watch that is advisable to wear while playing sports.

Why are they better than the Apple Watch? As practice shows, smart watches from Apple are not the best sports accessory, but rather a gadget that expands the capabilities of a smartphone. Mio Alpha 2 is a complete standalone product that complements not just any other gadget, but directly your workouts. The lack of fitness tracker features and alerts make it easy to forget the need to charge your watch every day.


2. Mio Velo

Often, an avid cyclist is interested in one statistic by which he determines the effectiveness of a workout – the distance covered. Every day, kilometer after kilometer, the beginner “two-wheeled horse conqueror” increases the distance, dreaming of the laurels of a sprinter, mountaineer or classic.

But there is another indicator that is highly recommended to pay attention to – the frequency of contraction of the heart muscle. After all, the whole future career directly depends on this natural motor.


After over 15 years of developing heart rate monitors, Mio has announced a standalone product dedicated exclusively to cyclists, the Mio Velo heart rate monitor.

Mio Velo features. For a specific product with a specific focus, the following are typical:

  • maximum accurate heart rate reading;
  • support for additional equipment integrated support for the ANT + protocol (speed counter, cadence counter, etc.);
  • no display;
  • LED indication of the current heart rate zone.

Who suits. Definitely, buying a Mio Velo in itself implies that you have a bike and you like to “wind circles”. But the style of your races is completely unimportant: Mio Velo is designed both for calm “rides” along the nearby streets, and for impressive distances along bumps, hills and mountain slopes.

The battery life of the device is a decent 10 hours. Moreover, Mio Velo is not limited to heart rate measurement, but also involves close interaction with all on-board systems (if any) of your bike.

Why are they better than the Apple Watch? On one side of the scale there is a beautiful design and a characteristically protruding metal rectangle, on the other side there is a handy accessory, almost imperceptible on the hand. Yes, the Mio Velo doesn’t have a screen, but when you’re racing at 50-60 km/h downhill, do you ever think of reading a couple of text messages? Unlike the Apple Watch, Mio Velos support bike-mounted accessories and sensors.

Price: 9990 RUB 6,993 [Купить в MadRobots].

+ our review

3. Mio Fuse

The desire of the Canadian brand Mio Tech to embrace the largest possible audience of users who are worried about their heart led to the design of the Mio Fuse universal heart rate monitor.

Regardless of the degree of your physical activity and sports preferences, Mio Fuse is really able to stir up in the user the desire to move and work on themselves.


Mio Fuse features. A versatile product with a versatile set of features:

  • tracking daily physical activity;
  • the presence of two colors (Aqua and Crimson);
  • pleasant to the touch material for the manufacture of the strap and case – rubberized soft-touch;
  • the presence of a miniature LED screen and touch zones (the ability to control by touch);
  • recognition of 8 types of physical activity;
  • compatibility with a range of applications.

Who suits. If, when choosing a fitness tracker, in addition to the ability to measure heart rate, you are also interested in its appearance, Mio Fuse is a worthy choice. The heart rate control of all Mio products is top notch, and the battery life is enough for a full week of uptime (assuming you track your heart rate for an hour a day).

Why are they better than the Apple Watch? The possibilities of the Apple Watch are endless… Apple assures us of this. But is this controversial functionality necessary for a person who just wants to train effectively? Mio Fuse recognize the type of physical activity, are not afraid of water and will never upset the owner with the percentage of battery power melting before their eyes. In addition, when it comes to determining heart rate, Mio products are unmatched (sorry, Apple).

Price: 10 990 RUB 8,792 [Купить в MadRobots] + our review

4. Mio Link

A person for whom the final result and the effectiveness of the training are important, when choosing an electronic sports accessory, prefers the accuracy of measurements. A bright display showing a number of statistical indicators often only distracts from classes.

When designing a cardiometer Mio Linkas defining criteria, the company chose the following: reliability, accessibility and minimalism.


Mio Link Features. This companion is a really affordable solution, the potential of the hardware stuffing of which can surprise:

  • no screen;
  • availability of Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless protocols;
  • smartphone independence;
  • battery life is 7-8 hours;
  • water resistant (can withstand immersion to a depth of 30 meters).

Who suits. If the refusal of a chest monitor is due to the fact that you are annoyed by the presence of a foreign object during an active run or work in the gym, you can no doubt opt ​​for Mio Link. The bracelet is practically not felt on the hand and even prolonged wearing does not cause discomfort.

Control over the heart rate is carried out through a light indication (five colors: green, purple, blue, red and orange). Each color indicates a specific heart rate zone.

Why is it better than the Apple Watch? Nothing distracts you, you are completely focused on your body and each muscle group … Finally, take a look at the Mio Link price tag and all questions will disappear by themselves.

Price: 6 990 RUB 5,592 [Купить в MadRobots].