Who said smartwatches can’t be beautiful? They can! And also convenient for paying for purchases via Google Pay, installing applications, and listening to music. And all this without a smartphone. Fossil Sport is exactly that: with a large amount of memory, a bunch of functions and an affordable price. Let’s check what else this watch can do on a model provided by Europe’s largest watch and jewelry store Alltime.ru

Who are Fossil?

The American brand Fossil specializes in watches and accessories. The company released its first smartwatch together with Sony Ericsson back in 2006, but despite its long history, until recently, Fossil gadgets could not boast of wide functionality. And recently the manufacturer has a line on Wear OS with support for Google Pay. One of the latest Fossil Sport models is aimed at lovers of an active lifestyle.

Elegant design

Fossil has been producing beautiful accessories and collaborating with fashion houses for years, so it’s no surprise that the Sport smartwatch has a thoughtful and attractive design. Due to the side pushers and rotating crown, they are very similar to classic chronographs, which also reveals the brand’s corporate style. The keys can be configured to launch specific applications.

Fossil Sport

Thanks to the lightweight aluminum case, the watch is almost invisible on your hand, so you can easily wear it all day. The editors have seen a pink model, but there are also classic versions with blue, black, green and yellow straps on sale. They are removable, so you can change the silicone to leather or metal in no time.

The watch is available in two sizes, with a diagonal of 41 and 43 mm. Even on the lower version, the screen is large enough to view notifications or workout data. Typing on a small keyboard is no longer so convenient, but the watch is equipped with a microphone with which you can dictate text. Fans of voice messages will appreciate it.

Fossil Sport

The display is made on a high-quality AMOLED matrix. When there is bright ambient light, say while jogging outside, Sunlight Boost is activated and automatically increases the brightness of the screen.

As a watch face, you can choose one of the preset options or download a theme from Google Play. To save energy, it is recommended to use Ambient mode (something like Always On Display), in which clock hands are schematically displayed on the screen.

Fossil Sport

Wallet and player on your wrist

Fossil Sport smartwatches run on Wear OS, which means you can install applications from Google Play on them, give commands to the Google Assistant, use the Google calendar and other system features. Many useful programs like “Translator” and “Alarm Clock” are immediately installed on the watch. Other popular messengers, Facebook and Telegram, can be downloaded from the store.

Of course, Google’s system is more focused on Android users. They can even respond to messages directly from the watch. However, iPhone owners will also receive push notifications from selected apps and call notifications.


A cool feature of Fossil Sport is Google Pay support. Unlike most gadgets that are equipped with NFC only on paper, this watch is actually suitable for contactless payments and can replace a wallet. Moreover, they can be used to pay not only in stores, but also for travel on public transport.

To use Google Pay, you just need to copy your card information from your smartphone. The gadget will also ask you to set up a screen lock. Of course, it is not very convenient to enter a pattern or code every time, but this is a necessary measure so that only those who know the password can pay for hours.

Fossil Sport

If the owner has a subscription to Google Music, he will be able to use the watch as a player by connecting a wireless headset or Bluetooth speaker to it. At the same time, it is not necessary to launch an application with music on your smartphone. Tracks can be saved directly to the watch, for which 4 GB of internal memory is provided.

What about sports?

One of the main advantages of Wear OS watches is integration with Google Fit, which adds a huge range of sports functions to the gadget. Using the application, it is not only convenient to monitor the number of steps taken and calories burned, but also to play sports.

The Google Fit database has a large selection of activities: from running and cycling to yoga and breathing exercises. Thanks to its water resistance, the watch is suitable for swimming in the pool. It’s convenient that you can start a workout either from your smartphone or directly from your watch—the data is automatically synchronized.

Fossil Sport

By default, the watch measures your heart rate in the background every 20 minutes. Based on these readings, the Google Fit app builds a visual graph of heart rate changes throughout the day. If you turn on GPS, for example, while jogging or cycling, the program will also save the route and take into account the distance traveled.

Fossil Sport

To avoid getting bored of “keeping up” with your daily number of steps, the app uses activity minutes and cardio points that are awarded for any activity. The reward is a good mood and awareness of reasonable health care. Another feature that sports fans will appreciate is the ability to connect Google Fit to other training applications: for example, Strava, Nike+ or Runkeeper.

Operating time and charging

Unlike other watches in the new line, the Fossil Sport 41 sports model is equipped with an improved battery to compensate for the constant monitoring of heart rate and energy consumption in training mode. With notifications turned on, the screen constantly active, the heart rate monitor and GPS running in the background, the device lasted about 20 hours on a single charge. If you use the gadget only during the day, you will have to charge it two to three times a week.

Fossil Sport

Interestingly, the user can manually set the power saving mode to increase the operating time of the device. For example, by turning off Wi-Fi and geolocation detection or limiting display activity. If the watch is used only to display the time, it will work without recharging for up to seven days.

The gadget comes with a convenient magnetic charging station, on which the watch can be placed in any position. From a standard 2 A charger, the model charges quickly: from zero to 80% in one hour. It takes approximately 80 minutes to fully charge.

Fossil Sport


Dimensions and weight
11 x 42 x 42 mm, 25 g
Corpus material
removable silicone, 18 mm
5 atmospheres
AMOLED 1.19″ (41 mm), 390×390
and storage
512 MB
4 GB
Qualcomm Snapdragon, 1.2 GHz, 4 cores
GPS, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, light sensor
Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n/ac), Bluetooth 4.2, NFC (Google Pay)
300 mAh
Fossil Sport


Fossil Sport is suitable for those users who care not only about useful functions, but also about the appearance of the device. Thanks to Wear OS options and the application store, the gadget can partially replace a smartphone: there is a player for music, messengers for communication, GPS and a map application for navigation. It’s also one of the most affordable watches that supports Google Pay. Despite the popularity of NFC in EU, the function is still rare in wearable gadgets, so Fossil has an undeniable advantage in this regard.

You can buy Fossil smart watches in EU’s largest online store for watches and jewelry, AllTime.ru. All devices are provided with a guarantee, goods can be returned within 14 days without explanation, there is convenient delivery throughout Europe, and in the event of a breakdown, the gadget will be delivered to the service center for free.

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