Any child wants to get into the world of Fix­ies. Any par­ent wants to know where the child is and be in touch with him. Please — Fix­itimea hybrid watch, phone and GPS track­er.

The gad­get was invent­ed by the heroes of the ani­mat­ed series about Fixikov — lit­tle elec­tron­ic peo­ple liv­ing inside the equip­ment and fix­ing its break­downs. I invit­ed my son to test the clock and try myself in the role of DimDimych.


Fix­itime are easy to use. On the one hand, there are inputs for a SIM card and USB charg­ing. The SIM card must be valid and con­nect­ed to the mobile Inter­net. The Inter­net is need­ed to send the child’s geolo­ca­tion to the par­en­t’s smart­phone.

Three but­tons lined up on the oppo­site side:
– Call 1,
— On / off (aka — hang up),
– Chal­lenge 2

Below is the SOS but­ton.

If your child knows how to turn on the TV with the remote con­trol and unlock the iPad on his own, then with your help he will fig­ure it out in a cou­ple of min­utes.


Mom and dad will have to do a lit­tle more ges­tures. Name­ly, through the Where­Com iOS appli­ca­tion, acti­vate the watch and assign your phone num­bers to the two call but­tons. That’s all 🙂 Now you can let your child go for a walk, being sure that you will always be in touch with him.


The watch only accepts calls from the num­bers spec­i­fied by the par­ents in the Where­Com app. These can be con­tacts of grand­par­ents, nan­nies, coach­es, teach­ers, edu­ca­tors. All oth­er num­bers are dropped.

SMS, MMS are not sup­port­ed.

From the watch, the child can only call two num­bers that are tied to the call but­tons. Usu­al­ly it’s mom and dad. Audi­bil­i­ty is excel­lent, and the vol­ume can be adjust­ed.


Now about geofences, which are also con­fig­ured through the appli­ca­tion. On the map, select the address, indi­cate the range and set the tem­po­rary entry and exit points.


Let’s say it’s a school. Entrance to the zone — 9:00, exit — 15:00. If sud­den­ly the child left the school dur­ing this inter­val, then the watch will send a noti­fi­ca­tion to the par­ents, they say, the object is out of the zone … Is it real­ly skip­ping lessons or decid­ed to skip swim­ming train­ing?


We call, we are inter­est­ed. Every­thing is fine.


The SOS but­ton is need­ed only in emer­gency cas­es, when the child feels anx­ious. Press­ing it sends a sig­nal to mom and dad along with a record of what is hap­pen­ing around the child. The clock is switched to silent mode and to auto­mat­ic recep­tion of select­ed num­bers so that par­ents can be aware of what is hap­pen­ing with the child.

With Fix­itime watch­es, par­ents are calm. The appli­ca­tion allows you to track 20 track­ers at once. You nev­er know, sud­den­ly you are a large or a camp coun­selor 🙂


Two col­ors to choose from: pink and black.