Any child wants to get into the world of Fixies. Any parent wants to know where the child is and be in touch with him. Please – Fixitimea hybrid watch, phone and GPS tracker.

The gadget was invented by the heroes of the animated series about Fixikov – little electronic people living inside the equipment and fixing its breakdowns. I invited my son to test the clock and try myself in the role of DimDimych.


Fixitime are easy to use. On the one hand, there are inputs for a SIM card and USB charging. The SIM card must be valid and connected to the mobile Internet. The Internet is needed to send the child’s geolocation to the parent’s smartphone.

Three buttons lined up on the opposite side:
– Call 1,
– On / off (aka – hang up),
– Challenge 2

Below is the SOS button.

If your child knows how to turn on the TV with the remote control and unlock the iPad on his own, then with your help he will figure it out in a couple of minutes.


Mom and dad will have to do a little more gestures. Namely, through the WhereCom iOS application, activate the watch and assign your phone numbers to the two call buttons. That’s all 🙂 Now you can let your child go for a walk, being sure that you will always be in touch with him.


The watch only accepts calls from the numbers specified by the parents in the WhereCom app. These can be contacts of grandparents, nannies, coaches, teachers, educators. All other numbers are dropped.

SMS, MMS are not supported.

From the watch, the child can only call two numbers that are tied to the call buttons. Usually it’s mom and dad. Audibility is excellent, and the volume can be adjusted.


Now about geofences, which are also configured through the application. On the map, select the address, indicate the range and set the temporary entry and exit points.


Let’s say it’s a school. Entrance to the zone – 9:00, exit – 15:00. If suddenly the child left the school during this interval, then the watch will send a notification to the parents, they say, the object is out of the zone … Is it really skipping lessons or decided to skip swimming training?


We call, we are interested. Everything is fine.


The SOS button is needed only in emergency cases, when the child feels anxious. Pressing it sends a signal to mom and dad along with a record of what is happening around the child. The clock is switched to silent mode and to automatic reception of selected numbers so that parents can be aware of what is happening with the child.

With Fixitime watches, parents are calm. The application allows you to track 20 trackers at once. You never know, suddenly you are a large or a camp counselor 🙂


Two colors to choose from: pink and black.