We are wait­ing for inter­est­ing wear­able gad­gets from the union of Mis­fit and a well-known watch man­u­fac­tur­er.

Using Apple as an exam­ple, we can see that all sorts of merg­ers and acqui­si­tions are a great way not only to get a large user base. This is how com­pa­nies attract tal­ent­ed engi­neers and devel­op­ers to their ranks and get the oppor­tu­ni­ty to devel­op their busi­ness in the direc­tion they are inter­est­ed in. This is the strat­e­gy adopt­ed in Fos­sil Groupby pur­chas­ing Mis­fit, the mak­er of Shine’s glam­orous (and high­ly func­tion­al) fit­ness track­ers.

01-2-fossol watch

Fos­sil is known in its own right as a man­u­fac­tur­er of trendy acces­sories and watch­es. Not so long ago, she also released her own smart watch based on Android Wear, which turned out to be lit­tle notice­able among dozens of com­peti­tors. The wear­able elec­tron­ics mar­ket today is very dense­ly packed with rivals. Accord­ing­ly, Fos­sil man­age­ment decid­ed to join forces with Mis­fit in a win-win deal.

The pur­chase cost Fos­sil $260 mil­lion, and along with the Mis­fit user base, the com­pa­ny also acquired an advanced team that not only works on cre­at­ing cool activ­i­ty track­ers, but also man­ages a cloud plat­form to col­lect and ana­lyze all data from Mis­fit Shine. For Mis­fit, the deal opens up new oppor­tu­ni­ties for devel­op­ment with the sup­port of a well-known brand. After all, the com­pe­ti­tion in the wear­able acces­sories mar­ket is quite high, and man­u­fac­tur­ers have to offer the pub­lic real­ly wor­thy and mul­ti­func­tion­al devices in order to beat their rivals. [Engad­get]