The screen on the Fitbit Charge 2, which, in fact, is an improved version of the Charge HR, displays physical activity indicators. Also, this tracker has learned to use the GPS module of your smartphone for its own purposes – with its help, it tracks more detailed and accurate training statistics. The Relax mode reminds you of relaxation and a light warm-up (minimum 250 steps per hour), and the Cardio Fitness function, taking into account the weight, age and gender of the user, evaluates his daily activity.

Of the additional features: monitoring the quality and duration of sleep and displaying notifications (messages, calls, reminders) coming to the smartphone on the display. The bracelet works without recharging for about five days.

The bracelet will cost from $150. Interchangeable straps of different colors will be available for it, there are even leather straps.

Fitbit Flex 2 is simpler: he did not get a display, only a pair of LED indicators showing progress and notifying about calls and messages on the smartphone. But it costs less – only $ 100! In addition, it was made waterproof – the tracker can withstand immersion to a depth of 15 meters! In addition, he, like the previous gadgets of this line, he recognizes the type of activity, whether it’s running, swimming or exercising in the gym.

Bonus: the smart bracelet will periodically remind you that it’s time to warm up if you often sit in one place for a long time. A full Flex 2 battery will also last about five days offline.

The creators paid special attention to the design of the pocket trainer. In addition to the impressive color range of straps, more luxurious options have also been developed, for example, a minimalistic gilded pendant.