Wearable electronics are gradually becoming part of everyday life, especially smart watches. The problem is that most of them are not very adapted to this everyday life. The stumbling block is the ambiguous design, inconvenient controls or excessive functionality (provoking a high price), but most importantly, the critically short battery life. A week is already a record, and most models barely survive until the end of the third day.

The Casio STB 1000 demonstrates exactly the opposite approach. First of all, this is a comfortable watch for every day that does not require additional care, and in addition to this, it is a “smart” device that can work in tandem with a smartphone. What’s especially nice is that the surcharge for newfangled functions in the case of this model is quite small.

Technical characteristics

  • device class: smart watch/fitness tracker;
  • display: non-touch, monochrome;
  • wireless interfaces: Bluetooth Low Energy;
  • battery: non-removable CR2032 battery, provides 2 years of operation;
  • compatible devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S + iPad (no optimized version of the application) + iPod;
  • weight: 55 grams;
  • Features: Waterproof, submersible up to 100 meters.


The device comes in a beautiful, futuristic elongated box. Inside we find a thick pack of instructions and a durable plastic case in which the watch itself is carefully secured.


The watch received a traditional Casio design, recognizable by fans of the brand, with a sporty twist. However, they do not attract undue attention with flashy colors or futuristic form factor; they look solid and harmonious.

The body of the device is made of matte plastic, pleasant to the touch. Immediately, attention is drawn to four large bolts holding the upper and lower halves together. There are five large buttons with a ribbed coating on the sides of the watch.

The top left Light activates the backlight for a few seconds, allowing you to look at the display in the dark. Below is the Mode key, which is used to quickly switch device operating modes.

At the top right is the Find key – it activates a sound signal on the smartphone, helping to quickly find it if it is lost somewhere. Also, depending on the mode, the button is used to stop or reset parameters. The bottom key on the right side – Info, as the name implies, is used to display information.

Finally, in the bottom middle there is a large Power key – it is used, for example, to activate Bluetooth before pairing with a smartphone. It also functions as a Start button.

The buttons are pleasantly tight, there will be no accidental presses during sports. But you don’t have to make any special efforts either – the effort is strictly calculated.

The monochrome display is covered under powerful glass, which, apparently, should withstand decent impacts (although we, of course, did not try). The watch can be submerged in water to a depth of 100 meters, so you can safely swim in it, not to mention taking a shower or bath.

As with other Casio watches, it uses a simple but comfortable silicone rubber strap. The holes for fastenings in it are large, it is very easy to get into, and the pin is securely fixed.

The watch comes in two color variations – black-orange and black-gray.


The watch is quite light – 55 grams. Therefore, they are practically not felt on the hand. And thanks to the streamlined shape of the body, the device does not even cling to the sleeve. As a result, sometimes you forget that there is something on your hand.

The strap is long, suitable for any hand. The watch fits perfectly: it doesn’t move, doesn’t fall off, and the skin under the strap doesn’t sweat. The manufacturer made recesses along the edges of the strap to provide ventilation to the leather.

Perhaps the only remark is that it takes a while to get used to controlling the gadget. During the first day of use, the author had to think for a long time about how to activate this or that function. Fortunately, the watch comes with detailed instructions, but I would still like more intuitive controls.


Casio’s product is a cross between a full-fledged smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It is designed to display only the most necessary information and is not capable of completely replacing a smartphone. Nevertheless, the possibilities provided by the watch are quite wide.

Firstly, like any other watch (except, perhaps, those shown in the movie “Spy Kids”) the STB-1000 can display the time; it also has a built-in stopwatch and timer. It is possible to configure world time for selected cities. The device can automatically synchronize the exact time and date on your smartphone—you don’t have to set them up manually. The alarm can be set both through the application and from the watch itself. It comes with a guarantee – a loud sound signal is duplicated by vibration.

Of course, you cannot receive calls directly on your watch or dial SMS. Nevertheless, the STB-1000 has proven itself to be an excellent player control panel. From the watch you can switch tracks in the iOS player, increase and decrease the volume. This is very convenient when you are jogging or cycling and don’t want to stop just to change the song.

The watch can also display notifications coming to your smartphone. For this purpose, there is a special small area on the screen, highlighted in orange. This will help the owner of the device to always be aware if someone writes SMS, calls or sends messages to him on a social network. The space for displaying information is, of course, small, but it performs its function properly – it’s not easy to miss an important notification.

The phone search function turned out to be very useful. Just press a button, and within a second your iPhone will speak. Of course, the same thing can be done using “Find iPhone,” but this requires more time and another iOS device or a computer with an Internet connection.

In sports mode, the watch displays all the necessary information – heart rate, distance and time. You can view lap times, average lap times and pace, and pedal speed.


STB 1000 can work in conjunction with five programs, but Casio promises that this list will soon expand.

First, you should install the official Casio Watch+ app. It is available for free download on the App Store and supports a large number of languages ​​(including European). Here you can set the clock – select cities for world time, set an alarm, timer, set signals for searching for a phone, set up notifications, activate energy saving mode, etc.

Runmeter GPS clearly shows your running time, distance, calories burned, maps your running route, marks activities on your calendar, and more. Convenient and simple application.

Cyclometer provides almost identical capabilities, only the program is aimed at cyclists.

Walkmeter – Almost the same interface and functionality, but with a focus on walking rather than running.

Wahoo Fitness stands out against this background. The program has a very convenient and thoughtful interface. It supports not only classic running and cycling, but also treadmill or stationary cycling. Data from the application can be transferred to a huge number of other fitness services, as well as Dropbox.


The device uses a CR2032 battery, which should ensure operation of the gadget for two years. Of course, we didn’t have time to check this statement, so we have to trust the manufacturer in this matter.

There is a special power saving mode that stops constant synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth, leaving only data transfer at certain intervals. In any case, most competitors can only envy such autonomy.


We have before us an inexpensive, but high-quality and functional device that will be useful to everyone who wants to get a reliable and simple gadget and not worry about recharging the battery.

Casio STB 1000 is ideal as an assistant for all sports lovers. However, for those who are not interested in the sports component, but rather the functionality of smart watches and notifications, it is better to pay attention to less classic models, sacrificing battery life.


  • Casio signature design;
  • ergonomics;
  • an ecosystem of 5 useful applications;
  • 2 years of operation without recharging;
  • reasonable price;
  • protection from water and shock.


  • do not support Android OS, Windows Phone;
  • to master it you will need instructions;
  • limited display capabilities for displaying information.