The most famous line of Casio watch­es is called G‑Shock. The com­pa­ny also has Pro­Trek, Sheen, Oceanus, Baby‑G, Edi­fice. Today I will talk about the lat­ter.

Edi­fice (edi­fis) are Kasio’s sig­na­ture chrono­graphs. They have always been in the shad­ow of shocks and pro-tracks, for two rea­sons:

  1. few peo­ple in life will come to mind to mea­sure tenths and hun­dredths of sec­onds;
  2. to mem­o­rize all com­bi­na­tions of Edi­fice’s con­trols in your mind, you must at least have a Ph.D.

Casio took all this into account and announced in March at the Swiss watch exhi­bi­tion Basel­world a new chrono­graph mod­el. Edi­fice EQB-500 with a wire­less mod­ule on board. These are gen­er­al­ly the first Casio switch­ers of this lev­el that can syn­chro­nize with smart­phones.

In my reviews of the STB-1000, GB-6900, GB-5600, I com­plained more than once that the bat­ter­ies in a blue­tooth watch last only six months or a year with active use. The EQB-500 is the first Casio smart­watch that will last for­ev­er (Apple engi­neers groan at this point), pow­ered by the sun’s rays, thanks to tech­nol­o­gy Tough Solar.


Avail­able in two col­ors with a dark PVD coat­ing and one in steel.


Casio some­how man­aged to shrink the motor by 26%. A solar bat­tery and an improved blue­tooth mod­ule from LAPIS Semi­con­duc­tor took up the vacat­ed space.

As soon as you take the watch out of the box, you imme­di­ate­ly feel its con­sid­er­able weight — almost 200 g. The steel bracelet takes half of it, because of which their weight is dis­trib­uted even­ly over the entire hand and does not cause fatigue. More­over, I began to sleep in them, because I have nev­er seen such a loud alarm clock as the EQB-500 in any wrist­watch. Com­pare the sig­nal lev­el for your­self in the dia­gram below.

Edi­fice EQB-500, Pro­trek PRW-3000, G‑Shock AWG-100

AT video review Below I did a live test.

If it is a chrono­graph, then it must have at least three sub-dials. The EQB-500 has four, includ­ing a ret­ro­grade day of the week indi­ca­tor. In fact, in ordi­nary life, more than two will not be need­ed, because 90% of the time SUVs dri­ve only on asphalt.


World time can be set for 300 cities and it will be dis­played on a small copy of the main dial. Switch­ing between home and world time occurs with one press of a but­ton on the case. There is no shock!


Nerves of steel — this is about Edi­fice.


Syn­chro­niza­tion with a smart­phone is car­ried out using the blue­tooth 4.0 pro­to­col through the pro­pri­etary Casio Watch + appli­ca­tion.


After con­nect­ing, the iPhone takes over the con­fig­u­ra­tion of all watch func­tions. Agree, it is always eas­i­er to con­trol from the screen than from the but­tons.


I expect­ed a lot of noti­fi­ca­tions here — from SMS to updat­ing the twit­ter feed, but there are none. Of the stan­dard func­tions, only mail check­ing is present. If you want every­thing at once, buy “smart” G‑shocks, but then lose the solar bat­tery. Blue­tooth in the EQB-500 is only need­ed for instant set­up chrono­graph to suit your needs. I assure you, with­out a smart­phone, you will spend half your life, for exam­ple, search­ing for a trans­la­tion of the cal­en­dar.

The mod­el is equipped with tech­nol­o­gy Mul­ti Mis­sion Dri­vewhen one arrow can act in dif­fer­ent guis­es. For exam­ple, the sec­ond turns into indi­ca­tors for turn­ing on blue­tooth, an alarm clock.


Although the watch is heaped up, but their dial is quite restrained. Com­pare with the brain-explod­ing fel­low from the G‑shock camp.

G‑Shock GW-4000D vs. Edi­fice EQB-500

Restraint is also present in the flu­o­res­cent light­ing. Now is the day.


And here is the night. Pan­erai, G‑shocks and Vic­tori­nox shine bright­est of all. Fluff­ing the tail is not about Edi­fice. They don’t have to prove any­thing. He threw a quick glance at his watch, count­ed the time — and the ped­al to the floor towards the set­ting sun.


Edi­fice are pro­mot­ed main­ly through For­mu­la 1. Red Bull team dri­vers 4‑time World Cham­pi­on Sebas­t­ian Vet­tel, Mark Web­ber, race car design­er Adri­an Newey only wear this watch. Every­thing is fair. Accu­ra­cy to hun­dredths of a sec­ond brought these peo­ple for­ward more than once.


What is the result: in front of me is the first chrono­graph that I want to wear and wear. Dis­creet, pow­er­ful and easy to use. To pro­tect against vibra­tions, alpha gel is used, as in ji-shocks. Watch­es of real men.

“Steel” stands in EU 17 990 ₽;,
black with PVD coat­ing tra­di­tion­al­ly have a high­er price tag — 23 690 ₽.

Before Novem­ber 9 by pro­mo code iPhones There is a 10% dis­count on all Casio mod­els.

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