A week ago, I paid attention to how many Apple gadgets fell in price in EU. This is mainly due to changes in exchange rates.

One of the readers in the mail rightly pointed out: what about the Apple Watch Series 3?

The fact is that they are now sold at a bargain price: from 15 10$. AirPods Pro are even more expensive!

For this money, you can’t even buy half an iPhone in a store today. And here – a whole gadget that expands the capabilities of the owner.

What can Apple Watch Series 3 do?

What is this generation? You know, but most don’t. And it’s absolutely fine

Logical question. In stores, they are next to the fifth generation and … well, very similar. To such an extent that I want to ask, they say, is it necessary to overpay at all?

Now not everyone will agree (especially Series 4 and 5 owners), but personally I think that NO. Because if such a question is raised at all, then Series 3 is definitely enough for you to start with. Newer models are primarily aimed at their active users who have already learned the pros and other zen of owning AW.

This is far from complete. feature list third generation Apple watch:

► Apple S3 processor that can even handle the unreleased watchOS 7
► Retina display: crisp and large text, easy-to-click on-screen buttons
► speaker and microphone for convenient work with Siri

▹ Accurate heart rate monitor with app integration Health on iOS
▹ protection against dust, dirt and water, immersion depth up to 50m

Apple Payeverything is clear here

► GPS/GLONASS support: map location even without iPhone
► all apps from the App Store with Apple Watch support
► 8 GB internal storage for apps and local playlists

You can continue. Remembering, for example, the ability to unlock a Mac without a password if you have a watch on your hands. But then I won’t be finished soon.

Series 3 on the left, Series 4 on the right.

They also work at least a full day. Some even have two or two and a half days, depending on the load.

Yes, they have a larger and thicker body than the Series 4 and 5. The shape is not as streamlined. But in general … these are trifles. Important for those who are already fully imbued with the Apple Watch, and want a little more from them.

For the rest, even Series 3 will be enough.

I I see Series 3 as the perfect first Apple Watch. Especially for those who have avoided them before. There is all key features: fitness and sports, notifications and music control, app support and GPS navigation. All straps are backwards compatible for five years, so the possibilities for personalization are almost endless.

If you like it, you can safely upgrade to Series 6 at the end of the year. You will notice the difference, which will cost one enlarged and always on screen.

And if they don’t, it won’t hurt. You can wear them for many more years just as a watch with notifications or pass them on to your family. Not that much money.

I think I might buy one or two. Mom and / or sister version with a 38 mm dial: 15 10$. And who needs bigger ones, these are not much more expensive: 17,10$.