Against the background of the victory over Samsung in the patent battle, Apple and herself often recall the moments when she was engaged in copying. Say, the company borrowed the window interface for the first Macintosh from the Xerox research center, and so on. But, you see, over the years, the example of Xerox PARC is losing its relevance, so you can’t really trump them in a dispute. It is a little more interesting to draw analogies between the iOS Notification Center and a similar panel in Android. And if you want to give an Apple supporter a real smashing blow, start talking about Clock in iOS 6 on iPad.

A similar conversation will begin a meeting between Apple and the Swiss railway company.

After stating that Apple did not license Hans Hilfiker’s watch design, the Swiss Federal Railways, aka SBB, made new attempts to communicate with Apple on the subject. From Cupertino came the answer: yes, let’s meet. Perhaps even the exact date was named, but the general public was not told.

The parties have not yet reached an agreement, but we will discuss it.

We are rather proud that a popular brand like Apple is using our design.

— SBB spokeswoman Patricia Klaivatz

They proud. Perhaps, for the first time in the history of copyright wars, we hear such a formulation.

Our editors are currently wondering how much demand for Mondaine products will increase due to the external similarity with the Clock in iOS. Mondaine has long licensed the design from SBB and has successfully applied it to its own wristwatches. [9to5mac]