Apple has updated the instructions for choosing the size of a single bracelet for Apple Watch.

In the relevant documents, the company indicated that the accessory can stretch over time. Therefore, the choice of size must be approached with all responsibility, so that later you will not be left with nothing.

The instruction is as follows:

one. Print a page with a 100% scale. Do not scale to paper size in print settings.

How to check if the print is at 100% scale: Attach a bank card or a new driver’s license to the rectangle – they must match in size.

2. Cut out a strip with a size chart. Then wrap it tightly around the area of ​​your wrist where you normally wear your watch. The wide part can be fixed with adhesive tape. The strip should fit snugly on the arm without moving up or down.

3. Remember the number that the arrows point to – this is your strap size. If the arrows point to a line between numbers, choose the smaller of the two numbers closest to the line.