Rumors related to the imminent release of iWatch do not subside, moreover, almost every day they are overgrown with new details. Of course, this draws attention to a product that has not even been announced yet and stirs up the interest of potential consumers. But you can confidently count on the fact that Apple will not let you down and will give out a cool product “on the mountain”, as it happened with the iPhone and iPad at one time. Not without reason, by myself Steve Jobs said that the company produces only those products that its employees themselves would like to use – from the developer and engineer to the general director.

By the way, about directors. Apple executives are very fond of beautiful, stylish and functional wristwatches – this can be judged by their choice of accessories for public speaking, and for everyday life too. In addition, these CEOs are responsible for the creation of each new product – for design, software development and hardware. Therefore, there is every chance that the hopes that iWatch will become another revolutionary product worthy of attention and investment will come true.

Let’s start with Jony Quince, senior vice president of industrial design at Apple. Just yesterday, we learned that back in the 2000s, the development team under his leadership actively studied two models of Nike wristwatches, allegedly out of interest – in order to get acquainted with alternative materials and production technologies. By the way, the idea of ​​a sports model Presto Digital Braceletsperformed in bright colors, most likely inspired Apple designers to release colorful lines of iPod players.

What’s more, Jony Ive is on close terms with the designer. Mark Newsonwho created the famous brand of wrist watches Ikepod. Ive himself has repeatedly appeared in public, demonstrating on his hand one or another model of chronometers in different styles and forms – including Megapod from Ikepod.

In the same context, it is impossible not to mention the veteran Apple, the former senior vice president of the company for hardware technology, Bob Mansfield. Both at Apple presentations and in videos dedicated to the company’s developments, he often flaunts expensive watches. However, something else is important: before heading the engineering division of the corporation, Mansfield was engaged in developments in the field of mobile technologies related to medicine and health. Late last year, he returned to work on these projects and worked independently at Apple on accessories and applications for the field, according to The New York Times, citing an insider at Apple. This information confirms assumptions that iWatch will implement features to monitor the user’s physical activity and state. For example, a pedometer and a heart rate monitor.

The team of 100 engineers working on the iWatch is reportedly led by Apple’s senior director of engineering. James Foster. Moreover, there are assumptions that he directly reports to Mansfield for all the work done.

Another Apple executive, the company’s new vice president of hardware, Dan Ricciois a big fan of wristwatches.

His participation in the iWatch project may come in handy, because it was he who became the author of the project to introduce energy-intensive batteries in the MacBook. You can count on the fact that it will not let you down with Apple watches, otherwise the iWatch prototypes are not very encouraging with their autonomy.

Head of Marketing at Apple Phil Schiller head is responsible for the success of new products released by the company, and undoubtedly justifies the hopes placed on him. After all, it was he who played an important role in the creation of all iOS devices without exception, and it was he who came up with the idea with the scroll wheel. click wheel in the interface of the original iPod.

In addition, Schiller is a true connoisseur of luxury watches. He not only wears them to official events, but also follows all the news from famous brands. Patek Phillippe, A. Lange & Sohne and Panerai on Twitter. I hope that the iWatch itself will not be in the luxury category and will be available to anyone.

The interest of Apple executives in applications designed to control physical activity confirms and Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of hardware. In one of the interviews, he demonstrated his own iPhone and the programs that he prefers to use in everyday life. This, of course, may just be taking care of one’s own health, but on the other hand, the interest is clearly professional, in connection with new Apple projects (read: “iWatch”).

While all of the Apple elite mentioned above are involved in one way or another in the design and creation of new products, it is from the company’s CEO Tim Cook depends on what ideas and in what format will be implemented. In addition to all of the above, Cook himself is a big fan of wearable fitness and activity monitoring devices. In the photo, for example, you can see Nike’s FuelBand on his arm. It’s a tiny “mobile computer” (as Nike calls it) that measures the user’s physical activity, whether it’s just walking between offices, running on the treadmill, or playing basketball with friends. In this case, all data is transferred to the smartphone and to the proprietary online service.

Although Tim Cook’s familiarity with similar products is not limited to personal use. He’s a member of Nike’s board of directors. This situation in light of the development of iWatch is reminiscent of the story involving the chairman of the board of directors of Google Erica Schmidt on the Apple board of directors a few years ago. Everyone remembers that as soon as Google announced plans to create a mobile Android OS, Schmidt stopped attending board meetings where projects related to the iPhone were discussed. As a result, he had to say goodbye to Apple altogether.

Will Cook have to leave Nike’s board of directors for the same reason? After all, iWatch can easily become a competitor for FuelBand. Although, since Nike’s management hasn’t taken any action yet, it’s possible that the company doesn’t see Apple’s new product as a threat to FuelBand. Time will tell.

Cook’s interest in these gadgets can also be confirmed by the fact that FuelBand and FitBit Zip are sold in Apple branded stores.

I want, oh how I want another revolutionary gadget from Apple. The reason for this is not only the quality of the company’s products and the mass of innovations that it invests in iconic devices. After all, there is also an ecosystem. It is the interaction of Apple devices that makes them so convenient to use. I made a note on the Mac, it immediately appeared on the iPad and iPhone, I bought the application on the tablet, it automatically loaded on other devices, a single phone book, cloud access to music, etc. It’s not for me to tell you about the advantages of working with a bunch iOS + OSX. Now imagine that a new device in the format of a wristwatch will harmoniously fit here. Smart alarm clock, physical activity tracking, convenient vibration reminders, interaction with the iPhone without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket – there are a lot of possibilities!

So far, no one has confirmed that Apple watches will still be on sale before the end of this year and whether they will appear at all, but we cannot ignore the veiled hints of the company’s employees. Even Tim Cook himself at last year’s conference Dconducted All Things Digital, drew the attention of the public to his FuelBand accessory and made a reservation that a lot of interesting things could be designed and released by Apple. The main thing is that they are useful and able to change the lives of users for the better. [9To5Mac]