Apple is in full swing preparing the retail network for the imminent appearance of smartwatches. The first employees have already started the training process.

According to representatives of the Apple Store in USA and Great Britain core groups of those who will lead the training of retailers in the field have already been formed. Now they undergo thorough and meticulous training in all the subtleties that may arise during the operation of the watch, in order not only to tell other sellers later, but also to provide professional assistance and advice to buyers.

We already wrote that for gold Apple Watch special glass storage tables will be equipped, around which seating places for visitors will be placed. Such dramatic changes in Apple retail cannot go unnoticed by ordinary employees. Accustomed for years to the same proven ideal sales model, they faced a completely different form of training and work. That is why Apple began large-scale “exercises”.

Recall that, according to Tim Cook, the start of sales Apple Watch scheduled for April. There is very little time left to make a choice and save up for a new accessory. [9to5]