In any sport, be it run­ning, moun­taineer­ing or paraglid­ing, it is impor­tant to mon­i­tor health indi­ca­tors. For­tu­nate­ly, today there are enough gad­gets for this. The new Amaz­fit T‑Rex Pro has a pro­tect­ed body, a clear dis­play and many train­ing modes. Let’s check what these smart watch­es can sur­prise you with.

Protection on all fronts

When you first look at the T‑Rex Pro, you imme­di­ate­ly under­stand that the tar­get audi­ence of the watch is men. The acces­so­ry looks bru­tal, as befits secure gad­gets. The dimen­sions are quite large: almost 48 mm in diam­e­ter and 13.5 mm in thick­ness. Despite this, the device togeth­er with the strap weighs only 59 grams, which con­tributes to com­fort dur­ing long-term wear. The includ­ed sil­i­cone strap is com­fort­able and uni­ver­sal for any wrist. A large num­ber of holes ensures good ven­ti­la­tion. The 22mm tra­di­tion­al mount strap can be removed by remov­ing the screws.

The body of the new prod­uct is made of prac­ti­cal poly­car­bon­ate and comes in three col­ors: black, blue and beige. The four phys­i­cal but­tons are made of steel. The T‑Rex Pro is MIL-STD-810G cer­ti­fied. This means that the device can with­stand shock, vibra­tion, pro­longed con­tact with salt water and tem­per­a­tures from +70 to ‑40 degrees. The man­u­fac­tur­er also claims 10 ATM water pro­tec­tion, which is rarely found in smart watch­es.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro review

Display without compromise

The round 1.3‑inch matrix is ​​made using AMOLED tech­nol­o­gy, the res­o­lu­tion is 360x360. This gives a high pix­el den­si­ty and, accord­ing­ly, a clear image. The dis­play is slight­ly recessed into the body, which reduces the risk of scratch­es on the Corn­ing Glass 3 glass. Thanks to the high-qual­i­ty oleo­pho­bic coat­ing, fin­ger­prints almost do not remain on it. The pan­el is framed with dec­o­ra­tive bolts and a met­al-plat­ed bezel. The light sen­sor works cor­rect­ly: the dis­play instant­ly adapts to exter­nal con­di­tions. The max­i­mum bright­ness is enough to use the screen in direct sun­light. Anoth­er plus is sup­port for the Always on Dis­play func­tion, due to which the cur­rent date and time are always dis­played on the screen.

Branded application

To com­mu­ni­cate with a smart­phone, the Zepp util­i­ty is used, avail­able on Android and iOS. The ini­tial pair­ing with the phone is sim­ple: scan the QR code from the watch dis­play. The main pan­el of the pro­gram dis­plays sta­tis­tics on dai­ly activ­i­ty and var­i­ous health indi­ca­tors. In the sec­tion with the acces­so­ry, you can con­fig­ure it: change the list of appli­ca­tions dis­played on the watch, select noti­fi­ca­tion sources, adjust dis­play set­tings, and more. By default, the T‑Rex Pro comes with five watch faces pre­in­stalled, three of which can be cus­tomized. In addi­tion, 28 more design options are avail­able for down­load through the util­i­ty. Some of them allow you to add your own back­ground.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro review

Control methods and system capabilities

Smart watch­es oper­ate under pro­pri­etary firmware. The soft­ware func­tions quick­ly, the inter­face is ren­dered smooth­ly. Swip­ing right opens a list of all appli­ca­tions, swip­ing left opens the noti­fi­ca­tion cen­ter. Up to 20 recent mes­sages are stored in mem­o­ry with­out the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a reply. Icons for most instant mes­sen­gers are dis­played cor­rect­ly. A move­ment from below brings up wid­gets, the order and list of which can be con­fig­ured, and from above there is a cur­tain with quick adjust­ments. Four but­tons (select, back, up and down) allow you to con­trol all func­tions of the device with­out using the screen. This is a great help in cold con­di­tions and high humid­i­ty, when the touch lay­er does not respond to touch.

Thanks to the built-in barom­e­ter, altime­ter and com­pass, the watch accu­rate­ly deter­mines atmos­pher­ic pres­sure and alti­tude. Util­i­ties for con­trol­ling music play­back on your smart­phone, view­ing the weath­er fore­cast, and find­ing your phone are also use­ful. I liked the smart Do Not Dis­turb mode, which turns off noti­fi­ca­tions while the own­er is sleep­ing, and the flash­light func­tion, which dis­plays a white back­ground and max­i­mizes bright­ness. You can­not answer calls using the acces­so­ry, but you can reject calls and mute the sound. Among the inter­est­ing fea­tures, we note the adjust­ment of vibra­tion inten­si­ty and the assign­ment of a quick launch of a spe­cif­ic appli­ca­tion to the Select but­ton.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro review

Healthy lifestyle

The watch sup­ports 104 train­ing modes, divid­ed into 12 sec­tions. Among them there are both stan­dard (run­ning, cycling, swim­ming) and extra­or­di­nary (var­i­ous dance styles, types of mar­tial arts and sports games). The built-in ExerSense sys­tem rec­og­nizes move­ment pat­terns and auto­mat­i­cal­ly launch­es the appro­pri­ate train­ing for­mat. A wide range of nav­i­ga­tion sys­tems are sup­port­ed: GPS, GLONASS, Bei­dou, Galileo. There­fore, the gad­get accu­rate­ly deter­mines the loca­tion dur­ing activ­i­ties, reflect­ing the dis­tance trav­eled in the appli­ca­tion.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro review

Sen­sors that mea­sure heart rate and blood oxy­gen lev­els are locat­ed in a slight­ly raised plat­form on the back of the device. The acces­so­ry noti­fies you if your heart rate is too low or too high. T‑Rex Pro, thanks to a gyro­scope and accelerom­e­ter, records every body move­ment dur­ing sleep, and then cre­ates a detailed graph. Ana­lyz­ing the col­lect­ed indi­ca­tors, the device dis­plays infor­ma­tion about the lev­el of stress. The pro­pri­etary health assess­ment sys­tem (PAI) gives the own­er opti­mal rec­om­men­da­tions for improv­ing phys­i­o­log­i­cal indi­ca­tors.


T‑Rex Pro is equipped with a 390 mAh bat­tery. If you enable con­stant syn­chro­niza­tion with your smart­phone, receive noti­fi­ca­tions and mon­i­tor your heart rate around the clock, the bat­tery will be dis­charged by about 8% per day. If you add the Always on Dis­play func­tion to this sce­nario, ener­gy con­sump­tion will increase 3–4 times: up to 25–30% per day. Dur­ing an hour of run­ning while using nav­i­ga­tion sys­tems, the device los­es 6% of its charge. The gad­get is pow­ered using a two-pin mag­net­ic cra­dle. Replen­ish­ing ener­gy from 0 to 100% through a 10 W pow­er sup­ply takes an hour and a half.

Amazfit T-Rex Pro review


47.7 x 47.7 x 13.5 mm
59 grams (with strap)
body — poly­car­bon­ate
but­tons — met­al
strap — sil­i­cone
1,3’’, AMOLED, 360×360, 392 ppi, Corn­ing Glass 3
390 mAh
Blue­tooth 5.0 LE, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Bei­dou
heart rate mon­i­tor, pulse oxime­ter, gyro­scope, accelerom­e­ter, barom­e­ter
more than 100 train­ing modes, 10 ATM water resis­tance, Bio­Track­er 2 PPG bio­log­i­cal opti­cal sen­sor, First­beat algo­rithms, MIL-STD-810G pro­tec­tion
Amazfit T-Rex Pro review


The new T‑Rex Pro ful­ly lives up to its pur­pose. The device is not afraid of deep-sea div­ing, extreme tem­per­a­ture changes and shocks. The bright, clear dis­play makes it easy to view your health indi­ca­tors. Over a hun­dred train­ing modes allow you to mon­i­tor your achieve­ments in var­i­ous sports. In addi­tion, the watch is pleased with decent auton­o­my, if you do not rely on the Always on Dis­play option.

Until May 21, the new prod­uct can be pur­chased with a dis­count of 1,5 dol­lars in the offi­cial Amaz­fit store on Tmall. The watch is also pre­sent­ed in the Citilink and Svyaznoy chain stores at a price of 13,10$.