Recently, the Amazfit brand updated its design line of watches by introducing the GTS 4 model. The accessory received a second-generation operating system, a BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric sensor, a Wi-Fi module, a speaker, support for mini-applications and six satellite systems. How it works? We’ll find out in the review.


Beautiful, fashionable, versatile

The review includes Amazfit GTS 4 in a strict black design. The case is made of aluminum alloy, which gives the watch a premium look. The new product is light and thin: the weight of the gadget without a strap is 27 grams, the thickness is 9.9 millimeters. Thanks to these dimensions, the device is suitable for both male and female audiences.

Amazfit GTS 4

However, the included 22mm fluoroelastomer strap is a let down: the skin under it quickly sweats. At least that’s what happened to two users of the new product. But the model is endowed with a water resistance class of 5 ATM, which allows you to safely swim in fresh water.

Amazfit GTS 4

Exemplary AMOLED

The manufacturer clearly didn’t think about saving on the screen: the rectangular 1.75-inch matrix is ​​made using AMOLED technology. Resolution – 450×390, pixel density per inch – 341 ppi. The light sensor quickly and correctly adjusts the brightness to any environmental conditions. The frames around the panel are symmetrical, and when turned off, the display merges with the front of the watch. The latter is covered with tempered glass with a high-quality oleophobic coating. In the device settings, you can activate the Always on Display function and select one of two color presets – natural or bright.

Amazfit GTS 4

Firmware that keeps up with the times

Amazfit GTS 4 runs the second version of the proprietary operating system. The creators of Zepp OS 2.0 seriously worked on the smooth operation of the system – during a week of testing, we did not notice a single freeze or freeze. Through the Zepp utility on your phone, you can download additional watch faces (more than 150) and mini-applications. Among the most useful are a calculator, a notepad, software for monitoring calories and fluid intake, a news resource, and a guide to sporting events. There are even games available, such as Snake. There are more than 50 programs in total, but not all are implemented well, and some simply do not function. By the way, applications download information from the Internet without a smartphone, since the watch is equipped with a Wi-Fi module.

Amazfit GTS 4

The new product has a single physical control element – a steel ring (aka a button). When scrolling, the accessory vibrates pleasantly thanks to the linear motor. A short press on the wheel activates the main menu or returns to the start screen, and a hold opens a pre-selected application. Interaction with the gadget is also implemented using gestures. Swiping from the top edge brings up a curtain of quick settings, the number and order of which can be easily changed. The notification center slides out from the bottom with the ability to respond to messages with emoticons or prepared phrases. Left and right gestures move the user through a looping carousel of widgets.

Other useful features include Bluetooth calling. A loud speaker is built into the case, thanks to which the interlocutor can be clearly heard on a noisy street. It is especially convenient to answer calls from the accessory when your hands are busy or dirty. In training mode, the “four” can convert text notifications into voice ones without distracting the user from reading them. To remotely control the phone’s camera, there is a remote shutter option (however, it has never worked with a Realme editorial smartphone). Finally, the free 2.5GB of storage comes in handy for storing and listening to music offline.

Track activity even more accurately

Amazfit GTS 4 is equipped with a new biometric optical sensor BioTracker 4.0 PPG with two LEDs. With them, the watch monitors your health more accurately – it monitors your heart rate and breathing rate, stress level and blood oxygen levels around the clock. The collected data allows the accessory to analyze sleep quality in detail, including determining the different phases.

Amazfit GTS 4

Taking into account the user’s daily activities and sports activities, the gadget calculates the Huami-PAI personal activity index. Based on this, the well-being of the device owner is assessed. In addition, a women’s health tracker is available that is responsible for monitoring the menstrual cycle and ovulation.

Amazfit GTS 4

The accessory supports six satellite systems and uses patented circular polarized GPS antenna technology. The positioning accuracy is really high, but the initial location determination takes more than a minute. The new product can track 154 sports activities, eight of which are automatically recognized.

We decided to test the cycling mode. During the ride, the watch loudly reported in English the distance traveled (5, 10, 15 km), average speed and time in motion. At the end of the workout, the utility on the smartphone displayed detailed information about the distance traveled, speed and heart rate. By the way, the next update promises to add real-time navigation and the ability to import routes.

A week without an outlet is guaranteed

Amazfit GTS 4 is equipped with a 300 mAh battery. With active use (constant synchronization with the phone to receive notifications and answer calls, measuring all available health indicators), the watch is discharged by 9-14% per day. That is, autonomy will be enough for 7-8 days.

Amazfit GTS 4

If you use the location feature, the battery will drain much faster. In the gadget settings there are three presets for GPS operation: accurate, balanced and energy saving. During the bike ride we used the first mode. With it, in a couple of hours of travel, the watch was discharged by 12%. The device is powered by a cradle with two contacts and a powerful magnet. From a 15-watt adapter, the accessory replenishes energy up to 50% in 32 minutes. The whole process takes one and a half hours.


42.7 x 36.5 x 9.9 mm
27 g (without strap)
body – aluminum alloy
strap – fluoroelastomer
1.75″, AMOLED, 450×390, 341 ppi
300 mAh
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 LE, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou
heart rate monitor, gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, geomagnetic sensor
154 Sports Modes, 5 ATM Water Resistance, BioTracker 4 PPG, Stress and Blood Oxygen Sensor, Sleep Monitoring, Automatic Exercise Detection, Bluetooth Calling, Zepp App
Amazfit GTS 4


Amazfit GTS 4 is a worthy update to the brand’s design line. The watch does an excellent job of tracking health indicators and monitoring physical activity. In the second version of the OS, the manufacturer has finally overcome the slow animation of the interface. There are also no questions about autonomy, screen and body materials. The only thing missing is a more comfortable strap included and elimination of shortcomings in the operation of some mini-applications. On the other hand, the gadget “out of the box” has all the functionality necessary for a smartwatch, and the tasks of most additional programs are easier to perform on a smartphone.