Today there is no need to pay big money for a convenient gadget on your wrist. The new Amazfit has an attractive design, GPS support, many monitoring options, a water-resistant case and good battery life. And all this – at a tempting price-performance ratio.

The charm of a rose petal

A model in the “pink petal” color came for review. The color is pleasant and discreet. The lower part of the case and the strap have the same shade – it looks harmonious. Such a watch will look great on a girl’s wrist. And if you need a more strict design for a man, you can choose the “midnight black” color.

The top of the case is glossy and looks nice, but may become scratched over time. At the bottom there are contacts for magnetic charging. It resembles the one used in the GTR/GTS models, but is still different – it will not be possible to power different watches with one charge.

The strap is attached using the standard method using latches. Its width is 20 millimeters, a popular size – choosing an alternative on marketplaces will not be difficult. At the same time, the standard accessory is made of silicone that is pleasant to the touch. There is no desire to quickly replace it, as happens with some cheap fitness trackers.

Amazfit Active

The watch is thin, so it does not cling to clothes and does not interfere with everyday wear. A special like for the flat side key: even with a strong bend in your wrist, you won’t accidentally press it. Part of the body is made of plastic, part of aluminum alloy. Amazfit Active received water protection up to 5 atmospheres. You can not only take a shower with the gadget, but also visit the pool.

The screen is the head of everything

Amazfit Active was equipped with a 1.75” diagonal AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 450×390 pixels. The pixel density is 341 ppi – the image is pleasingly clear. The brightness margin is good – at the maximum level you can easily read an incoming message on the street. But there is no auto-brightness adjustment, so many users will miss it.

On top of the display is covered with tempered 2.5D glass with an oleophobic coating, it’s pleasant to swipe on it, and fingerprints can be easily removed. In the settings you can change the design of the menu – you can choose between colorful and discreet options with different icons.

Amazfit Active

The fonts on the screen are large enough to read messages or evaluate workout results on the go. However, because of this, some names in the settings are abbreviated. However, it is not difficult to understand which point is responsible for what. You can control the interface using taps and swipes, and the Amazfit Active display has good sensitivity.

What is the new product capable of?

The watch is equipped with a built-in microphone and speaker, so it is suitable for making Bluetooth calls. This is convenient when a call comes in during a workout or while cooking in the kitchen, but there is no way to answer from your smartphone. Everything is good with training too: Amazfit Active supports more than 120 types of exercises, seven of them are automatically recognized.

Zepp Coach is another feature that can be useful for an athlete. It analyzes your performance, provides fatigue data, and provides AI-based training guidance. A good help for users who need an incentive to exercise regularly.

Amazfit Active

For those who lead an active lifestyle, it is advisable to choose a smart watch that supports GPS positioning. Amazfit Active is just one of these. The device supports five satellite systems (GLONASS, Galileo, GPS, BDS and QZSS), and uses circular polarization antenna technology to improve route tracking accuracy.

As befits a modern wearable device, Amazfit Active monitors a number of vital signs, such as heart rate and SpO2, around the clock. The model can also track stress levels, and the menu has an option with a breathing exercise to calm down and concentrate if necessary.

Amazfit Active

There is a useful “Readiness Assessment” function. It will be useful for those who care about the quality of their vacation. Based on a number of indicators (sleep quality, stress level, heart rate and breathing), the gadget assesses your level of readiness to wake up every day and makes recommendations. It is unlikely that this will be enough to tell the boss: “I won’t come today – the clock advises rest.” But you can think about applying for a vacation or visiting a doctor in a timely manner.

I was pleased with the autonomy

The smart watch is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 300 mAh. This is enough for a gadget based on Zepp 2.0 OS and with an economical AMOLED display. During testing, Amazfit Active was pleased with its good operating time. On average, we consumed about 8-12% of the charge per day, if we did not turn on the constant display of the screensaver and do not track routes using GPS.

But we received notifications from applications, tracked heart rate and steps, monitored sleep quality and level of readiness to wake up, used the watch as an alarm clock, and also chatted from time to time using a Bluetooth connection. In this scenario, charging is not needed often. And the process of replenishing the battery to 100% takes approximately two hours.

Amazfit Active

The manufacturer claims that the device can withstand up to 14 days of operation with standard use. These figures do not differ too much from our measurements – the new product can be recorded as a long-livers. And if you use Amazfit Active to its fullest, they will last about 7-8 days without recharging. Some competitors can only be jealous.


AMOLED, 1.75”, 450×390 pixels, 341 ppi
42.4 x 35.9 x 10.7 mm
approx. 24 g (body)
about 12 g (strap)
300 mAh
biometric sensor BioTracker 3.0, geomagnetic, acceleration, ambient light and temperature
water resistance 5 ATM, Bluetooth 5.2, more than 120 sports modes, 5 satellite positioning systems, Zepp OS 2.0
Amazfit Active


The new Amazfit Active is sure to become popular in the wearable device market. The only complaint is the lack of automatic brightness adjustment. Otherwise, everything is fine: the watch works for a long time, supports GPS positioning and calls via Bluetooth, has good ergonomics, is protected from moisture and has a decent set of functions. At the same time, they turned out to be relatively inexpensive. The colors chosen are also popular – black and pink. This is a balanced gadget that will suit most users.