On the eve of the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of smartphones, insiders obtained promotional materials that revealed in detail the differences between future new products and their predecessors. They not only demonstrate the technical characteristics of the devices, but also highlight their key consumer properties.

The images are full of “Training Use Only” and “Retail Training” watermarks – this is probably a special reminder for sellers. The first reveals the advantages of the Exynos 2400 processor over the special version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy. If you believe what is written, the NPU of the proprietary chip is 18% more powerful than that of the competitor, the “built-in” is 32% more powerful, and the CPU itself is 25%. According to rumors, the new processor will be installed only in the basic and “plus” versions of the smartphone for some countries.

An improvement in the cooling system is also reported – the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s vapor chamber should increase by 1.9 times compared to its predecessor, the S24+ by 1.6 times, and the base S24 by 1.5 times. Also announced is a 12% increase in display response speed and support for ray tracing. Examples of games with this technology include Racing Master, NighCrow, Diablo Immortal and Tarisland.


The second picture reveals some of the characteristics of gadget screens. The matrix diagonal of the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to be 6.8 inches, S24+ and S24 – 6.7 inches and 6.2 inches, respectively. At the same time, the peak brightness of the backlight of the new products in certain areas of the screen will be up to 2600 nits.


In addition, according to the source, the Galaxy S24 Ultra should have a “new quad camera” with zoom ratios of 2x, 3x, 5x and 10x (the latter value is indicated for hybrid zoom). The ability to create 50-megapixel photos and record 8K video with a telephoto lens is announced. The base and “plus” models should receive 2x and 3x optical zoom, respectively.


Finally, one of the slides shows the colors of smartphones with the Titanium prefix for the S24 Ultra version. A total of four “titanium” shades are mentioned: black, gray, purple and yellow. The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series of smartphones is scheduled to take place on January 17.

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