The Alca­tel One­Touch Watch smart watch was pre­sent­ed in Jan­u­ary of this year at CES 2015, where it became the object of close atten­tion. First­ly, because, hav­ing rich func­tion­al­i­ty, it belongs to the bud­get seg­ment. Sec­ond­ly, they can work not only with Android smart­phones, but also with devices run­ning iOS. Man­u­fac­tur­ers of wear­able devices often ignore Apple prod­ucts. But watch­es from Alca­tel based on their own OS may well become a bud­get alter­na­tive to the Apple Watch.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch specifications

  • Screen: IPS, 1.22″ (3.1 cm), 240x204, capac­i­tive
  • Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty: Android ver­sion 4.3 and above / iOS 7, iPhone 4S and above
  • Pro­tec­tion from water and dust: IP67 stan­dard.
  • Proces­sor: STM429, 180 MHz
  • RAM: 256 KB
  • Wire­less inter­faces: Blue­tooth 4.0 LE, NFC.
  • Sen­sors: accelerom­e­ter, gyro­scope, com­pass, altime­ter, heart rate sen­sor.
  • Bat­tery: 210 mAh, non-remov­able
  • Dimen­sions: case thick­ness — 10.5 mm, dial diam­e­ter — 41.8 mm, strap thick­ness — 3.5 mm, strap width — 20 mm.
  • Strap length: S – 109.2×41.8×66.74 mm, L – 119.2×41.8×75.74 mm.
  • Weight: 55 grams

Packaging, accessories

The watch folds into a com­pact red box. It fea­tures a white ver­sion of the watch on one side and a black ver­sion on the oth­er. The watch itself is immersed in thick foam rub­ber, occu­py­ing two-thirds of the box.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

The remain­ing third is occu­pied by a small red box with doc­u­men­ta­tion and a USB cable. The cable is sim­i­lar to OTG, that is, it has dif­fer­ent male and female USB con­nec­tors. It allows you to charge the watch from the mains using an adapter from any local device. This is much more con­ve­nient than charg­ing them, for exam­ple, from a lap­top.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour


Visu­al­ly, the case can be divid­ed into two parts: the round frame and strap mount are made of stain­less steel, the bot­tom cov­er is made of plas­tic. The bot­tom is paint­ed black and has a mat­te fin­ish. The strap is made of ther­mo­plas­tic polyurethane. The round dial is cov­ered with pro­tec­tive Goril­la Glass.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

The watch is avail­able in two-tone ver­sions — white and black. The edi­tors includ­ed both, but for the test, for pure­ly sub­jec­tive rea­sons, the black one was cho­sen. Why? Well, the black ver­sion looks bet­ter, the strap does­n’t get dirty as quick­ly, and the dis­play seems larg­er.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

Despite the round dial, the sur­face of the work­ing sur­face is not round — in any case, it has a cut that serves as one of the con­trols — the “Back” but­ton. The black ver­sion has a black bor­der around the dis­play, the white mod­el has a white one. The bor­der has ten strokes and two num­bers: 6 and 12.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

There is a met­al power/lock but­ton on the right side sur­face. From the bot­tom and top, met­al fas­ten­ers for the strap pro­trude from the flat round sur­face.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

There are four screws along the cor­ner of the rear pan­el that hold the case togeth­er. In the cen­ter of the bot­tom there is a trans­par­ent plas­tic insert, under which there is a heart­beat sen­sor.

You can also find four more screws (two on each side) secur­ing the case to the strap. The strap is not remov­able and can­not be replaced. A met­al clip clasp is used to secure the strap to the wrist. It con­nects both parts of the strap togeth­er.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

To expose the USB plug, deter­min­ing the charg­ing time, you need to slight­ly break the “tail” of the strap. While wear­ing the watch, the plug is “immersed” in the groove at the end of the strap and is not notice­able.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour


The absence of eas­i­ly remov­able ele­ments turned the watch into an almost mono­lith­ic lamp, which does not care about dust or mois­ture. One­Touch Watch is pro­tect­ed from envi­ron­men­tal influ­ences accord­ing to the IP67 stan­dard: you can safe­ly wash your hands, take a show­er, walk in the rain, swim and even dive, even if not deep­er than a cou­ple of meters.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

The clasp secure­ly fix­es the bracelet on the hand, how­ev­er, there are a num­ber of com­plaints about it. First­ly, the opti­mal size strap can be installed only by remov­ing the watch from your hands. Pre­cise­ly adjust­ing the bracelet turned out to be a rather tedious process — I had to take the watch off and put it back on ten times. Although it only took five min­utes, the clas­sic hole strap fits with­in sec­onds. The sec­ond com­plaint is that the clasp, before adjust­ment, con­stant­ly “bites” and painful­ly pulls the hair on the wrist. There are no such prob­lems with a clas­sic strap. The choice of a clip clasp is jus­ti­fied by the fact that the watch should fit very tight­ly to the hand for more accu­rate oper­a­tion of the heart­beat sen­sor. A met­al clip clasp allows you to set the required size with a dis­tance of up to a mil­lime­ter, while a strap with holes does not pro­vide such free­dom. How­ev­er, after a while the unpleas­ant sen­sa­tions from the strap set­tings go away, and you sim­ply stop notic­ing the watch on your hand.


One­Touch Watch is equipped with a col­or 1.22-inch IPS dis­play with a res­o­lu­tion of 240x204 pix­els. The den­si­ty is 258 pix­els per inch, the capac­i­tive sen­sor reads no more than one touch. For­tu­nate­ly, the inter­face here is very sim­ple, and mul­ti-touch is not need­ed. The sen­sor is respon­sive and reli­able. As for the “Back” touch but­ton under the dis­play edge, you don’t need to look for it in the black field of the edge itself. Feel free to press the num­ber “six” on the dial — the sen­sor is locat­ed right there.

The screen is mem­o­rable; you don’t have to look at the sun, look­ing care­ful­ly to see the time. The image is rich and con­trasty, clos­er to warm tones than to cold ones. Of course, when you replace the watch face with a cor­re­spond­ing image from the smartphone’s gallery, it turns out grainy, but in the watch inter­face itself and in stan­dard themes every­thing looks organ­ic, and pix­e­la­tion is invis­i­ble.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

Dif­fi­cul­ty lev­el three — high, medi­um, rec­om­mend­ed. The cor­re­spond­ing icon in the menu is respon­si­ble for the adjust­ment; each pro­ce­dure on it changes the inten­si­ty lev­el by one point.

In addi­tion, the com­po­si­tion can change the col­or scheme. The changes, how­ev­er, are not very seri­ous — the white col­or in the icons changes to black, which turns out to be a kind of neg­a­tive. The set­tings also allow you to change the watch face and wall­pa­per. There are three dials to choose from: clas­sic, min­i­mal­ist (direc­tion only) and dig­i­tal. Stan­dard images (24 of them), sin­gle-col­or wall­pa­pers (16 col­ors to choose from) and any pic­ture from your smartphone’s gallery, be it a pho­to­graph or an uploaded image, can be used as a back­ground.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour


Alca­tel One­Touch Watch runs its own con­trol sys­tem. Its inter­face is extreme­ly sim­ple and clear. It trans­lates into a hor­i­zon­tal menu of 10 icons, the func­tion of which has an obvi­ous, under­stand­able func­tion with­out con­nect­ing. The first icon can be called “Weath­er”: the watch, using the smartphone’s Inter­net con­nec­tion, will find out the weath­er fore­cast for five days and show it to the user. The next icon is “Fit­ness”. Infor­ma­tion about your dai­ly activ­i­ty is col­lect­ed here: the num­ber of steps tak­en and calo­ries burned, mileage and descent time, infor­ma­tion about sleep phas­es. This infor­ma­tion is com­plete­ly dupli­cat­ed in the com­pa­ny appli­ca­tion. “Heart rate mon­i­tor” (every­thing is sim­ple here) and “Run­ning in a cir­cle” received a sep­a­rate icon, where time, speed, dis­tance and num­ber of steps are cal­cu­lat­ed sep­a­rate­ly for each cir­cle. Next come “Stop­watch” and “Remote play­er con­trol” (turn on, switch tracks, adjust sound), “Com­pass”, “Switch con­trol” (on the watch you can remote­ly turn on the cam­era and press the shut­ter but­ton), “Select a watch face”, “Search for a smart­phone ” (if nec­es­sary, the smart­phone starts to emit a loud beep), “Turn vibra­tion on/off”, “Air­plane mode”, “Bright­ness adjust­ment” and “Change col­or in menu design”.

All inter­face con­trol comes down to a cou­ple of ges­tures. Unlock­ing the screen occurs using a but­ton or a sim­ple ges­ture where you raise your hand to see what time it is. Enter the oper­a­tion menu in the cen­ter of the screen. Nav­i­ga­tion through the menu occurs by swip­ing right and left; scrolling of icons is not cycli­cal. Received noti­fi­ca­tions can be viewed by doing this grad­u­al­ly up the desk­top. You can go back one lev­el in the menu by press­ing under the edge of the dis­play. That’s the whole inter­face. On the one hand, this is a strong inter­ac­tion with the watch, but on the oth­er hand, if the watch does not under­stand you when you tell it “OK, Google…”, it is also not so “smart”.

The One­Touch Move com­pan­ion appli­ca­tion does not have any addi­tion­al set­tings in its arse­nal. All you can do in the app that you can’t do on your watch is set an alarm, change the watch face wall­pa­per, select the inter­face lan­guage, set a time to turn off the screen, turn off noti­fi­ca­tions about incom­ing calls and the “lost” warn­ing. In the lat­ter case, the watch will begin to vibrate as it moves away from the base device.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

The appli­ca­tion inter­face con­sists of five tabs (steps, calo­ries, path, time, sleep), in each of which the user can view detailed infor­ma­tion about dai­ly phys­i­cal activ­i­ty. The same as in a watch, only in more detail.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hourAlcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour

The device in operation

The STM429 micro­con­troller based on a 32-bit ARM Cor­tex M4 core oper­at­ing at a volt­age of 180 MHz is respon­si­ble for the com­put­ing process­es. The amount of RAM is 256 KB. The avail­able com­put­ing pow­er is quite suf­fi­cient for fast and smooth oper­a­tion of the sim­ple Alca­tel One­Touch Watch inter­face. Weak hard­ware cer­tain­ly lim­its the per­for­mance of the watch, but sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduces the bat­tery life.

To con­nect your watch with a smart­phone, you need to down­load the One­Touch Move appli­ca­tion, reg­is­ter and cre­ate an account in the appli­ca­tion. The first con­nec­tion occurs using Blue­tooth or NFC, and auto­mat­i­cal­ly when the watch is in open Blue­tooth con­nec­tion mode. To “untie” the watch from the device, you need to use the cor­re­spond­ing option in the set­tings menu of the com­pan­ion appli­ca­tion.

The design of the watch does not require an exter­nal speak­er or micro­phone. Of the sig­nal stim­uli, only vibra­tion is present. It’s quite strong, but not annoy­ing. Its dri­ve does not allow you to adjust the oper­at­ing time of the inter­face, nor the com­pan­ion appli­ca­tion, vibra­tion can only be turned off.

The watch dis­plays noti­fi­ca­tions for email mes­sages, var­i­ous instant mes­sen­gers and social net­works. The max­i­mum mes­sage length is 10 lines. Then there is an ellip­sis, mean­ing that you will have to fin­ish read­ing this long lon­gread on your smart­phone. The watch also warns about incom­ing calls, which you can either reject or remote­ly switch your smart­phone to silent mode.

Autonomous operation

The gad­get has a 210 mAh bat­tery. Con­sid­er­ing the unde­mand­ing nature of the proces­sor and screen, this vol­ume is enough for two and a half days of work. More­over, we worked for so many hours under high load. This means that they were always con­nect­ed to the smart­phone and applied many dif­fer­ent meth­ods to it through­out the entire time of use. Noti­fi­ca­tions were only turned off at night, but instead there is a sleep track­er that is man­u­al­ly acti­vat­ed on the watch. If you turn off noti­fi­ca­tions and vibra­tion, the Alca­tel Watch can last three and a half, or even four days. It takes about 40–45 min­utes to ful­ly charge the device from a lap­top.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour


The Alca­tel One­Touch Watch will def­i­nite­ly find its buy­er, as this device has seri­ous poten­tial to com­bat the ris­ing costs of com­peti­tors like the Apple Watch. For rea­son­able mon­ey, you use a “smart” watch that can last two to three days with­out recharg­ing as a com­pan­ion for a smart­phone (which in itself is already a good result), a fit­ness track­er and a heart rate mon­i­tor. The met­al body is not afraid of dust and water. They offer a wide range of func­tion­al­i­ty (less than Android Wear, of course, but quite decent), and are com­pat­i­ble with most Android and iOS devices. Good val­ue for mon­ey makes the Alca­tel One­Touch Watch an excel­lent choice for those who want to get acquaint­ed with such smart­watch­es. And, most impor­tant­ly, do not be dis­ap­point­ed in this acquain­tance.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch review: Smarter by the hour


  • strong met­al case;
  • dust and mois­ture pro­tec­tion accord­ing to IP67 stan­dard;
  • long bat­tery life;
  • built-in heart rate sen­sor;
  • sim­ple inter­face of Alcatel’s pro­pri­etary OS.


  • Otsu con­nec­tion of appli­ca­tions for OS from Alca­tel;
  • lack of replace­able straps;
  • small selec­tion of watch faces.