The pop­u­lar­i­ty of wear­able “smart” acces­sories has already reached incred­i­ble pro­por­tions, although none of the lead­ers in smart­phone man­u­fac­tur­ing has released such gad­gets. There have been attempts at writ­ing by Motoro­la, the Japan­ese from Sony are also try­ing them­selves in this direc­tion with their smart­watch­es, but the real break­through in this indus­try was the Peb­ble watch, which raised a record 10 mil­lion dol­lars on Kick­starter. And these num­bers con­tin­ue to grow, even with not the fastest deliv­ery of smart­watch­es around the world.

The oth­er day it was offi­cial­ly announced that Peb­ble watch­es were ordered for 275 thou­sand times, of which 930$ have already been deliv­ered to their own­ers in more than 150 coun­tries since the begin­ning of Jan­u­ary this year. The Peb­ble Smart­Watch app that syncs the watch with iOS/Android devices has been down­loaded over a mil­lion times. Touched by these fig­ures, the head of Peb­ble Eric Migikovs­ki (Eric Migi­cov­sky) wrote the fol­low­ing:

I want to start off by say­ing that the Peb­ble user com­mu­ni­ty is incred­i­ble. Your enthu­si­asm for the whole con­cept of our smart­watch­es is very inspir­ing. You con­stant­ly post pic­tures of your Peb­bles and show us ways to use them in ways we nev­er dreamed pos­si­ble. You’ve cre­at­ed hun­dreds of apps for Peb­ble, extra straps, watch stick­ers, docks and watch faces. Our mis­sion is to cre­ate the best smart­watch­es and their ecosys­tem.

Peb­ble’s CEO hopes to sell even more of his smart­watch­es in the near future. Already, the gad­get is being sold offline for the first time — in the Amer­i­can super­mar­ket chain Best Buy, while the com­pa­ny is think­ing about how to improve the deliv­ery of its prod­uct from the ware­house to the cus­tomer’s home.