Do you need Internet not only on your smartphone, but also on smart watches? If the gadget supports this function, then everything can be configured. The article tells how to do this, and also suggests a solution to possible problems.

internet setup on smart watch

Details about setting up a SIM card for the Internet

To always stay in touch and not depend on Wi-Fi in a smart watch, you need to put a SIM card. It is important to consider: this will only work if the area where the user is located catches 2G and has a normal connection speed.

Insert SIM card

Usually, the SIM card slot is placed on the back or side of the device. If the user has correctly installed the communication card, then a network indicator will appear on the gadget screen after a few seconds.

Tariff setting

Each operator has its own rules and connection features. But there are a few basic guidelines:

  1. Choose a tariff that supports 2G or other mobile Internet.
  2. Well, if the operator gives at least a gigabyte of traffic.

Set up smart watch and smartphone

First, you need to activate the SIM card and unlock it. To do this, you can first insert it into the phone. The balance also needs to be replenished. In some cases, to activate the package, you will have to call someone and take the call.

Advice: If the SIM card is active, but there is no network, you need to turn off the smart watch, pull out the communication card and try to install it again. In most cases it works.

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how to put sim card in smart watch

How apps are installed on smart watches

Installing a program on a smart device is easy. You can do this in five steps:

  1. Turn on the Internet on the watch.
  2. Press the power key to see the list of applications.
  3. Select Play Store.
  4. Press search and enter a query using voice dialing or the keyboard. To select an input method, you need to click the corresponding icon.
  5. Tap on the desired application, and then on the “Install” button.

You can also download the program to your phone. When it is installed, it can also be used on a wrist gadget.

Recommendation: If you need a simple and inexpensive watch, ZeSport will do. A fairly large display provides convenient operation, including downloading programs from the store. Also, the model is equipped with a slot for a communication card, it can monitor activity and sleep.

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installing and launching an application from a smart watch on Android Wear

Synchronization with a smartphone

There are watches that only work on Android or, like Apple Watch, on iOS. But there are also cross-platform devices.

If the device has a GSM module, you can set up the Internet. How to connect a smart watch to the network:

  • launch the “Settings” menu,
  • select “Sim cards and networks”,
  • open the section with data transfer accounts.

synchronization of smart watch with smartphone

In the empty section, you need to add a new account yourself. In the “Options” you will need to enter the name of the access point, add a password and other data requested by the smart watch. The names of items in different models may vary slightly.

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Problem with network equipment

It happens that smart watches give a network error. This happens because of incorrect data. To fix the problem, you must:

  1. Find out if everything is in order with the settings: send SMS “pw, 123456, ts #” or with the numbers “523681” from your smartphone to the watch number. When the answer comes, check if the data matches.
  2. Compare the ID and IMEI of the device with the number on the smart watch.

checking network settings

In the first case, you can solve the problem yourself – enter the necessary data manually or contact the operator. He will tell you what to do. But in the second you need to contact the service center. You need to go to the master even when everything seems to match, but there is an error.

Why is there no Internet on children’s smart watches?

If the map shows the wrong location or your device is not connected, you need to:

  • Find out if there is enough money on the card. If not, replenish it; if yes, go to the next step.
  • Operator failure. You can insert a SIM card from a children’s smart watch into a smartphone – if it does not see the network there either, then you will have to wait or call the operator to quickly fix the problem.
  • Incorrect APN settings or IP address. Here, proceed in the same way as with watches for adults.

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How to enable wifi on smart watch

Connecting a smart gadget to the wireless Internet is easy. How to do it:

  1. Unlock watch screen.
  2. Go to “Settings”.
  3. Select “Connection” → Wi-Fi. If the switch is not active, you must click on it to allow the device to connect to the Internet automatically.

setting up wifi on smartwatch

Adding a new network:

  • In the Wi-Fi connection section, select the appropriate item.
  • Enter the password on your smartphone.
  • Confirm action.

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Using the Internet on a smart watch is convenient, and turning it on is easy. This guide will help you quickly set up a wrist gadget, solve the problem with network discovery.