The industry’s huge strides in smartwatch development were evident at CES 2014. Each manufacturer had its own twist. A period of experimentation is mandatory for any promising technology, and in terms of the availability of this model, there is no equal yet. Well-known manufacturer of assorted gadgets Archos is going to release a truly budget smartwatch with all the functions of paramount importance. This is not a competitor to any Pebble, but they will cost three times cheaper.

Archos is going to present the most affordable smartwatches in the summer. Their announced price is incredibly low – only $50, which approaches the threshold of an impulsive purchase, and not a long thought, like the same Pebble for $150. Naturally, the technologies used will be as simple as possible. A 1.55-inch e-ink screen will be able to display the time, notifications from a smartphone and allow you to switch tracks in the music player of the connected device. It’s all. But even so, a very promising product looms before us.

So cheap but still smart the watch has every chance of introducing the concept of such accessories to the general public and provoking an increase in demand for such devices in the future. It’s not that long to wait. Archos also plans to release a $100 1.8-inch color touchscreen model and a $130 aluminum variant. [9to5]