The CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas has ended. Mashable journalists liked the following five pieces.

GEMIO messenger bracelet


What was presentedA: No, this is not a tracker. Gemio’s feature is the customizable glow of light patterns on the LED coating. In fact, the developers have created a painted wearable tattoo for parties where you want to add personality. In everyday life – a bracelet, at leisure – a reflection of your Self. At a concert, an artist can broadcast his signature pattern to fans in the hall.

What’s left behind the scenes: Patterns are interchangeable pads, sold separately for $12.

Price: $149 for a set of two bracelets and onlays

Headset strap SGNL


What was presented: A bluetooth strap with a microphone for any watch that broadcasts sound through bone conduction when an incoming call. To talk with the interlocutor, you need to put your finger to your ear to hear the voice. Answer as usual. The advantage is that you don’t have to take out your phone, and no one around will hear the conversation (hello, Apple Watch).

What’s left behind the scenes: working samples were shown at CES. Basically, everything is transparent. First deliveries are scheduled for February 2017.

Price: pre-order for $149

Breathalyzer bracelet PROOF


What was presented: wearable alcohol tester. It looks like a fitness bracelet, but it does not measure activity, but blood alcohol levels using a non-invasive technique. The data is transmitted to a smartphone, where the application displays the forecast of intoxication and the time when you can drive.

What’s left behind the scenes: an error in the calculations will enrich the DPS patrol. It is not clear how it works on hairy hands.

Price: currently collecting pre-orders without payment, the price is expected from $100 to 150

Wrist subwoofer BASSLET


What was presented: a wireless thing that quietly vibrates on your hand in time with the music playing on your smartphone. According to the developers, you can not hear the bass, but you need to feel it.

What’s left behind the scenes: the bracelet is not connected directly to the phone, but to its transmitter, which, in turn, needs to be plugged into the phone’s audio output. Most likely, the guys were late for a couple of years.

Price: pre-order for $179

Thermo watch Power Watch

power watch

What was presented: smart watch recharged by the warmth of your hand. The gadget counts calories and is waterproof.

What’s left behind the scenes: not suitable for winter. Most likely, the developers use the watch to announce an alternative charging technology when wires are not needed. Since the smartwatch market is crowded, the guys have a good chance to sell themselves on the wave of the original solution.

Price: pre-order for $129

[по материалам mashable]