All smartwatches, regardless of model and manufacturer, run on batteries that need to be recharged from time to time. Moreover, if this is done correctly, it is quite possible to extend the battery life of a smart watch. A “survivable” battery is one of the components of a long and uninterrupted operation of the gadget. Useful tips on how to charge a smart watch for the first and subsequent times, and what to do to save the battery – later in the article.

  How to charge smart watch

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How to properly charge your smart watch

Wrist devices run on Li-ion batteries of various capacities (for example, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active R500 has 300 mAh). The watch phones support wired and wireless charging. The methods depend on the specific smart watch model and manufacturer. For example, Apple uses magnetic induction technology in smartwatches, when a “tablet” charger is applied to the back of the accessory without connectors.

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  How to charge smart watch

Other brands also do not stand still. For example, in the Watch Active R500, Samsung has implemented Qi technology – a single standard for inductive energy transfer over a distance of up to 4 cm. This type of recharging is wireless, the watch is simply placed on a special platform (which is connected to the mains) and powered by energy. All gadgets that support Qi technology can be recharged from one charger.

Let’s dwell on the main ways to charge a smart watch:

The scope of delivery of a wrist device usually includes all the necessary devices for charging the battery. You can also purchase accessories separately, such as an Apple docking station.

And how to charge a smart watch without a special charger, which could, for example, be lost? Some models can be energized using chargers from a smartphone, unless, of course, the connectors and voltage match.

Attention! Manufacturers recommend using only “native” chargers to avoid damage to the watch phone.

Also, users should learn some of the nuances of recharging smart watches. This will be discussed further.

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Correct charging time

The first charge (after purchase) must be carried out for at least 2 hours. In the future, smart watches charge no more than 3 hours as needed. This time is enough to replenish the energy of any smart watch from 0% to 100%. Chasophones can be periodically recharged during the day (for 30-40 minutes) and it is not necessary to wait for a full charge.

  Smart watch and battery

Here it is worth considering that the charging time depends on:

  • the capacity of the battery itself;
  • the degree of discharge of the battery;
  • charger power.

For example, in an “apple” watch (as an option, Apple Watch Series 6 GPS), if the battery is completely discharged, charging is carried out at a rate of 1% in 60 seconds. But as soon as the charge reaches 80%, the speed will drop by 3 times, and the clock phones will replenish the energy reserve up to 100% for another 40 minutes. The whole process will take ≈ 2 hours.

Charging adapters

An adapter is a unit to which a USB cable is connected to charge the clock phone from the network:

  • adapters are included in kits with a docking station for wireless charging of the smart watch (the USB cable is inserted into the appropriate slot on the side of the adapter, then the unit is plugged into a power outlet);
  • charging blocks are also used for wired charging of the watch phone, if the user decides to use the appropriate charger from a smartphone or other mobile gadget.

Charging adapters

For recharging a smart watch, blocks of no more than 2A are best suited. So the wrist device is quickly charged, and the battery is saved.

The rated and maximum voltage of the adapter must not exceed the values ​​specified in the specifications of the clock phone battery. How to charge a smart watch if the allowable charging voltage of the watchphone battery is, for example, 4.2V? Use a power supply with similar specifications.

ImportantNote: Do not use an adapter that has more amperes or voltage than is allowed, because the battery of the smart watch will overheat, which will shorten its life.

Charging your smartwatch for the first time: what to do to save the battery

The procedure after purchasing and turning on a smart watch (for example, Huawei Watch GT 2 Classic):

  1. Wait until the chasophone is completely discharged.
  2. Charge a wrist accessory up to 100%.
  3. Reuse until fully discharged.
  4. Fully replenish energy reserves again.

Li-ion battery type has virtually no memory effect, so after several discharge and recharge cycles, you can replenish energy reserves at 50% or more / less percent. It is not necessary to wait for 0% on the battery.

How long does a smartwatch battery last?

With active use of the watch phone, the battery will last ≈ 2 days without recharging. In sports copies, the battery is more “survivable”. For example, Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 40mm PRODUCT will last up to 9 days.

  Smart watch

Consumes a lot of energy:

  • GPS (it can be turned off as unnecessary);
  • various gaming applications;
  • Wi-Fi (to connect with a smartphone, it is better to use more energy-efficient Bluetooth).

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If you use your smartwatch only to view notifications, then the battery will easily last more than 2 days.

How to charge smart children’s watch?

Standard charging scheme:

  1. Insert one end of the USB cable into the corresponding connector on the watch phone (usually on the side of the device).
  2. Insert the other end of the cord into the connector of a laptop, PC, power bank.

  Smart watch

The time to fully charge children’s smart watches is ≈ 1-1.5 hours (for example, in GOGPS ME K19). Do not leave the gadget on charge all night, this negatively affects the battery condition.

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Without recharging, such gadgets will last from 1 to 3 days (depending on the battery capacity and the activity of using the watch phone).

Nuance: There are models with wireless charging (using a magnetic USB cable), but their price is much higher than gadgets with a wired power supply.

So, how to charge an adult or children’s watch? Various smart watch models support charging via a USB cable, as well as wireless recharge options. And if the charger suddenly fails or gets lost, it doesn’t matter: there are many similar accessories for smart watches on the market. The main thing is not to risk the performance of the battery and purchase a branded charger.