Smart watches with blood pressure and heart rate measurement options have become the most popular among all smart gadgets due to their versatility: they are worn by both weightlifters and office workers. Moreover, in 2019, the US Department of Health recommended them to everyone who cares about health. Below is a detailed analysis of smartwatches, their functions and recommendations for choosing.

choice of smart watches with pressure and pulse

What is a BP watch

Such gadgets are a mix of a fitness bracelet and a blood pressure monitor / heart rate monitor. All results are calculated through a complex digital system.

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Device Features

  what is a smart watch with pressure and pulse

Gadgets are positioned as sports watches that are designed to control health indicators. They are also recommended for tracking biological indicators and changes in well-being.

Compact smart watches are produced with a neat screen and sensors for collecting information about measuring pressure, heart rate, etc. All data can be transmitted to smartphones via Bluetooth or applications that are prescribed in the instructions.

Important: To transfer information from a smart watch to a smartphone, it is necessary to synchronize the gadgets.

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How smart watches measure blood pressure

The calculation is based on the correct operation of the accelerometer, which should tightly compress the wrist. It is on the accuracy of its measurements that the correctness of the indicators of the heart rate monitor and tonometer depends.

To get reliable data, the user will have to tell about his:

  • growth;
  • weight;
  • age.

Important: The smart watch may request additional parameters for correct operation. It all depends on the brand of the device and the algorithm that is used for the calculations.

So the smart watch will be able to correctly measure the pressure, calculate the optimal activity for its owner, and even help build a sleep schedule. Having learned the indicators, you can begin to adjust your lifestyle, change the amount of physical activity, the meal schedule, and even overcome insomnia.

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How accurate are blood pressure monitors in watches?

can you trust a watch with pressure and pulse

The measurement accuracy is equal to an automatic tonometer.

To get the most correct values, you should:

  1. Wear the device on the left hand This is how a device such as the GOGPS M02 reads the required data more accurately.
  2. Tighten the watch strap so that its back side tightly wraps around the brush.
  3. Tattoos can affect the correct operation. Ink and saturated contours can block the light signals that reach the sensor and distort readings. It is better to fix the gadget on the area of ​​the skin where there are no tattoos.
  4. More accurate results during sports provide rhythmic movements. For example, while running or cycling. Boxing and similar sports can skew results.

Additional functions

The watch is also able to distinguish between deep and superficial sleep, duplicate letters received by e-mail, and much more. The full list of functions depends on what requirements are set for the gadget: it is important for one to always be in touch, the second want to track the maximum number of indicators, and the third are looking for a middle ground.

Watch with pressure and pulse measurement

Gadgets like the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active are breaking sales records. The key difference from other watches is in the accelerometer. It measures the pulse and pressure, transmitting the results to the display. The sensor can be located in the back or fixed on the chest and connect with the watch “by air”.

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Watch with blood pressure function

  smart watch with heart rate monitor

Before you put on the fitness device, you need to enter information about yourself. As mentioned above, age is one of the most important indicators. The reason for this is that over time, the walls of blood vessels thicken. Smartwatches take this into account when they measure blood pressure. Manufacturers recommend indicating the correct age, so that the indicators will be correct even for older people.

Watches with the function of a tonometer and a heart rate monitor

Such gadgets will help not to overload your body during training – if the pulse rises above the set value, the device will show it. To measure some smart watches, such as the Apple Watch Series 4, you do not need to specially prepare – they display information in real time even during active loads.

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How to choose a pressure watch

  smart watch with activity measurement

Smart watches have a number of side functions: Internet connection, NFC chip for paying for purchases, displaying heart rate and pressure. When choosing a device and reading reviews, you should pay attention to 3 characteristics described below

Advantages and disadvantages of the device

Like any technology, such smartwatches have their positive and negative sides. The main aspects of the gadget are summarized in the table below.

The undoubted advantage of such gadgets is that with their help you can not worry about the health of loved ones, even being at a great distance from them. Some watches can become the very defender who will independently call an ambulance to the user. At the same time, the cost of such fitness equipment is affordable, and everyone can find a gadget in the price category in which they wish.