When the time of dolls and cute plush bunnies has passed, it’s time to look for a grown-up present for the girl. What can it be: children’s cosmetics, fashion accessories, gadgets? We have collected 10 possible options for what you can give a ten-year-old girl and hear: “Class”, “Cool”, “This is super”!

  What to give a girl for 10 years

smart watch

The «smart» gadget allows you to keep in touch with the child and can show his location. In addition to being useful for parents, smart watches are a fashion accessory that the younger generation loves thanks to cool features such as:

  • fast sending of voice and text messages;
  • simple, but still games that you can entertain yourself at recess, in transport;
  • front camera for video calls or, to take photos, shoot a short video (for example, in GOGPS ME X01);
  • bright flashlight, as in GOGPS ME K12.

You can make and receive calls directly from the watch, after installing a SIM card in them. In addition to the above, such gadgets have a lot of other features: an alarm clock, a monitoring function, etc.

Smart watch for girls

The main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing such a gift for a 10-year-old girl as a «smartwatch»:

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Paint by numbers

It will be a pleasant surprise for the holiday for those who are passionate about drawing or just dream of trying themselves as an artist. It is not difficult to write such a picture, because the markup of the future drawing has already been applied to the canvas. It remains only to follow the instructions and apply the desired color in the place that corresponds to its number. At the same time, the finished version looks like a real picture, which can be framed and hung on the wall.

Paint by numbers

In a set, for example, such SA0428, there is everything you need for creativity:

  • pattern canvas,
  • child-safe numbered paints,
  • brushes.

Such an occupation requires perseverance, attentiveness and accuracy. It will be possible to paint a picture, even if there are no special drawing skills.


This is an interesting birthday option for girls whose passion is decor and design. Such “Lego” is not just multi-colored squares and rectangles, but non-standard-shaped elements (tiles) that allow you to create unique products.

  LEGO Dots

You can choose LEGO Dots to make:

  • A creative photo frame that is assembled and decorated to your taste. Option — 41914.
  • Bright fashionable bracelets for yourself and girlfriends.
  • Desktop organizer for office supplies with tiles that can be connected in the most unimaginable way.

Lego has a lot of options. Coming up with your own design, the child develops creativity, this is an excellent training for perseverance and patience. And it’s also very interesting, because the elements of the designer can be endlessly disassembled and reassembled, each time creating something new.

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Wireless headphones

Infinitely tangled, torn, interfering with the movements of the wires — this is definitely not for active girls. But wireless headphones are comfortable, functional, allow you to walk with them, run and jump, absolutely not restricting movement.

  Wireless headphones for a child

Options for children look bright and original. In addition, they may have:

  • LED backlight like TAKH402;
  • a capacious battery for listening to tracks without recharging for many hours in a row;
  • volume limiters so as not to spoil the child’s hearing;
  • foldable design for easy storage and transportation;
  • the ability to answer calls and talk without taking out the phone.

Wireless models quickly interface with any music broadcasters: smart, tablet, etc. The girl will be able to listen to her favorite tracks, trendy podcasts, watch cool videos on Tik-Tok, YouTube, listen to audio books, absolutely not disturbing others with loud sound.

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Personal diary

If earlier ordinary notebooks were used to store girlish secrets, now you can choose a beautiful diary notebook for a gift:

  • its cover can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins, a bright pattern;
  • inside — pages with a lined part for notes, there may be pictures, motivating inscriptions, places for stickers and stickers, photos;
  • may have a padlock with a key, like J07857, or a combination, so that no one reads the contents of the diary without the permission of the owner;
  • be equipped with interesting features, for example, a pen with invisible ink and a lamp to show what is written, as in J07828.

Personal diary for a girl

It is better to choose similar products with a cover made of thick cardboard, not too thin in volume, so that the girl, if desired, could carry it for a year, take it with her on trips and write down her impressions, thoughts and feelings.

Candle decoration set

If the girl is passionate about creating various crafts, has a craving for needlework, you can please the birthday girl with a set for decorating candles. This is not only an interesting, but also a developing present. While working on the original appearance of the candle, imagination is involved, mindfulness, perseverance and motor skills are trained.

Candle decoration set

In sets, like PL-899550, it is proposed to use liquid pencils of different shades for decorating wax blanks, which quickly harden after being applied to the surface. You can mix colors, create any drawings and inscriptions on candles, and after finishing work, use them to decorate a room, give them to friends and relatives.

There are kits that instead of pencils include an electrical appliance with different nozzles, with which you can create various patterns on candles, apply paint, stick pictures. There is only one point — using complete parts and your own imagination, decorate a candle.

Lunchbox and thermos

You can put a snack to school, a summer camp, a picnic with friends not just in a bag, but in a stylish lunchbox.

Lunchbox and thermos for girls

What is remarkable about this option:

  1. Lightweight and compact plastic box with one or 2-3 compartments inside. Here you can put fruits, vegetables, a slice of pizza, a sandwich and other sweets for the child.
  2. Boxes are usually equipped with a hinged lid that opens/closes without problems and does not get lost.
  3. The food inside is securely «sealed», the lunchbox does not let the smell of food out, it is easy to clean after use.
  4. Lunchboxes are made in different colors, with cool drawings, for example, the character of the popular game Among Us or the Tik-Tok, Like icon.

You can supplement the snack with tea, compote, a drink in a thermos, which will maintain the desired temperature of the liquid. The lid can be used instead of the cup.

electric scooter

The best thing for active girls. Unlike a conventional scooter, electric vehicles can reach speeds within 10-16 km / h, like the Ninebot by Segway E8, and easily drive up a small hill. There are also faster options, but this is for older guys.

Children's electric scooter

Features of children’s models:

  • bright colors — pink, turquoise, red, etc .;
  • reduced size and weight — so that the baby can bring her scooter home on the bus herself, it was convenient to use it;
  • several types of brakes — hand, foot.

When choosing an electric scooter, pay attention to the age and weight restrictions specified by the manufacturer in the characteristics of the vehicle. Please note that the transport periodically needs recharging, as it runs on a battery.

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Jewelry Making Kit

A great option for young fashionistas and needlewomen. Of course, you can buy ready-made bracelets or earrings, but it is much more interesting to make a unique jewelry yourself. This will definitely not be the case with girlfriends.

Jewelry Making Kit

And it is also a “long-lasting” gift, because a set, for example, PL-199610, contains everything you need to make several sets of jewelry:

  • beads, rhinestones, pompoms, pendants, etc.;
  • fasteners (ribbons, threads, elastic cord, etc.);
  • auxiliary parts, such as a silicone mold.

In such sets, there is always an instruction that explains point by point why this or that part is needed, how to combine them into a beautiful product. The girl will be able to make herself a bracelet, beads, a pendant, and please her mother or girlfriend with a new decoration.

Such a gift not only captivates the child, but also contributes to his creative development. This is fine motor training.

Selfie monopod

Cool photos and videos for social networks and youth services will now be made even easier and more interesting. A monopod allows you to attach a smart, action camera or digital camera to one end, while the other end must be held by hand and the button on the handle pressed to make yourself. This option will allow you to capture not only yourself, but also friends in the frame, show the surrounding landscape.

Selfie monopod

You can connect a selfie stick to the gadget using a wire or using a Bluetooth connection, depending on the capabilities of the selected monopod. The sliding mount allows you to use a similar device for various devices. Lightweight «stick» can be taken with you for walks and travel, folding it when not needed or pushing it to the desired height when you need to click the frame.

When deciding what to give a girl for 10 years, do not lose sight of the birthday girl’s hobby. At this age, girls can already make a whole list of desired presents. And if nothing comes to mind, now you have plenty to choose from for a cool present for a girl.

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