Smartwatches are a handy gadget. For adults, it helps to monitor physical activity, stay in touch, even if it is inconvenient to get the phone, and even pay for purchases through the terminal. Children’s models help parents not to worry about the child: to be aware of his location and plans.

And if such a device malfunctions, it upsets. But the article will help solve most of the troubles faced by smart watch owners.

smart watch not working

What problems are possible when using smart watches

Usually smart watches function flawlessly. But there are four common causes of smart gadget failures.

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What breaks down more often in smartwatches?

If the smartwatch refuses to turn on, the problem is most likely in charging. To understand if this is the case, you need to try charging the gadget with another charger. Does not exceed? Then you should check the connector on the smart watch. If it is loosened, you will have to carry the device for repair.

For models that support magnetic fixation, contacts may oxidize over time. They can be cleaned up using a regular eraser. Devices with wireless charging can be charged with another docking station. If there is no movement, you will need to take the model to a service center.

Doesn’t hold a charge

Very capacious batteries are simply not placed in smart watches, due to their compact cases. That is why most devices last a couple of days on a single charge.

If the battery runs out quickly, you can:

1. reduce screen brightness;

2. turn off the always active display mode;

decrease the brightness of the display and turn off the Wi-Fi in the smart watch

3. if the smart watch supports both bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it is better to disable the second module;

4. if the watch has a SIM card and support for mobile Internet, it is worth deactivating it;

5. On Watch GT and similar gadgets, you can turn off GPS.

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Doesn’t sync with smartphone

Sometimes the gadget does not connect to the phone, and notifications do not come.

Water has entered the smartwatch

Most smartwatches, like the W20, are water resistant. But it happens that the device has been under water for too long or it has been dropped to a depth that the protection standard does not imply.

smart watch got wet

The faster the user dries the smart watch, the better. If, after drying, the device does not respond to turning on, does not charge, you need to urgently carry it to a service center.

Advice: some users recommend covering wet watches with rice to absorb excess moisture.

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Smart watch does not turn on: what to do?

If the gadget does not start, this error can be removed. How to do — below.

  • Check the hardware

The first thing to do is to remove the case from the device, check the connectors, remove dust from the gadget and ports.

Important! It is advisable to use the original charger. «Non-native» can harm smart watches. But for verification it is possible to use third-party memory.

  • Try turning on the watch while it’s charging

If the Android watch or model with another operating system does not turn on, you can try to charge the device. After that, you should wait about 15 minutes and try to activate them.

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smart watch on charge

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  • Plug the charger into a different outlet and repeat step 2

If the previous method did not work, you should connect the charger to another source. It can be another outlet, a computer or a laptop. Further it is necessary to act in the same way as described above.

Why won’t my GPS watch for kids turn on and charge?

The reasons for this are the same as with «adult» smart watches.

Children’s smart watch does not turn on

It happens that children’s smart watches do not start due to complete discharge. In this case, you just need to connect them to the network and wait 10-15 minutes.

Important! It is not advisable to fully discharge the battery of children’s smart watches. When only 15% is left, you can already charge.

The charger may have broken. In this case, you need to try to recharge the device through a laptop or use another charger or cable. If it doesn’t help, you will have to take the gadget in for repair.

The watch may not turn on due to moisture. The solution is to dry the device and try to charge it.

  how to put sim card in kids smart watch

Sometimes children’s smart watches for children do not see the SIM card. Most often the reason is that it is incorrectly inserted. If everything is correct, and the SIM card is not displayed on the display, GPS does not work, there is no network, it may be damaged. You should try to put another one.

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As you can see, smart watches may not work correctly or not turn on at all for many reasons. Most problems can be fixed on your own. But in critical situations, you will need to seek help from the workshop.

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