Pro-versions of smart-watch «Huawei» are expensive both in cost and in sales. Is it worth it, we will understand after the review of Huawei Watch 3 Pro. They are announced as «smart» watches and sports gadgets. Let’s see how well the manufacturer succeeded in this symbiosis.

Smart watch Huawei Watch 3 Pro on hand

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Appearance and body

The model came out quite weighty — 63 grams without a strap, and with it — a little more than 80 g. Let’s say the Watch GT 2 Sport weighs only 41 g. You can’t call the firmware compact either: 48x14x49. But it is immediately clear that this is a serious gadget.

There is a particularly durable titanium case and the use of ceramic for the back surface, a sapphire crystal covering the screen, and sensors on the inside. The latter are used to measure the heartbeat, fix the blood oxygen saturation and skin temperature.

The dial is round in a silver-metal frame. Around it is a small fixed bezel with numbers to help keep time. There are 2 physical controls on the right side of the case:

  1. Swivel wheel with tactile feedback. It works on pressing and on scrolling, for example, if you need to scroll up / down a menu or an incoming notification. On the active screen, it can be used to increase or decrease the size of the icons on the screen.
  2. A small button that launches various training modes. There is really a huge selection of activities here: walking and running outdoors or indoors, riding a bike, swimming in the pool and ponds, skiing, triathlon and more.

Wheel and control button on the case of Huawei Watch 3 Pro

The case is waterproof. The declared level is 5 ATM, that is, you can swim in fresh and salt water. But it is not recommended to use the wrist gadget in deep diving, water sports, associated with high speed.

The strap is made of genuine leather, has a standard width of 22 mm. Can be adjusted in size from 140 to 210 mm. This is a quality leather bracelet stitched on both sides with a classic metal buckle. The outside of the strap is dark brown and the inside is light brown. The leather surface is matte, tactilely pleasant, the watch looks stylish and expensive.

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Huawei Watch 3 Pro Screen

The entire 1.43-inch display is a touch surface. By the way, Huawei Watch 3 Black has the same screen size. Top — tempered sapphire 3D glass, oleophobic coating protects against fingerprints.

The matrix «Amoled» is used. As a result, the screen is bright, with good contrast and viewing angles. Naturally colored. Resolution — 466 by 466 pixels, density — 326 PPI. A similar number of pixels is rare even among smartphones.

Huawei Watch 3 Pro smart watch and smartphone

The touch display supports several types of control, you can:

  • slide your finger over it, for example, to scroll through the icons;
  • touch and «wake up» the screen;
  • press and hold to uninstall or open an app.

Going to the «Screen» tab, you can adjust its brightness to your liking by moving the slider up or down. There is also a large selection of dials for every taste. Free and paid options are available.

Offline work

The manufacturer promises up to 5 days of active watch operation after a single charge. According to user reviews, the real indicators are as follows: if you fully use all the functionality of the gadget, the device will last stably for three days.

To save power, you can activate the «Ultra Power Saving» mode for up to 21 days of use without recharging. But then the functionality of the wrist device is greatly reduced. In fact, they become just hours, without any smart set-top box.

This watch supports wireless charging. The USB wire is connected to the power supply via Type-A, and the charging “round” is magnetized to the bottom of the device. The cord from the charger is non-removable. But the watch can also be recharged from other similar devices of the Qi standard.


The wrist accessory runs on a new operating system — Harmony. The system is based on Android. Watch 3 Pro on this OS work unrealistically fast. Users get an instant response in the interface when flipping through and launching programs. Application icons are round, bright, with a clear image, even without inscriptions.

HarmonyOS on Huawei Watch 3 Pro

The main screen of the watch is occupied by a dial that shows the time, date, day of the week. Its appearance can be customized. How to open additional menus — swipe:

  • from top to bottom — we get into quick settings;
  • from bottom to top — notifications will open;
  • from left to right — weather info, music control;
  • from right to left — various widgets (activity, heart rate, oxygen level, etc.).

To synchronize the watch with a smart phone, say, the Samsung Galaxy A32, you need to install the Health app from the Huawei AppGallery store on the latest one. The wrist gadget already has this store, from where you can download programs directly to Watch 3 Pro. Connect your watch to Wi-Fi first.

The Harmony interface provides the ability to call up the keyboard for data entry. But when notifications are displayed on the watch, you can’t answer with text, you can only read it. With the firmware update, the manufacturer made it possible to still write in response to notifications from some applications, for example, Telegram.

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This model, like other smart watches, has many useful features that can be used in everyday life and for sports. We list the main features of Watch 3 Pro:

  • Health monitoring — perfectly track sleep, track heart rate and stress levels. They can measure oxygen in the blood. Please note that you cannot move during the measurement process, otherwise everything will start anew.
  • Sports modes — you can start it manually or the watch will determine the exercise itself, but only classic types of activity, such as brisk walking or running.
  • Music — you can not only listen through smart, but also directly connect wireless headphones to your wrist gadget via Bluetooth. It is also possible to listen to audio through the built-in speaker. In the memory of the gadget itself, you can download any songs.
  • Installing Apps — Use Epp Gallery on your watch or use your connected phone. The internal memory of the smart watch has 16 gigs (RAM 2 GB).
  • Calls — You can answer incoming calls using the speakerphone. The model is equipped with a microphone, the audibility of the interlocutor is excellent.
  • App notifications — Your watch receives a variety of alerts that you can read.

Menu and features of Huawei Watch 3 Pro

A compass (as in Huawei Watch GT 2), a barometer, a stopwatch, a timer, fixing atmospheric pressure, measuring the level of altitude — all this is for lovers of active and long walks, athletes, travelers. The gadget also has a function «Water drain» — relevant after swimming. Excess liquid leaves the case through the speakers. Additionally, it is recommended to tilt and shake the gadget a little. The function is called from the curtain, which can be opened by swiping from top to bottom.

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New chips

The third Pro-version of the Huawei watch received additional features, such as:

  1. Support for E-sim 1 technology
    When using it, you can do without smart and receive calls and SMS directly to your watch. Convenient, for example, when jogging, if you do not want to take your phone with you. But there are nuances. The technology works in the format of duplicating a number from a smartphone to a watch. To use, you need an operator providing such a service.
  2. The ability to determine the fall of a person
    The device captures this moment and can make a call to emergency services, just like individual Apple watch models.
  3. Temperature measurement
    There is a thermometer icon in the menu. You need to tighten the watch strap on your wrist, go to the appropriate section and click «Measure». But the watch does not show the general body temperature, but the t° of the skin. By these measurements, you can understand whether there is an increase or indicators are normal.

Another interesting feature that helps reduce the risks of transmission of various infections, which is relevant in modern realities. With the help of the speaker, the watch can “listen” and determine the moment when the user washes their hands. At the same time, a stopwatch is turned on so that the person spends this procedure longer and more carefully.

Features and Pros

The Watch 3 Pro has everything you need from a smart watch:

  • Wide functionality — literally for all occasions, and to run, jump, swim, and monitor your health, and always stay in touch.
  • Excellent design and materials — titanium, sapphire crystal, genuine leather and impeccable assembly — a guarantee of durability and premium look of the gadget. “Plus” to this is water resistance, and it is extremely difficult to scratch or otherwise damage the accessory.
  • The ability to customize for yourself — you can choose watch faces, download additional programs, change training parameters and much more.
  • Super autonomy — 3-4 days with an average static load, the device will last lightly.

In addition, the watch has NFS. They can be used for contactless payment for purchases. But the function does not work in all countries and cities, only in places where there are relevant services in contact with Huawei smart watches.


Finally — the internal «stuffing» of the gadget:

Huawei Watch 3 Pro is a really advanced version. The review clearly showed that the manufacturer did not stint either on materials or on the «stuffing». The watch is 100% worth its price tag. Where and how to use them, the user decides, and the wrist gadget will flexibly adapt to any scenario.

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