Smartwatch can be paired with Bluetooth headphones or a headset. This is a great opportunity to listen to music or receive calls directly from the smart watch: it will come in handy if you need to, for example, leave your smartphone and go for a run. How to connect smart watch to bluetooth headphones or headset? The action will not take much time if you read the detailed instructions below.

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  How to connect smart watch to headphones, headset

How to connect Bluetooth headphones

For starters, it’s worth noting that Wear OS watch phones only communicate with other accessories via Bluetooth. They do not support devices with ANT+ wireless technology.

It is also worth considering that the procedure for connecting smart watches (like R500 Gold or others) and headphones may differ depending on the version of the operating system installed in the watch phone. It’s better to install “fresh” OS updates anyway, so that there are no difficulties when synchronizing 2 devices.

And the last point: it is worth clarifying which version of Bluetooth the headphones / headset can work with. Let’s say the EO-MG900 device is paired with all gadgets with Bluetooth version 3.0 and higher.

With the recommendations finished, it’s time to learn how to connect bluetooth headphones to a smart watch.

Preparing the headphones

What should be done:

  1. Recharging — insert one end of the USB cable into the corresponding connector of the accessory, the other end into the USB port of a PC or power bank. We wait until the charge level reaches at least 40% so that the device does not turn off during pairing.
  2. Inclusion — hold down the power key on the headphone / headset case, or a separate Bluetooth pairing key (depending on the model). The fact that the device is ready for use will be notified by a sound or light signal.

  Bluetooth headphones and headset

The preparation of bluetooth accessories is over, let’s move on to the clock phone.

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Connect watch

Mini preparation: touch the watch phone screen to “wake up” the device, then swipe down on the display.

Basic steps on how to connect headphones or a headset to a smart watch like R500 Black:

  • go to the settings of the clock phone;
  • click on «Connection» → Bluetooth;
  • select «Available Devices».

  Bluetooth connection to smart watch

It remains to wait a couple of seconds until the smart watch detects the bluetooth accessory. The name of the headphones / headset will appear in the list on the smart watch screen — you need to click on it and then a connection will be established between 2 devices. Sometimes you need to additionally enter a password or PIN code on the watch phone.

Nuance: many bluetooth accessories remember the device with which they were paired and, when turned on again, establish a connection with it (if the user does not “untie” the gadgets from each other).

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How to connect a Bluetooth device that has an app

You need to do the following:

  • touch the smart watch screen to turn it on;
  • open the Bluetooth device application on the watch phone;
  • then you need to follow the simple instructions on the screen.

The procedure depends on the Bluetooth accessory and smart watch you are using.

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How to download and listen to music from a smart watch without a smartphone

What the user needs:

  • a watch phone with a built-in speaker or a smart watch connected to headphones;
  • connecting a wrist device to Wi-Fi;
  • having a Google account.

Then everything is simple:

Music on smart watch

A little advice: to store your music collection, you will need space on the smart watch, so you need to clarify the number of gigs of internal memory in the characteristics of the watch phone. In SM-R800NZSASEK, for example, 4 GB.

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That’s all. Now you can safely move on to synchronizing your smart watch and Bluetooth devices. One has only to remember that the range of a Bluetooth connection is not unlimited. For example, there should be no more than 10 meters between the Nokia headset and the connected device. In addition, the connection can be negatively affected by other electronic gadgets, walls. And, of course, do not forget about installing «fresh» updates: OS and applications on the watch phone. If you follow all the rules, the connection and further pairing of devices will take place «without a hitch.»

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