Sports watches are smart gadgets (Smart Watch). They are able to measure the pulse and pressure, they have built-in GPS and GSM. How to choose the right watch for running — in the article.

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Characteristics of a watch for running in the city

If in an area with quarterly architecture it is simple and logical to calculate mileage, then for non-standard settlements (with sharp changes in height and unusual streets) you will have to take a more reliable device.

city ​​running watch

Among the main parameters of urban sports watches, 4 characteristics can be distinguished.

  1. Heart rate measurement, like Honor Watch.
  2. Clock, timer, stopwatch.
  3. Measurement of distances and pace of walking (running).
  4. Pedometer.

For running around the city, these functions are more than enough. The movement can be counted on a mobile phone in your pocket, and the rest of the add-ons can be carried out in the application, which is indicated in the instructions. If it’s empty there, look for the perfect app by clicking on it, trying apps from different developers.

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Trail running watch specifications

To understand which watch to choose for running, you need to consider the following parameters:

The functions of the smart watch are designed for maximum autonomy of the athlete. They are a guide, an adviser, and an assistant. Still, in an open field there is no one to ask a short way to the nearest stop.

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Basic functions of a running watch

running watch features

A good running watch combines the best of smartwatches and fitness bands. Among the main parameters, 13 running ones can be distinguished:

  • heart rate monitor — in conventional devices, indicators can deviate by 7-12% from the actual value. For an accurate result, you need to use a chest heart rate monitor with a heart rate sensor that will connect to the watch via wire or “over the air”;
  • tonometer — measures pressure;
  • oximeter — shows the approximate amount of oxygen in the blood. Honor Band 5 has such a feature;
  • pedometer — counts the number of steps;
  • the barometer calculates the height with the duration of ascents and descents as accurately as possible;
  • GPS receiver — remembers movements. Can transfer them to the «cloud» at the first connection to the network. Advanced models have the ability to download offline maps (which is very valuable on rough terrain);
  • calorie counter — the more inputs by type of height, heart rate, pressure and other things, the more accurate these values ​​will be;
  • the ability to calculate loads through the speed of steps and distances using GPS;
  • clock, stopwatch and timer;
    compatibility with iOS, Android or Windows — having run data, mobile apps will tell you how training will affect your health and what time is best to run next time;
  • backlight — to see the time or results;
  • moisture and dust resistance — the more the better. With such devices, you can dive several meters deep in fresh water. Salty — destroys the mechanism of even the most protected watches;
  • autonomy — ideally 2-3 weeks. It’s also good if they don’t need charging for 5-10 days.

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What to look for when choosing: 9 points

  selection of sports watches

  1. The ability to synchronize with your phone via Bluetooth.
  2. The presence of a chest heart rate monitor — for accurate measurement of heart rate.
  3. GPS and other satellite networks.
  4. Barometer, like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active R500.
  5. Water and dust resistance.
  6. Smart notifications — notifications about missed events.
  7. Recharging on the go.
  8. Connection with streaming services.
  9. NFC chip — with which you can pay for purchases.

Let’s see what is the best running watch. You will have to take into account your physical activity, the place with the frequency of training and other parameters described above. And only in this way it will be possible to find the model that is best suited specifically for you.

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