Fitness bracelets have gone from a gadget for athletes to a dedicated companion for everyone who cares about their health. This device has up to a hundred functions. Including the bracelet controls the smartphone and measures the level of oxygen in the blood. We tell you how to choose the right fitness bracelet.

Why do you need a fitness bracelet: purpose and main functions

The device facilitates the connection with the outside world, manages the mobile phone and tracks the habits of the «owner». Can:

  • count the calories spent during any activity: from walking with friends to a marathon swim;
  • work as a portable pedometer;
  • calculate heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels in the blood;
  • help set sleep patterns
  • control your phone remotely.

And this is only part of the possibilities! Smart trackers are getting smarter, replacing phones in some cases.

choosing a fitness bracelet

Before you buy a tracker, you need to understand what it is for. Only by realizing the necessary parameters, you can choose the perfect fitness bracelet.

  1. For one, maximum autonomy is important.
  2. The second are looking for a continuation of the smartphone.
  3. And the third need accurate health tracking.

Based on the wishes, key selection parameters are highlighted. More details about the functions of fitness bracelets — below.

Important: no fitness tracker can replace real medical devices. All indicators on such a technique are approximate and are only suitable for familiarizing yourself with your state of health. For accurate results, only certified heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors and aximeters should be used.

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The presence of a heart rate monitor and other smart watch chips

The device monitors the heartbeat. It measures the pulse using an optical sensor, so skin color, thickness, and even body fat can affect accuracy. Therefore, when you turn it on for the first time, manufacturers ask you to provide your data — so the device will more accurately calculate the necessary information.

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In some models, the heart rate monitor (as in Huawei Band 4e Black Sakura) can be used to track the phases of sleep — in the fast phase (when dreams) the heart rate is slightly faster. A smart bracelet will help you regulate your sleep schedule: by analyzing its phases, a smart alarm clock will wake you up at the right time — in the REM sleep phase. The owner of the bracelet will wake up cheerful even if he slept for 5 hours.

  chips of modern fitness trackers and sleep tracking

Some watches with a heart rate monitor can help calm those suffering from panic attacks. Noticing an increased heart rate, the devices turn on the application to correct breathing.

If there is also a pedometer on the fitness tracker, the smart bracelet will calculate the lost calories with enviable accuracy. It combines data about the user’s health, heart rate and the number of steps taken. This will measure the exact level of activity.

Protection against water and moisture

The most advanced bracelets are protected from moisture and dust. They are not afraid of swimming and dusty places. The main thing is not to swim in the sea. Modern protection of smartwatches is designed only for fresh water. Salt and other impurities can damage the appliance.

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Smartphone Compatibility

The fitness tracker can duplicate notifications from a smartphone. And with some smart bracelets, you can even receive calls and be in touch anytime, anywhere.

  compatibility of fitness trackers with mobile

Tracker with NFC-module easily connects to wireless speakers. It is convenient for them to pay for purchases at the checkout. To do this, do the following.

  1. Synchronize phone and watch.
  2. Install Google Pay or Apple Pay on your bracelet.
  3. Log in to the application if it was not done automatically. Next, the tracker will pull virtual cards from the cloud.
  4. Before each purchase, unlock the tracker.
  5. Sometimes the setup is different, so it is advisable to read the device manual.

The main thing is to choose the device that can synchronize with your smartphone. We recommend that you read the specifications for the selected device and study the reviews in order to understand whether the device meets your expectations.

Convenient smartphone app

It should be understood that not every tracker can be synchronized with a smartphone. Some nonames cannot be legalized even through universal applications. Therefore, before buying, you should definitely read the reviews and reviews on the selected device.

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Design and materials

Fitness bracelet — station wagon. He has long moved from the rank of «device for the gym» to everyday gadgets. So, it should equally harmoniously correspond to the image of a business woman, a CEO and a hipster teenager.

fitness bracelet on a businessman and a teenager girl

Therefore, many manufacturers provide the ability to change the straps. The same watch looks different in a new frame — like Huawei AW61 Red. Straps are made from different materials:

  • rubber;
  • latex;
  • Genuine Leather;
  • eco-leather;
  • linen/cotton, etc.

The design degree of pretentiousness of the device depends only on the courage of the owner.

The appearance of the straps differs in the type of fasteners. There are four of them.

  1. Fastening with a “tooth” or buckle — such watches do not fall off even if you constantly pull your hand.
  2. A folding lock is strong, but not as strong as a buckle.
  3. Clips are the simplest method of fastening, but at the same time the most unsafe. A sharp movement of the hand, and the clock flies.
  4. Butterfly — an elegant option with a hidden clasp.

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Battery life

Fitness tracker is a portable gadget. On average, it holds a charge of up to 5-15 days of battery life in medium load mode. Models five years ago did not know how, they lasted no more than 2-3 days.

smart watch charging

Modern models can be charged through charging, power bank or from the cigarette lighter in the car.


If earlier the display on a fitness watch was a rarity, then the current ones have a screen that displays the requested indicators. Usually equipped with:

  • diagonal — 0.7-1 inch;
  • color screen. In some models, it is touch;
  • resolution is approximately 120×240.

Yes, you can’t watch Netflix from it. But he pulls the main tasks — for the functions of a fitness tracker, it is enough with his head.

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Let’s figure out which models show the best results in the early 20s. Below are the top 5 fitness bracelets. Which one to choose depends only on your preferences and expectations from the model.

Honor Band 5: worked out to the smallest detail

Band 5 Meteorite Black can be described as a good average: affordable price and rich functionality. He especially took a closer look at the fact that it can be charged without removing it from the capsule. Despite user requests, many companies have not yet thought of this.

honor band 5 fitness bracelet

Features Honor Band 5

This model was released in the summer of 2019. In less than a year, she managed to win the hearts of consumers and become one of the most popular bracelets. The ratio of price and available features conquered even those who had not played sports before.

The interface of the model has become more developed compared to the previous generation: the icons have become more voluminous, the text is more readable. The letters have grown in size and have improved contrast.

However, the notification screen does not show which apps the message came from. Therefore, you will have to guess in which of the messengers the addressee wrote.

Significantly improved personalization. Users received 50+ watch faces and several multi-colored straps from the manufacturer. Not counting the ability to receive screensavers and straps from third-party companies.

In addition, the tracker has new fitness features. There are 10 modes available, including ellipsoid and rowing machine training. It also measures the approximate level of oxygen in the blood.

The Band 5 has an excellent level of pedometer with heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring system and freshwater waterproofness.

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«Pros» and «cons» Honor Band 5

honor band 5 fitness bracelet

The Honor Band 5 Midnight Navy has its pros and cons. For visual comparison, they are collected in the table.

Honor Band 5 Reviews

If you delve into the reviews, you can understand that users are captivated by the value for money. They like to wear thin and light watches that can track key health indicators. Also, users are impressed by the accuracy of measurements of the device.

The only thing that does not suit is autonomy at maximum load. If you turn on «everything at once», then the Honor Band 5i loses 30% of the battery in the first 2-3 days. However, they understand that this is a feature of any technique. The more you load it, the faster it will «sit down».

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The price of Band 5 is more than democratic. For 1000 hryvnia, you can get the same functions as the models twice as expensive.

Short verdict: this bracelet is suitable for those who are looking for a good fitness tracker with accurate measurements. If the user is looking for a media machine, it may seem «weak».

Huawei AW61

Convenient budget tracker for measuring steps, heart rate, sleep monitoring and more. Thanks to its elegant look, it will look equally good with both a business suit and sports sweatpants.

  fitness tracker Huawei AW61

The unique strap attachment holds the capsule itself in such a tight grip that it won’t fall out even during ultra-intense workouts. And a constant connection with Huawei Health will help you track health changes in the long term.

Specifications Huawei AW61

The large touchscreen 0.96-inch OLED display will be convenient for people with large fingers. For those who always miss, click in the right place.

The constant change in heart rate allows the Huawei tracker to monitor your health more accurately. The bracelet will tell you in which exercises you need to “push” and where to relax. And for couch potatoes, a fitness friend will give a signal to “warm up” if the user sits in one place for too long.

Smart sleep monitoring monitors the stages of Morpheus’ embrace and adjusts the smart alarm so that the user wakes up awake.

With this tracker, users stay «in touch» wherever they are. Notifications, messages from the phone and calls are displayed here. Moreover, the synchronization of the smartphone and the tracker will allow you to call the missing mobile phone if it is in the Bluetooth coverage area at a distance of up to 10-15 meters.

Many colors of straps will help to express your individuality. IP67 waterproof rating keeps out splashes, rain and dust. The 95 mAh battery will last up to 10 days of continuous operation. A miniature micro-USB hole allows you to charge it without removing it from the strap.

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«Pros» and «cons» Huawei AW61

fitness tracker Huawei AW61

The features of the Huawei AW61 tracker can be found below.

Reviews Huawei AW61

Judging by the reviews, more often this tracker is taken as a gift. And not smart. This fitness bracelet is one of the best in its price range. Users appreciate it as a smart alarm clock that wakes up even the notorious «sleep» in a good mood!

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Budget price — within 849 UAH. On sales, you can «catch» for 600-700 hryvnia.

Brief verdict: Perfect gift for a child or parent. There are not enough stars from the sky, but it justifies every penny invested in it!

Samsung Galaxy Fit R370

Samsung fitness watches are suitable for those who combine the gym and a business meeting. The button closure allows you to hide the end of the strap inside, which makes the appearance of the device more elegant.

  fitness tracker Samsung Galaxy Fit R370

Specifications Samsung Galaxy Fit R370

On the 0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen, notifications of any size are readable. Oleophobic coating protects the screen from smudges and scratches. The monitor is so bright that information from it is read even in the sun. However, you will have to change it yourself, auto-correction of brightness is not provided.

Bracelet functionality.

  1. Pedometer, heart rate monitor, stopwatch.
  2. Notifications from messengers, messages and calls.
  3. Turn on by raising your hand.
  4. Calculate the level of stress. The device analyzes the variability of the heartbeat, and evaluates the degree of load on the body according to it.
  5. Automatic detection of the training mode.
  6. Music management on mobile.

At rest, the heart rate monitor works quite accurately. Differences in 3-4 strokes. However, during physical activity, the error can reach up to 7-10%. In future updates, the manufacturer promises to solve this problem.

Galaxy Fit R730 Silver supports wireless charging. The bracelet comes with a compact docking station. A large battery with a capacity of 120 mAh is enough for 7-10 days of battery life.

The moisture protection class WR50 is high. The device is not afraid of a downpour or a dust storm. Breaks down from exposure to salt (sea) water.

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«Pros» and «cons» Samsung Galaxy Fit R370

fitness tracker Samsung Galaxy Fit R370

The main advantages and disadvantages of the Galaxy Fit WR50 are summarized in the table below.

Reviews Samsung Galaxy Fit R370

Judging by the reviews, the Galaxy Fit R730 Black is more often purchased by athletes who need accurate performance. And businessmen who need a fashionable bracelet. Users love the large battery, moisture resistance, and workout type detection.

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The average cost is about UAH 3,200-3,300. On sales you can buy for 2,500-2,700. And although the price «bites», it fully justifies itself.

Short verdict: a status device that will be an ideal addition to the image of a businessman.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

  fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 2

A tracker that has become a classic. It was he who was the bracelet that drew attention to fitness gadgets.

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Band 2

As of 2022, this is a good mid-ranger at a budget price. Mi Band 2 has rich functionality:

  • pedometer, heart rate monitor;
  • screen unlock function without entering a password. However, it works on a limited number of devices;
  • activity reminder;
  • notification of calls and messages;
  • protection IP67;
  • oleophobic screen;
  • sleep tracker.

The bracelet has a lot of room for customization: you can find dozens or even hundreds of straps with different patterns and shades on it.

Note: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 — now with a screen!

«Pros and cons»

  pros and cons of Xiaomi Mi Band 2 fitness bracelet

This is an outdated model that still holds a head start. The table contains summary information about it.

Reviews Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Users appreciate this bracelet for its durability. Even after 2-3 years of operation, it holds a charge for up to 3-5 months. «Soft» alarm clock smoothly vibrates on the hand and awakens unobtrusively.

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Within 500 UAH.

Short verdict: an old man who will still show odds to the young.

Honor Band 4 Running

This is a stripped-down version of the Honor Band 4, designed specifically for cardio enthusiasts.

fitness bracelet Honor Band 4 Running

Features Honor Band 4 Running

The Honor bracelet is designed for runners. It does not have the usual heart rate monitor and GPS module. However, the tracker connection includes a shoe mount that uploads the following data to the app:
running technique;
contact with the earth and impact on it;
frequency and step angle;
deflection range.

The watch connects to the Huawei Health account, which will tell you in detail about the impact of jogging on health. And he will give recommendations on how to improve running technique. In addition, it perfectly complements the phone, showing message and call notifications.

Band 4 Running Black Running has a light sensor — the bracelet will adjust the brightness to the environment. A smartphone search function is also provided.

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«Pros and cons»

A shortened version of the original Band 4 — and that says it all. But! This is not a verdict. Details about the «pros» and «cons» of the device — below.

Reviews Honor Band 4 Running

  reviews about fitness bracelet Honor Band 4 Running

Despite the limited functionality, the tracker «came». Users love the Band 4 Running Black Green because, at a budget price, it helps track all the important running parameters and calories lost with incredible accuracy.


Standard average — you can find a similar bracelet for 700-800 hryvnia. On sales, the price drops to 500-600 hryvnia.

Short verdict: gadget for professional runners, and anyone who cares about the quality of their runs.

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When wondering how and what to choose a fitness bracelet, you need to understand your key requirements for this technique. When choosing a tracker, you should look in the direction of the one with which you can go through «fire and water». Then it will fit perfectly into your daily life!

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