Once again, hello everyone. This post will be short. If you missed it, I previously wrote about the prices for the iPhone 14 (they have already fallen) and the principles of gray supplies of Apple devices in general.

I am related to the gray market and Gorbushka in particular, so I can tell you how much the new Apple Watch Ultra and AirPods Pro second generation cost there now. Worldwide sales begin this Friday, September 23rd.

Apple Watch Ultra: from 120 to 300 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration, country and strap. The official price of Apple is $799, that is, approximately 48 thousand rubles.

AirPods Pro 2: from 120 to 240 thousand rubles*. The official price is $249, which is about 15 thousand rubles.

Prices will drop a little in a week. But this time they will fall more slowly than they did on the iPhone 14. Shipments will inevitably slow down. In fact, they have already slowed down. You all know the reason.

*Update from a reader: sent the text on the night of September 23rd. As of the evening of September 24, prices for AirPods Pro of the second generation have fallen on Gorbushka to about 30 thousand rubles. So think.

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