Amazefit produces a huge range of smartwatches, but the inexpensive but functional Amazefit Bip U Pro model occupies a special niche.

It is positioned as a budget. But many users are confused by the low price of the gadget.

To understand what features and technical characteristics the watches differ in, and whether it is worth spending money on them, we recommend that you read the review of the model. You can buy the watch here.


Despite the democratic cost, the Amazefit Bip U Pro smart watch has sufficient technical characteristics for full use.:

  • product weight (with strap) 31 g;
  • battery capacity 220 mAh;
  • the level of dust and moisture protection is 5 atm;
  • indicator type: vibration signal;
  • strap material: silicone;
  • size: 41x35x11 mm;
  • connection methods: Bluetooth, LE, A2P.

At the same time, the future owner should take into account that of the communication functions, the model provides only a microphone..

There is no camera, Internet and built-in speakers in the device.


In general, the design resembles the design of any other smart watch. The rectangular dial is complemented by a flexible strap that can be adapted to any wrist size.

Many users call the watch look like a toy.

First of all, because of the turquoise color. The dial is made of plastic, and its edges are painted in the same turquoise color as the strap.

Together, this design makes the watch informal.. For people who prefer a loose or sporty style of clothing, the model will certainly fit, but in the office or at a serious business meeting, the device will not look quite appropriate.

Other features of the watch’s appearance include:

  1. On the back side there are sensors (oxygen level and heart rate) and information about the model. There are also contacts for charging.
  2. Detachable strap made of silicone. It has a standard size and type of fastening, so there will be no problems with assembling the watch. In addition, this design will help in the future to choose another strap if the base gets tired or breaks.
  3. The button is only one and has a standard functionality. Its surface is smooth, but slightly protrudes above the dial. The button is pressed with an effort of medium force, so accidental pressing is excluded.
  4. The edges of the glass are slightly rounded, but when viewed from the side, this rounding is practically not noticeable.

The watch sits very comfortably on the hand. There are many holes in the strap, so it will not be difficult to adapt it to the diameter of the brush..

Generally speaking, the impression of the design is ambiguous.

The strap and case are painted in bright original colors, the watch itself sits very comfortably on the hand, but the overall design seems a bit childish and toy. The model is presented in three colors.


The display is one of the key parts of a smart watch. In this model, the screen is rectangular and equipped with an IPS matrix..

The diagonal is 1.43 inches, and the resolution is 320×302. For a device of this price category, this is a very worthy indicator.

Other screen features are:

  1. The front surface of the display is covered with a special glass plate so that the screen is not covered with scratches. The surface of the plate is mirror-smooth, which greatly facilitates the reading of information.
  2. Also on the outer surface of the screen there is a special grease-repellent coating. Due to this, fingerprints are erased with minimal effort, and appear less frequently than on watches with a conventional glass display.
  3. Practical tests show that in terms of anti-glare properties, the display of this model is not inferior to the screens of more expensive smartwatches.


The instructions indicate that in normal mode, the watch can work without recharging for 9 days, and with active use — 5 days.

But in practice, active use means the use of all functions. Accordingly, if the owner additionally uses the training mode, the battery will run out even faster.

Compared to other models of the brand, the autonomy of this watch is lower.

But the explanation is very simple: the device is equipped with a bright color display, which consumes battery resources much faster.

fourFunctions and interface

To start using the watch fully, you will have to install the Zepp app. It is compatible with all Android and iOS mobile devices.

This app is compatible with other Amazefit and Zepp brand gadgets.

The functions of this watch are in many ways similar to those of previous models.:

  1. Notifications are displayed on the screenthe user can control music playback on the smartphone, track the duration and quality of sleep, and monitor the heart rate.
  2. The clock does not glitch and does not freezeso all notifications arrive quickly and without delay.
  3. Despite the fact that the watch is produced by a Chinese company, Cyrillic is displayed correctly on the screen. Problems can only occur with the display of some emoticons. A small drawback is also present: if the message is too large and does not fit on the screen, you will not be able to open the full text.
  4. The application menu is divided into two parts. The first list includes basic functions, and by clicking on the «More» button, the user will be able to see additional information that did not fit on the main screen. Both lists can be changed and adjusted to your liking using the Zepp app.

Also, the user will be able to download additional dials and change them at their discretion.

In terms of functionality, the model is perfect for athletes, because it provides a wide range of workouts..

Among them there are also water ones, as the watch is equipped with full protection against moisture. But here, too, there was a drawback. The manufacturer was guided by an incomprehensible logic when choosing workouts.

For example, the functionality provides for such unusual sports as fishing or archery, but there is no skiing training.

At the same time, there are skating and snowboarding trainings, so, if desired, the user will be able to solve the problem.

The device also has built-in GPS, which will help you navigate in unfamiliar areas during outdoor workouts.

Standard features like basic step tracking, distance traveled and calories burnedas well as heart rate monitoring, the device is also provided.

It is worth paying attention to additional functions.

Smart watches have:

  • Alexa app for voice control of other smart devices;
  • Pomodoro Tracker, which will help increase concentration;
  • tracking the female cycle;
  • measurement of SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation).

If we talk about algorithms for measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, then so far no device can boast of perfect measurement accuracy.

If you measure the oxygen level several times in a row, the results will range from 95 to 100%. The first indicator is too low for a healthy person, and the second is considered unrealistic.

But this is not a drawback of this model: similar inaccuracies are also found in more expensive devices.

In the functionality of the device, there are reminders of physical activity enabled by default.

But, as in other models of the brand, they do not always work correctly. In particular, smartwatches do not always take into account recent workouts, so the watch can send a reminder of physical activity even if the user has just finished a workout..

The model does not support third-party applications, so it will not work to connect the smart watch to music or sports applications. As a bonus, the manufacturer has provided support for the Strava and AppleHealth applications.


To make sure that you bought the original model (especially if you ordered the watch via the Internet), you need to familiarize yourself with the gadget package in advance..

The factory packaging of the gadget is white, flat and compact. On its front side there is a clock.

The watch comes with a detachable silicone strap and a USB charging cable.

There is no power supply for charging. It will not be difficult to deal with the device, as the kit includes a detailed user manual in several languages, including Russian.

Smartwatch charging deserves special attention. Unlike the Bip S Lite model, where the device had to be inserted into the cradle with force, everything is as simple as possible in this model.

The charger cable is laid out on the table, the clock is placed on the charge so that the contacts of the two devices are aligned.

Despite the fact that this is a simple manipulation, many users find it inconvenient, because if the user accidentally touches the watch with his hand, it will stop charging..


An objective assessment of the cost and functionality of the Amazefit Bip U Pro shows that this model is suitable for athletes and lovers of an active lifestyle.

The design and quality of the materials are evaluated ambiguously, but if the user prefers a sporty style of clothing, this model will definitely suit him.

The choice of functions on the watch is also quite decent, although some users find it strange that skiing is not on the list of workouts.

The obvious advantage of the model is the presence of GPS, so you can safely take the watch with you on travels in unfamiliar areas. And you can buy watches in the online store.

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