Vivofit has a superficial resemblance to many other activity trackers. This small bracelet with a screen is designed specifically for active users of mobile technology. Therefore, it satisfies any requests of the modern user.

First of all, the device is compact and lightweight, there is a small display that will provide all the necessary information in real time, as well as water protection with the ability to dive to a depth of 50 meters! In addition, the bracelet is removable, so you can choose a color scheme for your mood or clothes.


Vivofit constantly monitors user activity to create a personalized, achievable goal. It’s simple — the more goals you achieve, the healthier you become. Of course, every time the tasks become more difficult, but for you there is nothing unattainable with Garmin. It uses built-in Bluetooth Smart to sync with a computer or Android or iOS device, and the device also supports ANT+ technology, a wireless secure data transfer feature used in sports equipment to collect sensor data on a mobile device. Included is a small dongle for quick synchronization with a computer. To transfer data, you will need to install the proprietary Garmin Connect application on both your computer and mobile device. With it, you can get a lot of useful data about your activity — the number of steps taken and the distance, for example, monitor the dynamics of physical training and even receive medals for completed tasks. In addition, this is a full-fledged social network for professional athletes and amateurs, where you can view the results of other people and get to know each other for further communication and joint training.


Another nice feature of Vivofit is a reminder if you’ve been sitting too long and it’s time for you to walk, do a little exercise and activate your body. In addition, the device knows when the user can move on to the next stage of training by providing additional tasks.


The fitness tracker works day and night from two round batteries, which will have to be replaced no earlier than after a year of using the device. Therefore, Garmin Vivofit can even monitor the quality of the user’s sleep, and in Garmin Connect you can view the total amount of sleep, periods of movement and rest. After all, healthy sleep and physical activity are the best indicators of health!


Garmin has been designing devices with the consumer in mind for over 25 years. It is a leader in GPS development and one of the leading manufacturers of sports, travel and automotive systems. The company’s fitness trackers combine novelty, ease of use and are designed to simplify the life of a user who leads a healthy lifestyle.

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